The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book and Plush (Book&Toy) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-02 
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" simple counting/bug life book, wish the drawings were more appealing " said.

" Cuốn này có tiếng Việt. Hôm nọ mình và Hà đọc trong nhà sách phương Nam. Chuyện kể về một chú sâu ham ăn linh tinh và khuyên con nít không nên ăn linh tinh.Nhưng ăn linh tinh cũng vui mà. " said.

"12/21/15: I got this last night for Nephew. This particular edition has cardboard pages with holes bored through where the caterpillar has been eating. I'm hoping he will like the tactile presence of the book. I know he will like the bright colors.
Update 1/4/16, post-holiday evaluation: Nephew LOVED this book. He had quite a stack of books under the Christmas tree this year. This was the first one he picked up. Later, after he climbed into mom's lap for a while, he pulled this with him and handed it over for reading. When asked if he wanted to look at other books, he most certainly did not. He wanted to read this one some more. In short, total, complete success. Because all that matters is that I am the best auntie. And also that I get Nephew addicted to Goodreads someday.
" said.

"As a three year old (in Germany, in 1969, thus in the same year the book was published), I absolutely adored Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar (or I should rather say that I loved the German version of the book, Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt and that I have in fact only read the English version but this once, being last week, at our local library). And if I rate the book with my memories of childhood and my inner child in mind, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is and always will be a full and glowing five stars for me. Yes, as an adult, I do indeed and well understand that the main "protagonist" that the very hungry caterpillar is never in any manner textually and narratively developed as a character, that he remains rather flat and one-dimensional throughout, and that he also consumes mostly food products that are not even remotely suitable for caterpillars (as they basically eat mostly leaves). However, I also and absolutely know and realise for a fact that when I was three years old (and had Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt repeatedly read to me), whether the list of foods the caterpillar was eating was suitable and acceptable for butterfly larvae or not did not matter all that much to me, and that for the intended audience, both the text and the accompanying images of The Very Hungry Caterpillar are generally pure unadulterated joy, magic, even perfection, with the final illustration, the beautiful and intensely coloured butterfly into which the erstwhile very hungry caterpillar morphs, being the ultimate icing on a delicious cake (and no food based pun is intended here).

And I do have so very many fond memories of both my mother and grandmothers repeatedly and always gladly reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me (in German), with my most special and evocative, precious recollection being my mother's mother taking the time to meticulously and slowly explain that caterpillars do not eat chocolate cake and ice cream cones (that they consume leaves and grass, that chocolate and most of the other foods mentioned in the book would actually and likely make the caterpillars sick) when I asked if I could feed chocolates to the caterpillars in the garden. So I guess with my remembered and recalled question to my grandmother in mind, I should perhaps offer this small caveat to parents that they might consider also letting their young children know that caterpillars do not eat most of the food products mentioned and depicted in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, lest they are like me and are curiously wondering whether the caterpillar's presented and depicted consumption is realistic (and yes, I really did want to try and feed chocolates and ice cream cones to the caterpillars I had seen in grandmas's garden and was a trifle disappointed at my grandmother's answer to my question).
" said.

" Definitely reading all my nephews books before him and lets just say these books are dope as hell. This vegan caterpillar book has math and science so it's a 5 stars for me. " said.

" Very sweet and meaningful little book. " said.

" 3.0 stars. This is one Children's book that I did not read as a child but it was a favorite of my now five year old daughter and I must have read and enjoyed it a hundred times. " said.

" Forgot how wonderful this book is. With beautiful illustrations and a story all can understand, it's a favorite for my 5 yr old and my twin 2 yr olds. If you're one of those ppl that use the library often and only keep the special and unique for your own, you'll want to make this one part of your collection. " said.

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