The All-Pro: Galactic Football League: Book Three (The galactic football league) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-02-18 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 49 user ratings

"I've been a fan of Scott Sigler since I first found his podcast of Infected. His early works are solid horror, mixed with humor. They will never be confused with literature, but both the books and his readings of them are entertaining.

The All-Pro is the third book in a planned seven-book series. The story keeps getting bigger, with more character development, and more context for the action. One plot-line was rather predictable (Quentin and his father), but it was still consistent with the naiveté of Quentin Barnes' character. But other plot-lines were quite unpredictable, and the book ended with a huge cliffhanger. A quick, fun read.
" said.

"Though the format is a bit strange, this is a great read for science fiction and sports fans. I think that you really need to be both, otherwise the sports talk would definitely bore you. I'm not the world's biggest sports fan, but I do love football. This is a great mix of my two interests. I think he could have left out some of the standings and sports radio talk show stuff and possibly had a book the flows better, but once you get into it, it does grow on you. I think our main character in this novel is a bit strange, but overall well-written. At times I thought he had some conflicts in his personality, but these were intentional and reflect his youth and naivety." said.

"Despite the fact that the "big twist" 2/3 of the way through the book was very transparent and predictable, and the book leaves you hanging desperately wanting to read the next... this is really a great book. The character development and interaction with the other species over the course of this series has really been fascinating and throw in the "godfather-esque" story lines along with the pure science fiction adventure, and the football that rings true even though it is so far outside the realm of plausibility Scott does a really great job of keeping the reader glued to the pages to see what is going to happen next. Can't wait for the next one!" said.

"The third installment of the GFL (Galactic Football League) is very entertaining, but slightly predictable. There are a number of subplots that you could see the twist coming if you read/watch movies very often. That being said,my overall opinion is that these books are incredibly creative, well thought out, and well written. The dialog carries very well and the main story line keeps you riveted. Sigler does an excellent job of creating a believable science fiction environment where one can feel like you are standing on the sideline surrounded by different species and watching a version of the game of football taken to extreme levels. Overall, I would recommend this book to any sci-fi fan who enjoys sports or any sports fan who dabbles in sci-fi." said.

"Scott Sigler, the Future Dark Overlord has done it again. The All-Pro is a great addition to the Galactic Football League series. For a sci-fi fan who doesn't watch or particularly care about football, I love this series which is all about football...700 years in the future. Scott does a great job explaining the game to football illiterate fans in the beginning of the series. His characters are very real and relatable, with believable motivations and emotions. In the All-Pro, the plot moves along well as we discover more about Quentin Barnes, the league, his team owner, and all the underhanded back-alley deals going on behind the scenes. I thought Quentin experienced a lot of growth in this book and look forward to the next in the series: The MVP." said.

"This may be my favorite of the series so far. Interesting character arcs as well as the great action, sports, criminal shenanigans & league politics; a lot of plot points from the previous books come to a head in this one in a nice organic way. I like how the gameplay is written, giving us action as well as insight into the characters. I really like that we *really* don't know if our hero's team will win the game or not (or whether they will win the "big" game or not) because although it's a "sports" story, it not really about that at all. One other thing I like about these books is how it does some minor but necessary exposition via "transcripts from a sports show", "book excerpts" and news reports." said.

"I never thought a book about a futuristic football league would become so fascinating to me. This is the third novel in Sigler's Galactic Football League series and Quentin Barnes' journey has changed so much from just trying to become a successful quarterback. His life is now filled with the difficult task of trying to make a team full of squabbling alien species mesh together to become champions. This is while he is dealing with his own personal issues of an intense identity crisis and a public humiliation. I especially love the elaborate descriptions of the different worlds and their alien cultures. And it is impossible not to get caught up in the pure excitement of all the games. If you love sports or sci-fi, you will love this book.
" said.

"Sigler is constantly bringing in surprises. Considering that this series is about a football player, it could be so easy to get bogged down in nothing but the football. That simply doesn't happen here. Quentin's life is the story, and while football is a huge part of it, and it's THE driving force behind Quentin, it's not the epicenter of the book. Oh, it's close, and the football games do get my heart pounding (a serious surprise for me, who is STILL not a football fan despite these books). But there's so much world going on around Quentin that it would be a crime to ignore it. No, Sigler masterfully avoids getting lost in the sports. He balances on- and off-the-field action perfectly.

As for the surprises... there are a ton of them in this book, but none of them feel out-of-place. Even the big shocker at the end of the book made perfect sense in context of the book and the rest of the universe and plot around Quentin. I cannot get enough of these books!
" said.

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