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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-01 
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" Stunning illustrations. Will order Lots and Forest too. #52books2017 " said.

" read this book today in waterstones. I found fantastic illustrations with lovely descriptions taking us on a journey not only about a river but the amazing imaginations we all have. will be recommending at uni on Thursday and may go back and purchase as it had a beautiful cover. " said.

"Marc Martin is an Australian illustrator and author of several books that celebrate the beauty of nature and life. His latest book, A River, is a visual delectation, a meticulously designed book that overlaps the flow of a river on the flow of existence, inviting readers to recapture the beauty and the simplicity of life.

A little girl interrupts her drawing at the table by gazing out of her window.

"There is a river outside my window. From where I sit, I can see it stretching into the distance in both directions. Sometimes I imagine myself floating along the river, swept away in a silver boat towards the horizon."

Soon the girl becomes the narrator of a beautiful journey along the river.

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" said.

"The embossed cover of the book resembles a painting and the beautiful drawings and literary language give children the opportunity to appreciate this text as an artistic form, thus appealing to their aesthetic sensitivity. In this sense, A River allows children to explore the world of sensations and dreams rather than being didactic. The drawings, colours and texture are fundamental for the book overall effect and they well represent daydreaming. The illustrations are paintings that evoke an emotional response in the reader. Different hues of green and blue fill the pages mirroring moods and nature as the character travels across hills, countryside and lush tropical forests.

A River by Marc Martin is a window on a little girl's imagination as she peeks out of the window from her room. The author takes us on an imaginary trip from a bedroom to a river, across forests and ocean and then back to reality. The drops of rain against the page/window indicate that the little girl has finished dreaming ... At some point everyone was this little girl :)

" said.

"I can't tell if this book is about a journey of a river or a journey of the imagination. For sure the endpapers have a lot of significance and I am sure readers tuned into visuals, will have fun making connections between the objects displayed in the bedroom seen initially and the range of environments soon to be encountered. Even for those without fine arts degrees, there's plenty of connections to be made in terms of design and texture. Aesthetically, this book is rich and a great showcase for Marc Martin's considerable talents. I love the sections of relief prints collaged in and the river itself is so appealing anyone would want to dive in. The idea of following the passage of a river is neat.

There is one thing that bugs me about this book and it's just one word. Gibbon. If I was the writer or editor, there's no way I'd tie this book to a particular place. Because for me, 'gibbon' anchors this book in Asia and completely shuts it off from representing Australia, which seems like a lost opportunity, when it would be so easy to keep it open. Surely 'glider' or some other non-specific creature would have been better, and more in keeping with the sense of ambiguity that Martin has striven hard to generate. I realise there's a variety of animals in the environments (and endpapers), deer, fox, crocodiles etc, that are found a lot of places, but the gibbon grates.
" said.

"Color-drenched illustrations that were created in watercolor, gouache, pencil, and digital collage take readers to the river that winds through a city. An artist sits sketching at her drafting table and often gazes at the river and imagines following it along its journey. As the river flows onward, she pictures herself sitting in a small boat that moves gently through the water. At times the river seems almost to be threatened as it passes through the city's congestion and the dirtiness of factories that are hard at work, but eventually it flows through more pastoral settings featuring farms, over a waterfall into the jungle, and then on into the ocean's depths. As rain begins to fall, the artist's dream is shattered, and she finds herself right back where she started, staring at her work and her inspiration. While I have decided that the artist is a female, the figure that represents the artist could certainly also be a male, which adds to the book's relatable quality. This picture book was first published in Australia, and could certainly be useful in a collection of books about the environment or the creative process. " said.

" Simple story with lots of possibilities. Illustrations are amazing! " said.

" A wonderful and imaginative journey. (Love all those peeping eyes on the jungle spread!) " said.

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