The Two Princesses of Bamarre Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-30 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 310 user ratings

" This was a very fun and fantastic book! Princess Addie and her sister Meryl live in the kingdom of Bamarre. Meryl is strong, bold and brave while Addie is even scared at the sight of a spider. However, when Meryl catches the grey death, a sickness with no cure, Addie must set off on an exciting adventure across the land. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, fantasy, and just the right amount of romance! " said.

" Bittersweet ending? You could say that. I think if I had been an adult when I read it, I would have appreciated it better; but I was a kid when I read this, and I was hopping MAD at how it ended. If you're looking for a review praising the author's fantastic writing skills, this is not the review you're looking for. I'm writing this not for the adult that I am now, but for the feisty child that I was then. " said.

" The book was well crafted in every aspect until the last couple chapters. The ending was atrocious and utterly dissapointing. In my opinion, the end completely ruined the rest of the story. If you choose to read the book, please stop reading at the chapter that ends with rain and go no further. The end you make up yourself will be a hundred times better than the end by Levine. Don't get me wrong, I love the author; she's one of my favorites. But she really messed up the ending to this one. " said.

"This is a kids' book, so I'm going to excuse the simplistic writing style and clunky plot. It also could have done without the insta-romance, but what I loved about the story was that the protagonist was afraid of everything. I'm tired of heroes who kick ass and do amazing things without batting an eyelash. It's like every hero has to be some kind of adrenaline junkie with a death wish. Addie is a homebody who prefers embroidery to slaying dragons. Yet, when called upon, she doesn't let her fears get in the way of doing the right thing. It's quite refreshing." said.

"Ok, the whole book, the whole great book, was RUINED by the horrible ending.
First of all, I like that Meryl, the daring, adventurous, passionate one, was small. I love it when the small people are like that. Also, I love that Meryl was the oldest 'cause a lot of people protray the oldest as some wimpy, over-mature person who never gets into any adventures. Finally, the firstborn is the spitfire!
And then I liked the twists, that Addie had to go and conquer all of her fears and learn to be strong and courageous.
But then, instead of being cured to fight battles and save her kingdom, fiery Meryl becomes a fairy- a FAIRY, people. But worst of all, she CALMS DOWN. No longer is she the fiesty warrior princess I grew to love, but some gentle, mild-mannered FAIRY. Ugh!
(P.S. This shelf is actually supposed to be called action-adventure-the-occasional-pirate, but the stupid computer kind of forgot the "ate" part at the end of "pirate". Just in case you were wondering.
" said.

"I read this book first when I was a little kid, sometime between fourth and fifth grade, I think. It was one of the most influential books of my childhood, so it only made sense that I reread all grown up as I am.

It wasn't as stunning as I remember it being when I was a kid, but it was still really amazing. The story-telling and the feeling in the book was something that you don't find in some of the 'finer' books of this time. And maybe it was more because of my nostalgia than because of the power of this book, but at the end I teared up a little as I remembered how much I loved it and why I loved it and even though its theme wasn't something mindblowing it was a universal truth and it was something that would always hold true.

So maybe it was the power of this book that made me want to cry--this power that lasted over the years since I read it and reminded me of my childhood and made me nostalgic and remember why Gail Carson Levine is my favorite children's author of all time.
" said.

"I did exactly what my mother told me not to do last night, stay up late and read a book all the way through. I have been in a reading slump for a while having drowned in children’s books this semester and my adult book well I started it in the summer and am about halfway through. I thought a quick something I’ve really wanted to read would get me back in the groove. Addie is afraid of everything. Her sister Meryl is the brave one who protects her. Then the tables are turned and Addie must take up the dangerous quest her sister has always sworn to do. Addie may be a princess but she reads like your average young woman. I think everyone either is an Addie or a Meryl and whether it is a friend or a sibling you have the other sister in your life too. (I’m an Addie.) I actually think this might be my new favorite Gail Carson Levine. I think it is the most heartfelt though I did feel a little cheesy at the end but we all need some happy ending now and then. This one also has the added bonus of there being no movie version to haunt me." said.

"Gail Carson Levine captivated me once again with her tale, "the Two Princesses of Bamarre." This was also one of my favorite books in middle school and I read it more than once. I could really connect with the story because I also have a sister who I would do anything for and even though we are different, we get along and really help each other out. As you may have guessed the story tells about two sisters whose father rules over the kingdom of Bamarre which for some time has been plagued with the gray death. Meryl, the brave sister yearns for adventure and wants to conquer this affliction. However, it is Meryl that falls ill with the gray death and it is up to her meek sister Addie to save her. I liked that the story showed Addie overcoming her fears. Another thing I really enjoyed were the magical objects she had to help her. I thought that they were imaginative and so useful. For example, she had boots that dizzily transported her wherever she needed to go and a tablecloth which, once spread out, provided a bountiful meal. I have always loved the fantasy genre and this book really exemplified fantasy for me at the time. It had magic and mystical creatures, was set in a faraway land and had a story I could really connect with. This book is a great read for middle graders and has a lot of valuable lessons such as bravery, helping your family and perseverance. " said.

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