Baseball Genius (Jeter Publishing) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-17 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" For those boys and girls who are into sports, especially baseball, this book will have strong appeal much the same as Football Genius. Same idea, different sport. I don't often read sport books but decided to step outside my comfort zone. A good story, somewhat unbelievable. But, it is just that - a fictional story. Enjoy it for what it is and think of the possibilities. A good recommend with action and a plate of calamari on the side. " said.

" BaseBall Genius was a great book and the characters were great and unique. I didn't care that it was about the Yankees it was still a great book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes baseball. " said.

"What if you lived and breathed baseball? What if you were talented enough to play on a traveling baseball team, but couldn't afford the fees? What if you could predict every pitch that was headed towards a batter? All three of these apply to Jalen DeLuca.

Along with his friends Cat and Daniel, Jalen is so desperate to get the $990 traveling club fee for registration, he decides to steal baseballs from Yankee superstar James Yager to sell on eBay. He only needs a few balls and feels he is justified since Yager contributes to a charity that helps underprivileged kids play sports with his foundations. Only one problem: Yager catches him red-handed. Jalen tries his best to talk his way out of trouble. The aging superstar doesn't want to hear any of it...until Jalen tells him he can predict accurately each pitch that comes across the plate. He is a Baseball Genius.

Yager is, of course, skeptical, but eventually is willing to see his gift in action. And, you know what?...Jalen can actually do it! So, in exchange for not pressing charges, Jalen is expected to help Yager go 4-for-4 in the three games coming up with the White Sox. The odds? You guessed it! Astronomical!

There are plenty of hidden agendas and other people involved. Jalen is up against tough odds. Can he do it under pressure? There is some tense, baseball action in this book co-authored by Green and Jeter. You'll recognize lots of familiar baseball names. However, it comes to such an abrupt, hurried end that you'll be left waiting to hear more about certain characters. And, it'll help big time if you're a dedicated baseball fan. Lots of play-by-play commentary and baseball terms.
" said.

" " said.

" Hard for me to recommend a book about cheating.Hopefully the second book will show that it is wrong.Surprised. " said.

" Guaranteed to appeal to baseball fans that might not like to read. " said.

" Loved reading this with my son. I enjoyed Football Genius and this was a bit more unrealistic because in Football genius the boy is a talent evaluator genius, general manager role, whereas the Baseball Genius was a different, less believable role. Still fun " said.

" Green quickly captures the readers attention and never lets go. Any young reader who loves baseball would enjoy reading this book. There were many references to actual baseball players as well as characters with personality and spirit. The fact that the conclusion was a cliff hanger was fine. Authors like Tim Green will help young readers grow and enjoy reading. " said.

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