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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 16 user ratings

" Mary Hoffman is back on track with this one.I do love the way that Grace isn't perfect, the way she learns to change and adapt, and the way her enthusiasm and desire to learn often rubs off on her friends and classmates. I like the subtle "it takes a village" thread that runs through (Nana makes someone else's child a dress because her mother doesn't have the time).Grace really is a Mighty Girl. " said.

" Final Project: Great book for little girls to read! Its showing them that the princesses they see in movies are fairy tails and not real but if you looking history princesses come in all shapes and sizes and with different stories on why they are are princess. This book shows little girls that being a different kind of princess is ok and everyone should have a chance to be a prince or princess of something in their life. " said.

" "There's more than one way to be pretty" Nana says.What an excellent princess book! Grace wants to be chosen to be the princess in the school parade. But she learns that there is more to being a princess than being "pink and floaty." She learns that there are more kinds of princesses that just the fairytale kinds! She decides to be the kind that has adventures and dresses in West African Kente robes! " said.

" There is so much right about this book. It includes all cultures, it include boys and girls, and it doesn't shut down the idea of the pink and fluffy princess. I also like that it didn't hijack the original float with the queen and two princesses, but that the class ended up getting their own to have their all-inclusive prince/princess float. Also, what a great introduction to exploring fairy tales from other cultures. Let the Cinderella readings begin! " said.

"this is one of my favorite princess themed story time books. it works best for a older age group of story time kids because it is a bit long, but I think its well worth it! it had a great look at the different kinds of princesses around the world and how they all have different strengths. I also really like how it doesn't put down one kind of princess over another. I made a felt dress up game with Grace and the different princess outfits that I let the kids play with after story time if anyone is looking for play time ideas :)" said.

"Grace proved that you can be anything you want and that families are what you make them, now discovers that there's more than one way to be a princess. Grace has the chance to be a princess in a school parade. But what does a princess do, apart from wearing beautiful clothes and looking pretty? Does she have to be pink and floaty, with a crown? Grace and her friends start finding out about princesses in China, Egypt, the Philippines and Zimbabwe - and on the day of the parade, helped by Ma and Nana, Grace's school has the most interesting float of all. As for Grace - she's a sensation." said.

"What a great, feminist, empowering book. The main character realizes that the pink fluffy fairytale princess is not the only princess model out there. Once all the children question this stereotype, it's not long before the entire class joins the parade as princesses and princes of all different traditions. And these princesses can DO things besides look pretty!

It's a great sentiment, and maybe we'll eventually get there, but for now, my little one sees absolutely no contradiction between traipsing through a jungle to kiss a snake and wearing a poofy pink dress with angel wings.
" said.

"If you have read Amazing Grace and loved it, you will also love Princess Grace. In this text Grace’s teacher announces two girls will be chosen to be princesses in the school parade. At first, Grace is excited about possibly being chosen to be a fairy tale stereotypical princess. Grace then learns that real princesses did not really live those fairy tale lives, instead they were warriors, business women, and scientist. Which type of princess do you think Grace wants to portray in the school parade? I would use this book in the classroom as a read aloud, and possibly integrate it with a social studies lesson." said.

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