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"Finally, It's here. The moment we've all been dreading.
Alex Rider had come to an end. :(

Ok so first let me start of by saying that Anthony Horrowitz is a bloody mastermind who ran out of ideas. Only he would combine all these evil people in one plot as simple as assassinating the senator.
Really? Just... no.

Quite honestly I hated yet loved the book. There were a few gripes I have with it, and yeah the ending was a bit anticlimactic, but still it is one of the best book series ever. So, the major issues I had with the book were 1) the format sucked, 2) they got rid of a lot of awesome characters, and 3)Alex seemed to be some sort of emotionless robot spy throughout half the book.

1) So i must admit, i totally hated the first part of the book. I mean, yeah it was important to find out what Scorpia was planning and how it all comes together, but seriously did we really need more then half the book devoted to this? It just cut back on the details about Alex, which is majorly a piss people off moment.

2) Ok, so we knew that, of course people were going to die in this book. It wouldn't be AR without death and destruction. But why, oh why did Jack have to die? That was absolutely horrible. Worse than the deaths, we never got to see Wolf or Ben Daniels again. Horrowitz spent all that time mentioning them and developing their characters and relationships with Alex just so they wouldn't be mentioned at the end? It was disappointing not to see them get together for one last fight.

3) this was the biggest issue I had with the book. I mean, come on I'm sure it wasn't just me who realized that we hardly ever got to see what Alex was truly thinking and feeling. We just get the random thought like him joining theater and having to sing, and not wanting to go to school. Seriously, not like Alex. And what, no major injuries? It seemed like Horrowitz just wanted to end things and not make it complicated.

But, anyway I really enjoyed this book, despite my ranting above. This series is still a million times better than any other spy novel you find out there, and looking back on it the story really does end well.
" said.

"I started reading the Alex Rider series when the first book was released, so you could say that we've grown up together. I'm 22 now, and when I heard that the final book in the Alex Rider series had been released, I knew I had to read it and finish an adventure I started (and loved!) when I was much younger.

I wasn't disappointed. Scorpia Rising is a fabulous book, possibly the best of the series. The characters exude genuine humanity, perhaps because we've come to know them so well over so many years, but also because Horowitz's writing is second to none. Even in this, the last book, we learn things about many of the major characters that we didn't know (and never would have suspected) before.

As well as giving us that final insight, I feel this book also round off all of the characters well. Alex is truly grown up now, enjoying as much of his "normal" life as can reasonably be expected -- he's studying for his GCSEs, is captain of the football team, and has both true friends of his own age, and a girlfriend. His carer, Jack Starbright, is seeing all of this and wondering if it isn't time to move on. It's definetly a time of new beginnings for all of the characters we've come to know and love.

As you'll know doubt already have heard, Alex doesn't appear in this book until well past page 100, but this isn't to its detriment. The first part of the book, which follows Scorpia's attempts to construct the plan that will renew their reputation, is essential scene setting for what is to follow. Giving us this insight into what is actually going on is a masterstroke from Horowitz, as we as readers see more clearly than anyone else right from the get-go.

Despite this, what happens is still unpredictable. MI6, of course, fall into the trap of using Alex again. This time, though, the consequences are far more real and unfixable than ever before. Without giving too much away, this book sees the death of a major character, a revelation of equal magnitude about another, and a change of personnel at the very top of MI6. I feel that Alex really grows up in this book -- it's more James Bond in style than any of the previous adventures, and we see Alex making decisions that really suit the person he has become. He does get his fresh start at the end of this novel, but we're left to consider whether it's worth the price.

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"A year has passed since Alex Rider joined M16. His life has finally returned back to normal – but the desire for revenge burning in one of his past enemies comes back to haunt him, thus luring him again into the world of spying and espionage.

Danger comes in the form of Scorpia, an organization dealing in Sabotage, Corruption, Intelligence and Assassination. Having encountered Alex twice during horrifying projects earlier, and having failed both times at the hands of a 14 year old Alex, Scorpia is hungry to regain their reputation and pride. A chance to reclaim their status as the best criminal organization in the world comes to them in the form of an assignment given to them by the dying Yannis Ariston Xenopolos who was the fourth richest man in world. As a final tribute to his countryGreece, Ariston wants to restore the famous Eligin Marbles which the British had stolen from the Greeks centuries ago. But with Scorpia in charge, a comparatively easy task like this becomes a twisted complex project, dealing with spying, lies, traps and death.

Abdul-Aziz al-Razimis put in charge of Scorpia’s mission. And Razim’s plan to return the Eligin Marbles back to Athens involve not just Alex Rider, but also a hidden ghost of his past – Julius Grief. Alex had encountered Julius Grief during his second M16 mission at Point Blanc, and it hadn’t been pretty. Hugo Grief, who was the head of the Point Blanc academy had cloned himself sixteen times in an attempt to take over the world by impersonating billionaires. With Alex being the cause of the death of his father, Julius Grief has many reasons to hate Alex – and he wants nothing short of an excruciatingly painful death for Alex.

What follows is Alex being sent to Cairo for protection against a sniper who tried taking a shot at Alex but failed. But like always, M16 makes use of this opportunity to send Alex to keep an eye on a school in Egyptwhere Scorpia has plans of targeting.

But what M16 and Alex find out is that everything was just a perfectly carried out trap. Scorpia had spun a web of lies and deceit for them in order to accomplish their task. And their plan worked just perfectly.

Alex doesn’t just fight for M16 in this compelling book. He fights for a loved one whom he eventually loses. He fights for survival – even though the chances are bleak and he finds himself with almost no reason to live. And he fights to save the British Parliament from humiliation beyond repair.

But how will it take its toll on Alex?
" said.

"Damn... I think that was one of my favourite Alex rider books... Which I mean it shouldn't be because a lot of really crappy things happened to Alex in this particular book.. Is that a spoiler?

This is the 9th book in the Alex rider series and it's actually the last book, the 10th book is a prequel (which I can't wait to read!!!)

Scorpia is back, as is evident by the title, they have new recruits and are believed to be better than ever. Which means that they have some scores to settle with Alex Rider.

On a completely unrelated matter, Alex finds himself being shot at in the middle of a maths lesson and sent away on a mission to Egypt "for his own protection", this time however Jack will not leave his side and an agent will go with him for backup.

***** SPOILERS AHEAD *****


This book is on one hand quite different from the others but on the other it is also quite similar. First of all Jack puts her foot down ... And leads to the downfall of everything and her eventual death... I mean I don't blame her for Alex's traumatic experience... But I kinda do though...

Honestly when Julius Grief was mentioned I freaked out because my god do I not like that guy! He seriously freaks me out as anything else to do with cloning and other futuristic things tends to do. I have to say that I was quite satisfied that he died in the end.

I mean I don't know what kind of person this makes me but I have to say that the scene where Alex was following Julius with like a gun and everything was one of my favourite scenes... There was just something about how his eyes were so empty and how he was calmly following this guy with a gun. He just had no emotion and for once he wasn't the one who was being followed, he wasn't the one who was panicking. Also I just felt that he seemed so much like Yassen... I don't know why but I kept catching little moments that I remember happening with Yassen, like the thing of how Alex felt that he was being watched at the school and noticed Julius at the window... That reminded me of how Alex was following Yassen in France and how Yassen felt as though he was being watched... And then at the end the scary calm coming from Alex as he followed Julius.. Just ... Aaah... I cannot express why I enjoyed that scene so much... I just felt that it had so much more emotion than any of the other scenes.. Which is ironic because this is the scene where Alex is emotionless...

Oh well... This was so much fun! Much better than the previous one!! Can't wait to read more about Yassen... And yeah.. End of rant.
" said.

"I have my exams next week. And I have to submit two papers tomorrow, one half finished, and the other I haven't even started on. Despite it all, I decided to begin and finish Scorpia Rising this weekend.

I know, I've been pretty stupid. But since I'm such a bookworm, I did it anyway. And here's my review:

(view spoiler)" said.

"Read the review at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books.

This series has always been one of my favorites. It's different from what I usually read. That is: fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, the like. But sometimes I enjoy middle grade books more because they're just more fun, more adventurous. I began reading this series in seventh grade, and I'm disappointed to see that this is the end.

Alex Rider is supposed to be history. He's not supposed to enter MI6, ever again. But Scorpia's back. And this time, they're cooking up a plan to lure MI6 and bring the entire country of England to humiliation and devastation. And it involves the sacrifice of Alex Rider. Before he can help it, he's once again thrown into a "harmless" mission. (That is bull, Alan Blunt.) Alex has obviously grown up. He seemed to used to enjoy his other adventures at least a little bit. He felt like the superhero. But now he's sick of it. He wants to live the life of a typical schoolboy. Not only is Alex more mature, but I think the book itself is for slightly more mature readers. There is the use of one swearword (censored out) and it's much darker. There's more psychological thrill in it and some scary, cruel villains.

There's many, many plot twists thrown into this story. Some that shouldn't even have surprised me, and yet, I couldn't help letting my jaw drop. Cunning, Mr. Horowitz. I really hate it when the authors put in a really big clue about suspicious behavior or something that's obviously going to be harmful to the protagonist, and they forget about it or ignore it. It makes me want to scream at the book and warn them before they get themselves killed. I also hate it when there are scenes where the hero is searching through the bad guy's office. I. Hate. Those. You have no idea how nervous those scenes make me. Are they going to be caught? Are they going to find anything? Are they going to be killed? Ahhhh.

There are scenes that had my eyes glued to the page and my heart pounding. The suspense, the action... it wouldn't let me stop reading. And I wanted to. I need sleep. Badly. But I couldn't stop. Alex didn't fail to impress me with his quick thinking and awesome moves, but his lack of emotion and character made him so different. He usually faced his opponents with snarky comments. And while there were a couple in this one, he seemed much more defeated.

The ending finished off well, and I think Alex was finally put where he wanted to be. As a reader, I was disappointed. I wanted more adventures, but it has to end somewhere. The ending made me sad, and almost teary. To think of everything that poor Alex had gone through. It even made me a little angry. Darn British intelligence.

One more thing: Smithers is amazing. He just makes me laugh. When I picture him, I see a bouncy, jolly, fat man carrying a little suitcase in one hand and a slice of cake in the other. And he has a total WHOA moment in the end. He never fails to impress me. I want to see more of his gadgets.

This is one series you should pick up if you love action and adventure. This series is definitely not lacking in either. It's fast-paced, and an easy, enjoyable read. Fans of James Bond and the twisted world of crime and espionage, meet Alex Rider. I loved it through and through, and I can't wait to read more from Horowitz.
" said.

"Review for Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz.
Spoiler ALERT
Month/Year read- January, 2013
Rating, out of 5- 5 stars upon 5 stars
In my opinion, this book is one of the very few who actually make way to the soft spot in my heart which is reserved for special books alone. Scorpia Rising was, I must say not predictable. No, not at all. I know most people say so, and I am sorry, but that is not true. If there are any people out there who were able to predict the heart wrenching moments of this book, congratulations, official Sherlock Holmes'.
First, an introduction of Scorpia. Scorpia is an organisation. It's not the organisation which comes in mind when you think of the word 'organisation.' Scorpia consists of a board of 12 members who are nothing but sacks of flesh and blood and greed. Alex has come to face them before, he knows the evil organisation more than anyone else. They killed his parents. He swore that revenge would be his, Alex keeps his promise in this Book. Scorpia are up to something once again. This time, they have vowed to make no mistakes. Zeljian Kurst, a member of the board meets a Greek, dying billionaire who sets Scorpia on a mission to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece, where it belongs. The mission is assigned to the newest Scorpia member, Razim, who, by far, is known as the most ruthless of all the members the board has ever had. Razim is a madman. Scorpia is planning to shoot three birds with one arrow. First, fulfil the wish of the Greek millionaire. Second, bring disgrace to Britain. And third, destroy Alex [I know, right? As if they haven't done enough for him already.] With careful planning, Scorpia frees Julius Grief, the look-alike clone of Alex who survived from Point Blank, who is thirsty for Alex's blood [Yes, he's alive.] With yet more planning, and the death if of a fellow Scorpia member, they set MI6 up on the pursuit of securing the Cairo International College of Arts in Egypt whose students, the children of wealthy people from all over the world, might be in danger.
MI6, being the crazy people they are who love to put Alex's life in danger, do some planning of their own to get Alex to do another mission for them. Jack Starbright, Alex's guardian, however, disapproves if this plan and demands to come along with Alex to Egypt.
A lot happens in Egypt. Alex, being the brilliant spy he is, does the most he can to dig up information about Scorpia by pursuing the School Security Head who is suspected to have something to do with the business of Alex's mission. During one if these pursuit sessions, Alex is captured by the CIA who think of him as a spy against the American and torture him for information which he doesn't have. This comes to a stop as Joe Byrne, who knows Alex from past encounters with him, finds out what's happening. He explains to Alex, why he was being treated as such. It turns out that the American Secretary of State is present in Cairo to make an anti-British speech in order to draw attention to herself, and the CIA were there for her protection.
Scorpia finds out about Alex's protector on the mission, Mr Smithers. They target him at his house which itself had been modified to keep out intruders. The invasion results in Smithers and Alex running away from Scorpia which had somehow entered the house. Another scphcok, as it turns out, the Mr Smithers who Alex (and the readers), knew, isn't the actual Mr Smithers after all. Mr Smithers and Alex then split up, and he leaves.
Now, for the intense part, buckle up your seat-belts.
Alex gets home to find Jack missing and a note left from Scorpia which told him that she has been kidnapped by them and that he is supposed to be present at the location mentioned so that he can meet her.
At the location he was told to go, he fonds Julius Grief waiting for him who as triumphing on his victory of finally capturing Alex and have the joy of watching him in pain. [What a madman, right?] Razim imprisons Alex and is from there on, used as his lab-rat. Razim, being the madman he is, ties Alex up, and uses him to do his study of pain which he is very proud of. Emotional pain? How does Razim cause it? Are you sure you will be able to read what's coming next??
Jack Starbright, who was Razim's other prisoner, finds out a way to escape his mansion in the middle of the Sahara Desrt. That night, she escapes from her cell and with not much struggle, finds an old Land Rover, which she jumps upon.
Alex, inside Razim's pain study room, watches all this on a screen. Yes, Jack's escape was being monitored. Alex is forced to watch the death of the only family he ever had. Jack Starbright, who was triumphantly starting the Land Rover, happy that she might actually escape the madman's place. And then, with the pause of a mini-second, the car explodes. It explodes in a cloud if ash and fire. The explosion was planned, and was set off in front of Alex's eyes by the person who loathes him more than what is humanly possible, Julius Grief. Yes, Jack is dead. A dark sea of grief swallows Alex in which he drowned.
After Razim is happy with his results if pain study, he decides to tell Alex about his plans afterwards through Gunter- When the American Secretary will give her speech in Cairo, she will be assassinated by Julius, who would be posing as Alex on a school trip. This would give Scorpia an opportunity to blackmail the British, threatening to expose MI6's file if using a bou as an assassin unless they return the Elgin Marbles.
Alex, once again, being the brilliant agent he is, manages to kill Gunter and sneak up on Julius, just in time to distract him from his job if assassination. Julius, distracted, fires a shot a a CIA agent, which alerts everyone of he presence of a sniper. Julius manages to get away.
Alex chases him down to town where Julius is hit by a car and as he lay, he told Alex that he will never be able to shoot him. Alex turns to walk away, but Julius finds his gun and aims to shoot Alex, but not before Alex shoots him first. Even though it wasn't the first time Alex had shot someone, it felt wrong as Julius was his look-alike and it felt to him as if he were killing a part of himself.
Later, Alex is dragged to Sahara desert, where he helps the CIA to locate Razim and Razim is killed.
In Lindon, Alan Blunt retires from his post as the head of MI6 Special Operations and is succeeded by Mrs Jones. Alex, still drowning in his sea of despair is taken into care by Edward Pleasure, and he moves on to live in San Francisco with Edward and his family. Alex, having shot a part of himself, continues to live in his now lost world which was once and for all free from MI6 and his spy life.

My thoughts were messed up after reading this book. I couldn't process what had just happened and the world was just a blur to me. Anthony Horowitz, even though I loved this book with all my heart and soul,I hate you for doing what you did. The book was over all excellent, and it most certainly brought tears to my eyes.
" said.

" End to a fantastic series. Disappointed that it is over! :( " said.

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