Stories for a Teen's Heart: Over One Hundred Stories to Encourage a Teen's Soul. Book 1 Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-13 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 12 user ratings

" Inspiring. Every story made me smile for minutes. " said.

" Really great stories in this one...very easy to read, very uplifting. A great book to give as a gift to any teen. " said.

" i appreciate the effort of collecting those stories..but i didnt find it good,i mean a very good stories that is worth reading..some were quite offense meant. " said.

" This book is so sweet! It made me tear up a little, and moved me once in a while. Sure, some of it was cheesy, but for the most part, it was actually really beautiful. I wish all teens would read this. " said.

" I really liked this book, it had some GREAT, and creepy stories. " said.

" TWO THUMBS UP for Alice Gray. This book is one of a kind. Inspiration and yet true to the heart teen stories :) " said.

" Very inspirational. Everyone can relate and can touch anyone's heart. ♥ " said.

"Let me preface this by saying that I have a painfully clear understanding that I am not now and have never been the target audience for this book. I embrace cynicism like a lover and have very little patience with warm and fuzzy story snippets, and I had even less patience when I was a teen and someone gave this to me out of a misinformed understanding of teenagedom. So from that part of me comes the criticism that the saccharine level of this book is alarmingly high, as well as the comment that many of the stories could use some good editing (and not just the ones written by the teens). I'm quite glad that I didn't read this until now as an adult because, frankly, I would have seen this as impossibly patronizing when I was a teen.

That said, I am reading this as an adult, and my one soft spot recognizes that this is a charming collection of warm fuzzy snippets. I'm not in any universe going to hang on to this, because it's still true that many of the stories need editing and some of them are so short or so heavily excerpted (from things like graduation speeches) that it's hard to figure out the point. And, being a collection, it's also true that some of the stories are crap and some are genuinely delightful--I'll admit that there are a handful I'll keep for future sermons or something.

I think the biggest thing, though, is that the prevailing theme is that things will be okay if you just want that badly enough; teens don't have it that badly because look, look at all the blessings you have...and I've never at any age been able to handle that message, let alone as a teen. So many of these Chicken Soup-era books gloss pain as though it's soemthing to be overcome with hope and fairy dust, and while I agree that we shouldn't wallow in misfortune and that teens definitely have the tendency to think the world is going to end because their cars won't start or something, I really dislike reinforcing the notion that you'll grow out of things being wrong or that you're in some way "too blessed to be stressed" because you're a kid. Teenagedom is real and has real problems that really suck, and I dislike stuff that downplays that.

But, like I said, I'm not at all the target audience. If you like warm fuzzies, this will foot the bill nicely.
" said.

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