Who Wants to Be a Princess?: What It Was Really Like to Be a Medieval Princess Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-19 
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" As princess stories go, this is a very good one that takes about what medieval princesses could expect versus what Disney would have us believe. Educational in a fun way. My first grade daughter lived it and asked for more like it. " said.

"Despite some of the romantic notions about life during the Middle Ages and what it was like to be a princess encouraged by popular culture, being a princess actually was no frothy fairy tale. This delightfully different picture book offers a different take on the life of a royal during that time period, in particular, 1100 to 1300. In side by side images, the author uses Beatrice, a made-up princess from those times, as she contrasts reality with fantasy, starting with what life in the castle actually was like. Many young readers will be surprised to learn that princesses typically wore wool clothing and slept in drafty rooms with shudders but no glass windows. Foods were quite different from what we eat now, and rats seemed to appear on almost every page. Any lingering romantic illusions are dispelled with a description of how marriages were arranged at an early age. While many youngsters will still dream of being princesses after reading this picture book, at least now they will have a much better idea of what their lives might have been like. The text is engaging, forthright while the illustrations, created with inks, paint, and digital methods, are filled with great details. By the time the book concludes, it's easy to see why Beatrice might have dreamed of living in the modern world and exchanging places with that would-be princess who is so charmed by what she reads about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. But don't blame the fairy tales; it's the simplified, Disney-fied version of the stories that might need to be taken to task. " said.

" An interesting perspective on fantasy vs. realistic medieval princesses. Still a little glazed over, but it is intended for a younger audience. " said.

" This made me laugh, it was funny and cute. " said.

" An interesting look at the REAL life of a medieval princess, as compared to the fairy tales type we all imagine. " said.

" Great for a medieval or princess or sleepover storytime. This book altars us through a real princesses day - no fluffy beds and pink dresses in sight. I love that the book concludes by saying that the princess goes to sleep dreaming of being you. This book is an important addition to every girls reading collection - just to put things in a little prospective. " said.

" Age: Preschool-KindergartenIntriguing side-by-side comparison of a fairytale princess versus a historically accurate princess of the Middle Ages. The story is told without belittling an audience that adores Disney princesses while providing a more accurate depiction of a Medieval princess. Historical accuracies like marrying young and living in not-so desirable conditions are presented gently enough so as not to scare the reader. " said.

" Aimed squarely at Disney princess-mad girls, this book contrasts images they might have about princesses with what life was really like. Castles were dark and dirty and full of rats, moats were full of sewage and girls married who their parents told them age 12! Most pages will have the pink idealized version (in inks, paint, and digital) on the left side, and the reality on the right. An author's note and a bibliography end the book. " said.

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