Tornado en martes / Twister on Tuesday (La Casa Del Arbol / Magic Tree House) (Spanish Edition) Reviews

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"Tornado on Tuesday is a great book. I think you will like it if you like advantures. Tornado on Tuesday is about Jack and Annie, the main characters, go to a school and they go and theres a big mean boy sitting in the back and two nice little kids sitting in the front. The teacher is very young. So they go work a little Jack and the mean boy fight a lot. then they go out to the grass to eat some lunch. It looked like a storm was about to apper and they sky got dark! So after they got inside they did a little work then Jack and his sister Annie had to go. They reached the tree house. Soon after they got home a storm appered so they ran like the wind back to the school so they could show the school about the cellar, a place where you can go to be safe during awful weather. Jack and Annhie tryed to get in the school but it was locked so they had to knock hard but they did'nt answer so they pushed on the door and it fell off they ran to the xcellar and got in it and they were safe and after the storm they went back home and everything was ok. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes series and easy to read.

" said.

" My girls (6, 3) both love to read and listen to these books. This one is involves the main characters, Jack and Annie, learning (as typical with these books) about historical places, people, and cultures. It also shows Jack and Annie choosing to use their knowledge to save others even when they could have left. While this series always captures the kids attention, it has also lead to discussions of what it means to be brave and heroic. " said.

"Read this on a Kindle App on a plane! As always another great Magic Tree House! Funny thing is my flight had to be diverted from the Mid West because there were Tornado threats.

I love that the Magic Tree house books teach kindness and understanding.

I wouldn't hate being a pioneer, but I would HATE being out on the plains in the middle of nowhere open with few trees, miles from anyone, walking 5 miles to school (one way) and there are 3 people in your class...which is a dugout in the side of a hill. ICK!

I know this is a work of fiction there are a few things that bothered me.

That the teacher bought that this kids (Jack and Annie) were just passing through for the day and were going to school. I mean it seems like a colossal waste to attended an organized school while on the way to California.

Second, what bothered me was in a rural school house where they had one book, I don't know why a teacher would allow Jack to take the slate on the trail to California (even though we know he is going back to Frog Creek, PA). You would think every paper, slate, crayon etc would be precious out on the prairie...but as we know this is fiction...and they all supported the plot worked.
" said.

"Jack and Annie continue with their mission to help save Camelot and find four special kinds of writing for Morgan le Fay. It is time for them to find "something to learn."

The children go to the prairie landscape of the 1870's. They see covered wagons traveling in a long train and a train chugging across the landscape. Since they can't catch either of these conveyances, they begin walking toward some smoke they see coming from a hillside. To their surprise, they find a house built into the side of the hill.

Inside, there is a one-room school house with only 3 students and one teacher. Jack and Annie pretend to be new students, and their teacher gives them a slate and asks them to copy this poem:

"Tis a lesson you should heed,
Try, try again.
If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try again."

Jack and Annie found something to learn! But when they go back to the tree house to travel home, they see a funnel shaped cloud and realize it is heading for the dugout school. They run back to help their new friends survive, as they know there is a storm cellar underneath the school's floor (they read about it in their research guide) and they're not sure the teacher knows this. As it turns out, she did not know, and Jack and Annie save the lives of everyone.

Read in Austin from Drew's library.
" said.

"I had decided to read this book because I, as a young adult, loved to read book series. "Twister on Tuesday" sounded neat and interesting and is part of "The Magic Treehouse Series". To my surprise, it really was! It tells of a tale set back during the Pioneer times. A little make shift school house with only three students, covered wagons, and the dream to go to California! These two children, 8 year old Jack and 7 year old Annie, set off from their magic treehouse to the Kansas Prairie, excitement, friendship, and knowledge are just a few of the things they will take home with them after this adventure. Illustrated with highly detailed black and white drawings, wonderfully painted pictures through her word choices, and a story you can visualize as you join these children on an adventure of a lifetime. I would recommend this series in a 2nd grade classroom, extended through college. It is a very easy-to -read chapter book It is highly engaging and at the end of the book, are pages that reference the story (i.e. tornados, prairie life, school text books in pioneer times). Every child can relate to one of the many stories she has written and can explore the world through an easy-to-read child's tale. I would also suggest, with the diversity of subjects in the series, to use one book for a particular theme in the classroom. For example, if learning about weather and Tornados, incorporate this book, allowing the students to learn while reading and having fun!" said.

" During a twister, a storm cellar is the safest place to be. " said.

" This was the first introduction that my son and I had to these books. This one really grabbed our attention and kept us wanting to see what happens next. " said.

" I loved the Magic Tree House series growing up so when I saw this book in the Little Free Lending Library, I had to read it.
It is the same fun, educational stories that I remember when I was a kid. This is such a great series. It is a good combination of fact, adventure, and friendship.
While it is book 23 in the series, it can be read as a standalone because the prologue pretty much catches you up on what's going on. But I am sure it is better if you have read the preceding books (I will have to be on the lookout for them).
I like that Jack and Annie had an actual mission to complete. From what I remember from the first few books, they just traveled through the books, which was interesting, but this is a good progression for the series.
" said.

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