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"After his last mission with MI6, Alex Rider just wants to relax and spend time with Jack Starbright, his legal Guardian. What he wants is to be away from MI6 as far away from them as possible. But suddenly, Alex realizes that there's a way to get his hands on the past as he meets his Godfather Ash. Soon, both of them choose to stop the villainous Snakehead Major Winston Yu. The funny thing though, is that Yu used to be part of the MI6. And when Alex has to stop his evil plans to destroy an entire Island, he can only rely on himself and Ash. Or can he? Find out in Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz a story about action, loyalty and adventure." said.

"Not soon after the capsule coming back from outer space hits the South West Pacific, Alex is recruited (by the way) by the Australian Secret Service for a mission discovering details of a network that smuggles people illegally into Australia. Alex will meet Ash, his Godfather, in Bangkok. Here Alex finds out also an agenda involving Scorpia to blow up a small island in the Pacific which is hosting an alternative G8 meeting. Part of the story then involves Indonesia. The two missions converge. Alex will sadly find out that Ash is actually working for Scorpia and was involved in the murdering of his parents (blowing up the plane they took to the South of France). Ash, the best link to his parents - and now a traitor, dies in the oil rig that is set to place the bomb under the island.
" said.

"Snakehead is a very exciting and entertaining book to read, as are the rest of Alex Rider's adventures. This book in particular is a very good example of the series as a whole, it showcases all of the good things about his series so far, like action, backstories, and a little bit of mystery with it.
In this book, Alex found himself in Sydney, Australia recovering from his last mission. While there, the head of special intelligence, Ethan Brooke, asks Alex to take part in a "risk free" mission for reconnaissance with his godfather, who knows information on his father. They are spying on a gang that smuggles people into Australia on a major scale. However the leader of the gang happens with Scorpia, a company of villains who have a bone to pick with Alex. Also, they just happen to be ready to demolish half of the the Australian coast with a man-made tsunami.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys to read about action adventures or spy novels. This is one of my favorite segments of the Alex Rider series, and one of my favorite books, now.
" said.

"Another fantastic book in the Alex Rider series. I really don't know what else to write, to make these reviews different from each other in the non-spoiler section.

I think I'd only read this book once before, as a lot of what happened was foggy in my memory. But as usual, as I read more it all came flooding back to me.

I'm really excited to read the next two books, but I feel sorry for Alex. He still can't catch a break. But it's okay! Only 2 books to go and he can rest for as long as he likes (if he survives :O ).

(But Anna I thought there were 3 more books? There are. But the last one is about YassEN GREGOROVICH. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. I mean... what?)

Alright. Spoiler time.
(view spoiler)" said.

"Personal Response: I enjoyed the book Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz. The story line was very intriguing and easy to follow. The author has captured the emotions of a teenage boy very well, and it’s very easy to relate to the main character Alex.

Plot: After a previous mission, alex had landed in the ocean near the australian coast. An American aircraft carrier had picked him up, where he was brought to mainland australia. Being a spy, Alex was recruited by the Australian Secret Service to infiltrate the Snakehead, a huge underground crime organization in southeast asia ran by Major Winston Yu, an English-Chinese crime boss based out of Britain. To accompany Alex, the Australian Secret Service had recruited his godfather Ash, who alex hadn’t seen in more than a decade. Ash and Alex travel to Southeast Asia disguised as an Afghani father and son being illegally smuggled to australia by the snakehead. While in Southeast Asia, Alex gets picked by the Snakehead to fight in an illegal fighting ring, against a larger, adult boxer. After defeating the boxer and burning the fighting area down alex is brought back to the apartment him and ash had been staying in, but he had gotten Major Winston Yu’s attention. Alex and Ash are transported to a harbor, where alex is loaded onto a container ship while being hidden in an intermodal container, but Ash is gone. After the ship sets sail to Australia, alex sneaks out of the container and explores around the ship. After Alex snooped around a bit, he found Major Winston Yu, some crew mates, and the captain of the ship looking at a container. After closer inspection, alex learns that Major Yu stole an experimental british bomb and was going to use it to cause a Tsunami. The reason Major Yu does this is because there is a G8 style summit going on on a nearby island, where major celebrities are meeting together to solve world problems. The effects of the Tsunami would also take hundreds of thousands of lives on the Australian coast. After the cargo ship lands in australia, Alex gets off the ship and contacts the Australian Secret Service and informs them about Major Yu’s plans. A special task force is sent to the location of the bomb detonation an offshore oil rig in the ocean. The Special Task force and Alex deactivate the bomb, but Major Yu gets away in his private Yacht. The Yacht was found, and Major Yu had died from injuries he sustained from the fire fight on the Oil Rig.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to any teen, specifically from 13-17. The book is action packed and fun to read at any time.
" said.

" I love, love, love! this book! It is one of my favorite series, and this book did not disappoint. Definitely read this series! " said.

"This one took a little while to get going with the 'straightforward' and 'minimal risk' part of the
mission taking up the majority of the book. I'd predicted the twist very early on.
It seems that Alex's luck level equals Tintin's as he is able to survive against impossible odds. Of course, being a James Bond inspired story does allow for this sort of thing, but I did find the waterfall scene perhaps a little bit of a stretch. The hospital scene was particularly dark for this series but did show the increased level of threat that the snakehead represented.
This edition had the bonus chapter 'Coda' telling us how 'it' happened. Although it did flesh out the
sentence that described the scene a little, it didn't really tell us anything already stated or implied in the original sentence, except perhaps add a little ambiguity to certain things.
This edition also featured an afterword by Anthony who revealed the origins and thoughts behind most of the names from the series. This was a nice touch.
" said.

" I feel like there's so much packed into this book. It could almost be the last book in the series. Anyway, I can't wait to reread the rest of Alex's adventures. " said.

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