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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-30 
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"In this specific book Spier uses a unique strategy in the way that he tells his story, starting with a page with three columns of words and then past that there are no words. The story of Noah’s Ark is quite well known, and is a story about a flood, God saves Noah and his family by telling him to build a colossal ark. In the end, the flood stopped Noah sent a dove to find land, and in return was bought an olive branch, signifying there was land. The flood was over, Noah and all the worlds animals were able to un-board the boat onto the new found land. Because the book is written in such a way the photos are bright and draw the reader in, the pages are sectioned off by a white line, allowing there to be multiple different scenes on one page. The photos are filled with detail and as I read through the story I was able to truly come up with the words in my head. I think this book is great for children and their imagination and would keep them quite engaged for the illustrations are quite detailed and full of many different animals and difference scenes.
" said.

"Noah's Ark is a completely wordless picture book that still tells an amazing story based off the Bible story of Noah's Ark. This book has one page where it tells the story of the giant flood from the Bible (Jacobus Revius 1586-1658). This book starts out showing a large fire that is spreading in a city and all of the people are rushing out of the city, and a man named Noah builds a giant wooden ship with the help of other men that is large enough to fit two of each kind animal inside. The book uses amazing illustrations and bright colors to show all of the different types of animals climbing aboard this great boat. The boat goes through a storm on their way traveling over the ocean, but manage to survive by the grace of god and finally land on shore. A strength that this book shows is that it demonstrates through illustrations the Bible story of how all the animals were taken to a safe place away from the fire and the storm to procreate and that is the reason behind why we have so many animals today. This story is a beautifully well done work of art that tells a story without even needing to use words for the readers to understand what is happening. The only critique that I have of this book is that I wish it did include more words, even more text from the Bible to help teach children the Bible story using words to really reinforce the images that they see in the book. I would use this book in my future classroom if I taught at a private Christian school to teach young children about how animals got here in the way of using a Christian method." said.

" What a realistic representation of life on the ark. " said.

" Peter Spier's retelling of Noah's Ark is stunning. " said.

" 1978 Caldecott medal.Very intricate drawings. Each scene has so many things to look at. Each time you flip through it you see something new. " said.

" I'm a follower of Jesus and I know the story from the Bible well. I did not like how graphic this is for children. It's not exactly a children-friendly tale to begin with but its heartbreaking to see how all the non-chosen animals die. Yes, I know that's the fact of the story... I just felt it was a little too graphic. " said.

" I use this in our Caldecott unit to talk about what "detail" means in illustration, about the use of panels, and about how pictures and layout create mood. In one dramatic moment, for example, the contrast between the activity inside the ark and the complete quiet and stillness outside is conveyed through Spier's choice of layout. Wordless. " said.

" This wordless book shows the Biblical story of Noah's arc through the use of pictures. This could be of help to early readers within one's classroom that have struggles reading. Even so, with the use of this book they could feel successful in being able to "read" a book, because they did it through pictures. " said.

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