You Rule!: A Practical Guide to Creating Your Own Kingdom (Lonely Planet Kids) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-03-12 
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"I read You Rule! Create Your Own Country to my daughter and we loved it. There are so many ideas to help you decide everything about your country and some fun quizzes too. The book is set up in little sections with plenty of pictures that made it easier to read and for my daughter to ask questions and tell me her plans/ideas for her country.

I loved that this book is fun and educational at the same time. We learned some really cool things about different countries. We still haven't done the activities but my daughter can't wait to draw a map of her country, make a flag, and so much more! I wish I had found books like this one when I was in elementary. My daughter loved it and so did I so we give this book 5 stars!

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"This is a fun book packed with all sorts of information, tidbits and facts which will help kids dream up their own country and probably, go outside a claim a piece of the yard as their own kingdom. I write this last part with a slight smile because that's exactly what my son did.

When I picked this book up and read through it, I found all sorts of interesting things--bits and pieces of knowledge which bring a 'huh'. But although I found it fun to look through, I wondered if my son (10) would really enjoy it. The book might be thin, but there's a ton of information packed into the pages and the sight of all those typed words made me wonder if a kid might find it intimidating. . .or simply too much.

But my worries were unnecessary.

My son sat down on the couch and sunk into the pages. Although he didn't sit and read every page immediately from beginning to end, he skimmed back and forth sucking up different things as he went along. Every now and then, he'd stop and point something out to me. By the time he was done, he knew what flag he was going to make, what part of our yard was going to be his new kingdom, and how he was going to structure it. He was also surprised to find some information about one of the early explorers they'd just discussed in school. Considering creating a country was the farthest thing from his mind when I handed the book to him, I was impressed that it immediately left an impression.

As said, this book is chucked full of details, and it's not something I believe most kids will sit down and devour straight through from beginning to end. (Simply said, there's too much information packed into this book.) But it is the type of book kids will come back to again and again because there's always something new for them to discover--things they didn't notice before.

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When I was in the fourth grade, we teamed up with the class next door and spent an entire quarter creating a country of our own. We commandeered a classroom to build our capital city out of cardboard and cellophane. We decided on our form of government, held elections and voted on flag designs. We made up holidays and a history. We created a postal system complete with stamps and made rules for emigrating to our piece of the planet. It would have been a lot easier if we had had this book laying it out for us.

It is 96 pages, including glossary and index, chock full of brightly illustrated facts and scenarios. Everything you need to know about starting your own country, from picking the just the right spot to settle to creating a constitution right up to issues of national security. This is a terrific resource for kids.

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Did you know that the smallest countries in the world have less than 1 sq mile of land and are among the most densely populated on the Earth? Or that China borders 14 different countries? I loved the facts I learned along the way, reading through this book. Even more, I enjoyed how engaged my 12 year old was as we read through it together. He learned quite a bit and couldn’t wait to share with his dad and teachers. Whether you have a child interested in a career in politics, working on a homeschool project or a class full kids ready to learn more about how government works, this book promises to offer as much fun as learning.
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