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UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-02 
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"This book has a lot of parts when the main character ( James ) could have died. But through all the dumb things hes done, hes still alive and i think he really would have starved to death eating the super small fish the whole time. Eventually he starting catching Purana's and then i think he be okay but even then there are big sea lions there that could probably eaten him or attached. But in the end he stayed safe the whole time. He eventually makes a friend on the beach as you guessed. James and the baby sea lion became friends. The sea lion starting helping James get the fish ( the bigger ones ) . But one day James saw a helicopter. the helicopter eventually came back and rescued him " said.

"Let's start with the fact that I love survival stories. Lone survivals stories are the best. Gary Paulsen is one of my all-time favourite authors. This says everything.

Alone is on the same vein, but different. The setting is the Jungle, for one. I have little gripe with this book. The main character is likable, his struggle logical and well portrayed. Brazier doesn't shy from the most disgusting part of having to manage for yourself, but neither does he indulges.

The relationship between Sam and Galaxy, the otter, is one of the highlight of the book. I won't give spoilers, but there is a lot of "boy and his dog too" (another favourite...) with a twist.

All in all a great book for adventuresome people of all ages.
" said.

"Alone is one of those books that grips you pretty much from the first page. It helps that I love books about being stranded on deserted islands, although when I dream about being stranded on a deserted island, there are no critters or wild animals, there is food, and there is a hut or house of some kind. Any other kind of stranded that includes no functioning toilet is not for me, thank you very much. However, it is gripping to read about it happening to someone else, especially someone as useful and resourceful of Sam, where it almost seems like he’s the natural heir to Bear Grylls, even if some things go wrong.

I can barely sum up my feelings for Alone. It was just so intense, so gripping and also so incredibly emotional. To go through a plane crash, where you fear your father is most likely dead, to end up on a deserted island inhabited by feral animals is anyone’s worst nightmare and yet, once Sam gets his head around things, he’s away. Building a fire, sourcing food, a shelter. It’s amazing to me how the mind can make you go to work even in the deepest depths of despair, when you would normally just give up and die, the mind won’t let you and Sam’s just made him focus and get stuff done.

I properly admired Sam. I wouldn’t last like he lasts. I wouldn’t set a schedule up for the day that saw him go fishing and collect wood for the fire and change his leafy bedding. I would dig myself a hole in the sand and wait to die. I loved Sam’s determination, and his friendship with the otters damn near killed me. It was like Tom Hanks and that bloody ball in Castaway except with a cute otter pup named Galaxy. *weeps forever at the cuteness*

Alone is a brilliant survival novel. I tore through it at a rate of knots and when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. It’s like Lost for teens. And I’d love a sequel. Not that I can tell you why, because spoilers but I’d love a sequel. DJ Brazier, please write a sequel. I’ll even take a Galaxy-narrated book, too. I just loved this book so hard. After a run of good but not brilliant reads, this just blew everything out of the water, so thank you DJ Brazier, Sam and Galaxy for an enthralling pulse-pounding read.
" said.

"A teenage Crusoe. Everything is thrown at this boy...

I've read Defoe and Robinson did not have to survive HALF of what Sam has to deal with in this 'one boy shipwrecked' story.

It's not a shipwreck but a plane crash that separates Sam from his Dad. Sam awakens after the crash on a beach near a jungle, by himself, with no idea if his Dad is still alive. They were on the adventure of a lifetime, after being left a legacy by Sam's grandmother.

With hardly any resources to his name, the young Sam (I was never quite sure of his age - 11? 13?) has to quickly pull himself together and find food, shelter and safety. How long can he hold out? Will help come?

We see the boy grow up before our eyes, and I covered my mouth a few times as Brazier throws danger after danger at his lone protagonist - predators, starvation, weather, bad luck, everything you could think of, Sam has to contend with. Almost to the last page he is still struggling to survive.

The one little glow of light for the boy is the giant otter pup and his mother that Sam discovers near his camp, he watches the pup and finds some comfort in the pair. And of course, he is without a Man Friday...

This is really tense, with danger following danger as chapter passes to the next. I was desperate for him to have a chance of escape, of rescue, though things get worse for him that I ever remember Defoe's hero living through.

Sam is a VERY typical pre-teen - there's laziness, some bad language, a reliance on technology and parents... all of which get stripped away as he must use his own wiles and knowledge to scrape an existence in the jungle.

This may be for young readers, but Sam's situation made me squirm on more than one occasion (leeches!!! mosquitos!!! infections!!!) Eugh. Not for squeamish children or those who might be easily upset.

Bear Grylls fans will enjoy this, as will those who like adventures, short chapters and stories of survival and danger. One for ages 10-14.
" said.

" It was a amazing book! I was so into it at one point I cried! " said.

" Was an interesting story to read but probably unlikely to read again. " said.

" I cried happy tears at the end, 5 stars! " said.

"Sam is alone on the banks of the Amazon River. The plane he was travelling in with his dad has crashed and there is no sign of his father except his battered watch. Using what he'd seen on Bear Grylls' TV show and trial and error, he is determined to survive. He faces vicious wild monkeys, painful hunger cramps, never-ending mosquitoes, searing hot days and cold nights. He is up against quicksand, black scorpions, wild pigs and the presence of something larger in the darkness.

But there are some good things. The thrill of achievement and wonder of wildlife. A giant otter and her cub are a welcome distraction and Sam spends hours watching them, not knowing that not only his survival is at stake. Will he ever make it out of the jungle? Will he ever see his parents again?

Fans of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet will love this story set in the jungle. Sam is constantly up against the elements and wildlife and there is no sugar-coating his experiences. Great read for adventure, survival lovers!
" said.

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