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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-02 
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" Good fantasy. Lots of details and the similar sounding names slow this series down for me. " said.

"As readable as the first book, but this second instalment in Will Wilder's adventures saving the world introduces a lot more characters and locations so that it's difficult to keep track of everyone. Seeing people react to the plagues of Egypt raining down on a modern town is interesting, and adding an Egyptian interest in Perlious Falls gave a bit of relevant biblical context, but to be honest I find Will a bit difficult to get on with. Sure, he's a flawed hero, and that helps him seem real, but he's just a bit too self-interested and angry and Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix-y this time round... I guess its the pressure of saving the world." said.

"I liked this better than book 1. Will wasn't such a brat, sacramentals were used properly and not as magical talismans, and the characters were more developed. I struggled in some parts to tell apart similarly named characters. I also have hope now that there's a story behind Will's dad being such a pushover. I really hated that the father figure was written as being so weak and spineless, but there were hints in book 2 at a reason for this. I hope the author follows up with this layer of the story and I hope Dan will grow a backbone sometime during the series. I did appreciate the strong women characters in Aunt Lucille and Will's mom Deborah. The story itself was quite an adventure and a lot fun. It was a great idea that fleshed out pretty well. " said.

"In THE LOST STAFF OF WONDERS, the legendary staff of Moses is stolen by a powerful demon named Amon who feeds off the hatred and anger within the world. There's only one person who can stop him and that's Will Wilder.

Will is the only one that possesses the ability to see demons. After surviving one in the first book, it's time for round two. With the help of his friends and family, they try to discover who Amon is and where the staff is being kept before it's too late and the last plague hits. The plague that brings death to all of the first borns, which means Will Wilder as well.

I really how enjoyed the biblical content was mixed with Egyptian mythology. It was very interesting to see what the plagues would be like in modern times. For example, when Will goes over the list of plagues, he comes across the three days of darkness and mentally adds flashlights and batteries on his list to stock up on. It's funny and intriguing to think of it like that when we're used to the story being told in ancient times, before flashlights existed.

Final Verdict: The story of Moses was one of my favorites and I really enjoyed seeing it being played out in modern times. Fans of middle grade fantasy and adventure will enjoy this read. Also, fans of Wing and Claw probably would as well.
" said.

"Copy provided by the publisher.

After the events of The Relic of Perilous Falls, Will and his large group of friends and family are back. Will spends a lot of time cleaning the museum when he would rather be undergoing his Brethren training with his great aunt Lucille, but when the town's river runs afoul with animal blood after the theft of the Rod of Moses, he finds himself drawn into another fight with the forces of evil. His brother and sister also seem to be manifesting powers, which is probably a good thing, since he could use some help. The weird Pothius Sab has come to town to set up his Karnak Center for Regeneration, and the town is sure he will save them, even though he is really channeling the energy of the demon Amon, which is not such a good idea. After the blood, the town is beset by many of the Biblical plagues-- frogs, gnats, etc., and Will knows that he has to find the Rod of Moses before the Sinestri get an even greater hold on the town. Even if this problem is overcome, will Will's work be finished?
Strengths: This had a lot of action and adventure, children saving the world from encroaching evil, and lots of gross plagues, so I can see this being popular with readers who enjoy Rick Riordan or the Clare and Black Iron Trial books.
Weaknesses: I got the feeling that the author was trying for a C.S. Lewis type of allegory, but combining Biblical content with ancient Egyptian mythology dilutes any religious feel. There are also a lot of characters to keep straight.
What I really think: Not my cup of tea, but the first book in this series has seen some circulation among my insatiable fantasy fans.
" said.

" This book went to a larger and darker place than the first one did and I loved it! We also got more of an idea where the series is going as a whole. There are a total of seven demons that I'm guessing we will see throughout the series. The first was Leviathan and the second was Ammit. I'm guessing we'll see one per book but I could be wrong. Regardless, I'm excited to see where the rest of the series goes and to see maybe see Marin, Leo, and Will team up more together. " said.

"“The Sinestri come for each generation. During this time, it is up to us to resist and destroy them if we can.”

Blood runs through the pipes in every home in Perilous Falls. At the river’s edge, crimson water laps against the banks. No one wants to believe the plagues of Egypt are coming to their town—plagues that will claim the lives of the first-born.

Will Wilder is hardly ready to face the formidable demons of ancient Egypt. His training is still in the earliest stages. His greatest weapon has just been stolen—the wondrous staff of Moses. Glimmering raven feathers shimmer ominously in the shadows, invisible to all but young Wilder. Dark forces are rising in Perilous Falls, and the Brethren have a traitor in their midst.

Raymond Arroyo’s latest book is alive with the wonder and cruelty of Egyptian myth. Demonic forces rage through Perilous Falls, ably summoned by the malevolent wonder-worker, Pothinus Sab. High drama powers the novel, with moments of terror and powerful acts of heroism. The Lost Staff of Wonders fascinated my sons, who love magic and mythology. For those with an eye for great themes—power and corruption, wisdom and courage—this book is a gem.

--Kate Calina
" said.

"Arroyo, Raymond The Lost Staff of Wonders (Will Wilder #2), 352 pages. Crown Books (Random), MARCH 2017. $20. Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG.

Will managed to stay alive after the first demon tried to destroy him, with a lot of help from his Aunt Lucille, his trio of best friends, and, surprisingly, his little sister and brother. When a new religious group moves into town, the Staff of Moses is stolen from Penniel, and plagues reminiscent of the Old Testament afflict the town. A new demon is after Will and after world domination.
My student reviewer loved the first book and the second book runs along a similar vein of excitement and danger.

MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher
" said.

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