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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" It's Mother Goose. It looks nice. " said.

" Mother Goose rhymes illustrated by Ruth Sanderson, wonderful. " said.

" What a lovely book. As with all of Ms. Sanderson's books, the pictures are simply breathtaking. It contains all the traditional, well known nursery rhymes, and more. I wish I had this book when I was a little kid! " said.

" The illustrations in this book are obviously influenced by Victorian art. The characters are wearing costumes from the 1800s. There are lots of lovely fairies done in a traditional style. The images are wonderful echoes of the rhymes themselves. " said.

" This is a great collection of traditional nursery rhymes, but also with a great mix of newer ones that kids might not have heard before. The pictures that accompany the nursery rhymes are what makes this book a great new creation and choice, for a type of book that could be overdone. " said.

"1. Genre: Picture Book/Mother Goose

2. Summary: Take a tumble with Jack and Jill, get tongue-tied with Peter Piper, or become dizzy going round the Mulberry bush in this complete collection of Mother Goose tales and other fine nursery rhymes.

3. Critique:
a. One of the greatest strengths of this title is the use of detailed illustrations.

b. On pages four and five the reader’s eye is directed across the page, from left to right, by the images that have been illustrated along the bottom. The Crooked Man, Humpty Dumpty, three little kittens, and the dish and the spoon all invite the reader to continue past the introduction of this story and into the world of Mother Goose and other nursery rhymes.

c. Sanderson uses illustrations to connect one nursery rhyme to another, by carrying the image of one tale over onto the next page with a second tale. An example of this can be seen on pages 30 and 31. The old woman who lived under a hill is standing outside of the door to her home dancing while an elf plays music for her. The trees from surrounding her home and the path on which she stands both carry over onto the next page where the crooked man is walking with his crooked stick next to his crooked cat.

4. Curriculum Connection: This book would be imperative when teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners about nursery rhymes. Many of these tales would also be excellent tools for teaching children in first and second grades about rhyming schemes.
" said.

" Again, Ms. Sanderson's illustrations elevate this collection of nursery rhymes!Children will love hearing these delightful rhymes again and again!My favorite was The Cat Tea Party. I had never heard it before; I am writing it here for others to enjoy!"What did she see,Oh, what did she?Why, all the cats had come to tea.Dear me, oh, dear me -She didn't knowIf bread and butter they'd like or no -They might want little mice, oh! oh!Dear me, oh, dear me-Why, all the cats had come to tea. " said.

"Sanderson's lovely illustrations add new charm to traditional Mother Goose rhymes. School Library Journal says of Sanderson's illustrations, "(they) recall the painterly style of the old masters, revel in rich decoration." I would agree, but also add that they also have quite a bit of "magic" about them. While the rhymes in this edition are standard, Sanderson's illustrations combine some lovely English charm with some fairy-lore and anthropomorphism. Some examples:

Jack and Jill and Mary and her lamb could be wandering about the Cotswolds, while and Wee Willy Winkie appears to be running through Stratford-Upon-Avon or some other such town.

The Old Woman in the Shoe and Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater are mice.

Ring-Around-the-Rosies features fairies dancing, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush features elves, and Mary Mary Quite Contrary finds fairies in the roses!

The Cat Tea Party is one of my favorites!!! :-) The little girl could be a modern girl, enjoying some nostalgia courtesy of her Victorian-loving mom--and the kitties are too-too adorable! I can hear them purring.

While I find some of these rhymes to be a this point in children's literature, at the same time, I also think they are irreplaceable. Therefore, I'd love to have this edition of Mother Goose on hand for when Mother Goose meets my own children.
" said.

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