Daja's Book (Circle of Magic, No.3) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-16 
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" I always loved the 3rd book of this quarter - in part because I love Daja, but also because I loved the resolution that she reaches with her past in this book. As always, I generally love the entire group and the growth of their relationships with each other (and the way their magic works is sooo interesting!) " said.

" The Circle books are written for a younger audience than many of Tamora Pierce's novels, but they are still excellent. Daja's Book, the third in the series, is almost an environmental message of a book. It is intense, more so than either of the volumes that precede it, and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It seems to carry a message about forest care, but can also be respected as a good young adult book. " said.

" Here's where the series starts taking the threads it's set out until now and making them into really interesting stories. I liked this a lot. This is Daja's book, but it's not just her story: it really is the story of their interrelated magics, and the strange things that happen as a result. Living metal plants! Replacement limbs! Good stuff. Not particularly well-written, but good stuff nonetheless. " said.

" I think Daja is my favorite one of the bunch. Not only was the story interesting, but it also had a pretty dramatic plot. On the external level, the mages need to stop a series of fires. On the internal level, Daja has to come to terms with her role among her people. The characters are well-rounded with their own strengths and weaknesses and I still feel like this series doesn't get enough credit. " said.


So many warm, mushy feelings at the end! I'm enjoying this series more and more, and it's definitely improved a lot from the first book! The only problem I had at times was understanding/picturing the magic. I find Tris and Briar's Magic a lot easier to visualize just because they're both things that I encounter regularly, but I don't have any experience in weaving or in metalwork and that makes it difficult to understand what Sandry and Daja are doing. I also don't want to have to google stuff while I'm reading, so it's a little annoying not being able to get the full experience of their magic. But other than that I'm really, really excited to read Briar's Book next because he's honestly my favourite character!!!
" said.

"This one's my favorite of the original quartet, and it never disappoints. From the magic the four learn, to the exposure we get to Trader culture... I love EVERYTHING in this book. I love the smithing, the mixing of magics, the weaving of magics, the MAP-WEAVING OF MAGICS, the introduction to Trader culture and the respect its given, even as its shortcomings are also acknowledged--the way the four work together and with their teachers, Duke Vedris's persistent presence? Everything.

I mean, this is essentially one of my favorite tropes--ROAD TRIP--but with all my favorite people STILL INVOLVED WITH THE NARRATIVE. (That's the one issue I have with Pierce's third Keladry novel, as a matter of fact--as much as I love Raoul and the King's Own, I miss Kel's interactions with her best friend Neal.)
" said.

"There's a lot to learn about Trader custom and ritual in this book. Daja encounters some Traders, and has to deal with them labeling her as an unclean outcast. It's pretty rough on her, though she does get the upper hand when she accidentally creates a living iron vine that they want to purchase.

The rest of the Circle are dealing with their magics spreading to each other; Briar produces lightning, Sandry produces heat, etc. It's up to Sandry to weave a map of their magics, as she's the one who spun them together in the first book.

They encounter a mage who's bitter about not being famous, and just unpleasant in general, though he does have a talent for stopping fires...until one fire gets just a bit too big for him, and it's up to the kids to save the town.
" said.

"The third book in a series is always a mystery sometimes the main characters become dull and boring...other times the book series begins to reveal the mysteries of the novel...reading this one changed your prospective on Daja and her beliefs as a of the best moments in the book is when she finally is allowed to become one of the Traders again!

The writing style is still as fabulous as book 1 and the characters developed nicely and have become more mature and realistic as they grow...I enjoyed the third book as part of the series because it allows you to see one character for who they truly are...and it allows you to see from there POV mostly...the best part about this book series is that it uses all 4 characters POV throughout the series in each you never get bored with one characters opinion.

I feel like this is more of a middle grade book series...but it is still fascinating and a good read!
" said.

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