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UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-18 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 118 user ratings

" It's a cute, light hearted story. It took awhile to figure out each character as each chapter switched perspectives, but after awhile their stories unfolded and it was easier to keep track. " said.

" Stereotypes and boy-crazy 6th graders. Not easy to recommend. Good ideas and themes otherwise, but won't be on my list. " said.

"This was my second time reading this book, as I was rereading this series before I read the last book in the series. I truly missed reading about these girls, and I am so excited to finish the rest of the series, although it's bittersweet because IT'S ALL OVER AND THEY'RE GOING TO COLLEGE WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE OH MY GOODNESS EIGSSGLWYSTSNEKEYS!!!!!! *takes deep breath*

Anyways, it was definitely a different experience reading the first book this time around because I know what happens four books from now, and I know people change and it's weird to see them before they changed. Also, I visited Concord last summer and went to Orchard House (where I got a bookmark with a Louisa quote on it just like in the book that I used while reading this book :). I truly got to experience and see the places described in the book, which was an amazing experience. =D Now I can truly connect with the places and people being described as I read. The last time I read this book was in...let me see...I believe 2008. Probably 2009. The book is still a favorite for me, but it is definitely a little different for me because I am reading about sixth graders, and they no longer seem as relatable as they once seemed to me at the time when I was their same age.

Something I also do with this series is I read all the books they read before I read the book. I read Little Women before I read this first book, I had already read all of the The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set that they read in this series before, I read Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy, and Just Patty, and When Patty Went to College (even though I don't really remember if any of the girls in the books read them I wanted too because of the occasional quotations from the other books Ms. Webster wrote in the books. I know, OCD. ;) I also read Pride and Prejudice (which caused me to buy Barnes and Noble's leatherbound volume of all of Jane Austen's works, Jane Austen: Seven Novels, which I have really enjoyed reading with my book club), and I read the entire Betsy-Tacy series which are definitely my favorites of all of the books I read for this series. =) You can read my pretty bad review for it here:
but I would recommend researching my later reviews for them (don't worry the spoilers are hidden ;) because they are much better. I also read the three companion novels, Winona's Pony Cart, Carney's House Party: A Deep Valley Book, and Emily of Deep Valley, which were phenomenal as well. And, finally, I read Jane Eyre in preparation for reading the last book of this series (and also for a book assignment for school that was free choice and I actually ended up not liking it; you can see my review here:, Wish You Were Eyre, which I still have yet to read because I need to finish rereading the series first. It's so big and final and sad and OHMYGOSH IT CAN'T BE OVER PLEASE HEATHER DON'T MAKE IT BE OVERRRRRR!!!!!! *calms down*

I also read most of this series, but this book for sure, as well as Little Women, with my book club. We're not a mother-daughter book club but we do consist of one adult mom who is not any of our mom's, and we absolutely loved it.

So, as far as the actual book, it is a wonderful, sweet read I would definitely recommend to any middle school girl or girl who enjoys reading middle grade. I even recommend it to mothers of girls of the above age groups. I just love the characters. I think that's something that really gets you. No one is perfect, and every character is realistic, unique, and different. Emma is chubby, Cassidy is a tomboy, Jess is shy, and the mean girls aren't perfect. Sometimes, they can be nice, even, which I think is pretty realistic because not every mean girl is mean all the time. Every character has layers, not just one component to them, even the mothers. Throughout my reading of this series, I feel like I have truly grown to have all of these moms as a second mother to me. I love them like an aunt, they are so sweet and full of hilarious quirks. I sooooooo wish I lived in Mrs. Sloane's house. It's straight out of the pages of a home design magazine! In fact, I wish I was part of this book club with these girls. I wish I lived in Concord with them. But sadly, they are not real people (possibly one of the saddest moments of my life :'( ). Anyways, I am totally in love with the events and people and writing style and everything about these books and I think every woman should read them at least once in her life. =D

Overall, this book series and this book by itself are ah-mazing and there is nothing better than a good fix of these girls. A MUST read!!!!!!!
" said.

"If you feel you must read this book, please, in the name of all that you love about books, READ LITTLE WOMEN FIRST. The most infuriating thing about this book is that it spoils several surprises from that beloved piece of American literature. The target audience for this book is not the age after girls normally read Alcott, so I implore you to READ LITTLE WOMEN FIRST. Or simply skip this book. You will seriously regret having the plot of a much better book spoiled. My own daughter does.

As a matter of fact, if you want to read any book in this series, READ THE ORIGINAL BOOK FIRST. YOU WILL BE SAD OR ANGRY (OR BOTH) THAT THE PLOT WAS RUINED BY THE BOOK CLUB BOOK.

I try to read the occasional book that my girls (9 and 12) read and like, and this time each of them told me "you have to read this book, Mom". So I did.

Really, really wish I hadn't now. I wish I'd left it with "I'm sure it's a great book for 9-13 year olds." Not only did it fail to appeal to me, there were so many things in the book that I found downright terrible. And I rarely feel passionate about books this bad, but the plot spoiling enraged me. The messages and examples it gives to the reader actually go against the very ethics and morals we are teaching our girls. It may appeal to the preteen crowd, but it also reads like it was written by someone that age as well. I don't typically spit out such low insults to authors (my apologies to Frederick), but I couldn't believe some of the things I was reading:

-IT RUINED THE PLOT OF LITTLE WOMEN. If that were my only problem, I would get over it. But not even close

-some of the girls are tormented by the "popular girls", aka The Fab Four. So why, of why, would it be acceptable for them to turn around and torment those same girls in the end?!

-worse, all of their parents JOIN them in insulting The Fab Four (minus the one who ditches the group). Holy Awful Parenting, people

-every single character was some extreme caricature of an older, more stylish, more talented child

-the plot was depressingly predictable, to the point of me actually saying, oh good lord, if (view spoiler)" said.

" This book is amazing and I loved it! One of the things I liked most about the book was when something really happy for the protagonists happened but the book wouldn't even be over yet. I also liked how in the book every chapter would be from a different protagonist's point of view so then you could see what all of the protagonists were thinking. I highly recommend this book! " said.

" I actually really enjoyed this book. It wasn't quite good enough for a 5 star rating but I would guess that this is a series that will just get better the more books I read. I loved the characters and I was quite surprised by how un-caricatured they were. Very impressive. I also loved seeing all the character's perceptions of each other. The main improvement I can think of is a more cohesive plot- each girl had challenges, but sometimes things felt a bit scattered. " said.

"The Mother-Daughter Book Club
by Heather Vogel Fredrick

The Mother-Daughter Book Club is a fun, loving and heart filled book packed with pages to excite everyone!

The mothers want to grow closer to their daughters, so they form a book club. Now this wasn't what all the girls were planning, nor was it their idea of fun". When the girls find out that a book club is being formed and they have to join it trouble brews. On the first day of the book club, all the girls meet and have fun. The dreaded secrete they ponder and choose to keep between them helps them grow a tighter bond and more firm friendship.

Mothers, embarrassment, enemies, and most importantly the book club secrete. I recommend this book to readers who like stories with a strong growth of friendship and readers who are always wanting more. The Mother-Daughter Book Club wonder by Heather Vogel Fredrick is a story to keep close and a story that leaves you hanging off your seat wanting more.
" said.

"People who know me will be surprised to see me reading this non-dystopian, non-historical series, but I am friends with Heather, and it's always interesting to read outside one's comfort zone.

The plotting was solid. I liked Cassidy best, natch.

I had some trouble distinguishing the voices of the various characters at first, but that resolved as I got further in.

Some of the characters remained more caricatures than not, most notably the "mean girl" Becca and her mother, the fat-assed Mrs. Chadwick. I also was put off by the fact that the size of her ass was so risible.

I didn't like the characterization of things as "lame", primarily because I've recently been sensitized to this terminology- had I read it last year, it would have sailed over my head like "retard" in the 70s did.

I enjoyed the Alcott allusions & trivia. I remain deeply loyal to Little Women despite its faults.

Overall, an interesting excursion outside my milieu. I plan to read the whole series, especially the newest one which has the girls reading the Betsy-Tacy books.
" said.

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