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UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-02 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 9 user ratings

" A good story for introducing colours. I like how the different colour animals cooperate to create new colours. I think this will be a good book to read my little guy when he's old enough to understand, but 3 months is a little too young! " said.

" This is another book about mixing primary colors to make secondary colors that was included in our Colors bundle from the library. I didn't find it particularly interesting. It's fun to watch the black and white pages fill up with color, but other than that it's a bit dull to read. My baby did like the simple colorful pictures, though. " said.

" Although its just called Blue Goose, this book is about a crafty crew that also includes Red Hen, White Duck and Yellow Chick. They go around and add color to Farmer Gray's farm. This was a perfect title for toddler storytime. I got some wows when I turned to the vertical spread. That's always awesome. " said.

" Adorable story.(view spoiler)[I'd wager that Red Hen and White Duck might have something to do with Farmer Grey's acquisition of Pink Pig. If that's not the case, there's an obvious sequel in the making from the upcoming conflict stemming from the pig edging in on their turf within the visible color spectrum. (hide spoiler)] " said.

" It ain't a classic for nothin'! Blue goose, red hen, yellow chick, and white duck do an excellent job of painting the farm while Farmer Grey is away. Blue Goose even makes sure everything is painted blue when night falls (except, of course, the moon!)Tafuri's illustrations feature bold lines, defined colors, and uncluttered pages that are developmentally appropriate and pretty.Obviously a go-to story time book, especially for colors. " said.

"Farmer Grey drives off in his truck to go to town. While he is gone the animals paint the farm in all the primary colors. The animals are Blue Goose, Red Hen, Yellow Chick and White Duck. They mix their colors to make other colors and the farm is done just in time for Farmer Greys return.

Your child can learn about mixing colors and creating new ones. I enjoyed how the colors the animals painted with match their body color. I also enjoyed how they painted the different farm objects those colors. A fun and also educational read.

" said.

"My kids really enjoy this book, the youngest for the animals and colorful artwork, the oldest because of the color, story line, and the concept of blending colors to make new colors. There is a chart of colors and what they make when they are mixed together; she loves going through this. Blue Goose is a fun book for teaching children about colors.
Something that I like about it is the joy that the animals receive from having created a beautiful surprise for their Farmer Gray by working together to paint and beautify their barnyard while he is gone. My girls love the "SURPIRSE!" part of the story as well. It's a fun book.
" said.

"I thought this was a very cute book, but it didn't really hold my two year old son's attention. At the beginning of the book, you have a blue goose, a red hen, a yellow chick and a white duck. The background illustrations are black and white. The four animals decide to paint their barnyard. They start out with the three primary colors plus white. (The colors that correspond to the animals.) After they paint some things with those four colors, they decide to mix colors together to create other colors. (purple, orange, light blue and green) By the end of the book, they have painted everything and they no longer live in a black and white world. " said.

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