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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-06 
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"Meh. My 10 year old is reading this series and I read Magyck with him a while back so I decided I'd pick this one up too. It is an easy passable read and flows quickly, but I didn't like it as much as I liked the first one. I also read the entire Eragon series since having read Magyck and it just does not compare. Both complexity of plot and language use is much better and challenging for the young reader in Eragon. Septimus feels like it was written for 3-4th graders (instead of 5-7th).

Overall it was fine and he is certainly enjoying the plot twists and drama, but I was less than impressed.
" said.

"Great book... just wish there was a bit more Magykal action. Also, I think that Spit Fyre should have had a bigger role in the book. Not to mention the continuous change of point of views, which is just annoying. Why did the point of view have to change so much if Septimus is the lead character and the other people are experiencing the same situation as him? To top it off, I think that Jenna and Septimus's siblings should not overtake too much of the story - Septimus hardly ever spends time with his two best friends - Beetle and Boy 409!
All in all, I think this was a good book, but I am expecting much more from Physik, the next book in the series.
" said.

"I stumbled across this series when I downloaded Magyk on my Kindle for free. (just checked and it's not free any more). This second book is as good as the first in my opinion. Septimus Heap is just learning how to be a wizard...actually just learning how to be a boy with a name and not just a number! He is faced with challenges the grown-up wizards have no clue how to handle. But he trust his instincts, and himself and goes forward. Jenna, the princess and adopted un-magykal member of the Heaps family, knows how to take charge of a threatening situation and saves herself from peril. This is a good story and a good far." said.

"Flyte by Angie Sage was an amazing and wonderful book. I really enjoyed the action and suspense that was in this book. Also, the word choice of Angie Sage was outstanding!

In Flyte, a lot of interesting things happen. In the beginning, Jenna, the princess, is kidnapped by her brother, Simon. She discovers that Simon is planning to bring back the evil wizard, DomDaniel. Simon thinks that he will be DomDaniel's apprentice. Meanwhile, Septimius is developing more power than he or his mentor can ever imagine. Septimius plans to get Jenna back, but nobody will believe him except for his olde brother Niko. However, before they can do anything, Jenna escapes from Simon, but Simon comes back to fight to kill Jenna. Septimius unleash everything he has to protect the ones he loves.

I think that everyone should read this book and the whole series too! Especially the people that read the first book and loved it. I also think that people that adore action and danger should read this book. I hope you decide to read Flyte.
" said.

"I like Flyte.

Flyte is a fun sequel. The emphasis on the importance of family is what I liked the most in here. See, Septimus' oldest brother Simon is the villain. Even if Simon tried to "indirectly" kill him a few times, Septimus chose to spare his brother's life in the end. Now, isn't that nice?

I got a lot of laughs while listening to the audiobook. Nico's the most entertaining character! Besides Septimus, his rants and banters are the most enjoyable. And the spells are delightful, especially the chocolate spell! I would love to get my hands on that.

Marcia was the typical adult character who does not listen to the complaints and accusations of a child, and in this case, Septimus (who is her apprentice). Sometimes, you just want to knock these kind of adults out, yes? :D

I found a loose end with the Dragon Boat, but overall Flyte made me want to continue reading this series. It was simply hilarious and just downright entertaining for fantasy readers like me.
" said.

"Simon Heap ist auf die dunkle Seite der Macht zu DomDaniel gewechselt. Er möchte seinem neuen Meister helfen wieder an die Macht zu gelangen, damit er allen anderen beweisen kann das er viel mächtiger ist als Septimus. Sein erster Auftrag lautet die Prinzessin zu entführen, was ihm auch gelingt mehr oder weniger!! Nun ist es an Septimus und Nicko ihre Schwester Jenna zu befreien.

Familie Heap ist wieder unterwegs!! Einer auf der bösen Seite, die Anderen auf der guten. Septimus begegnet auch endlich seinen anderen Brüdern, die allein im Wald leben und ziemlich verwildert sind. Hoffentlich kommen sie mehr in den nächsten Bändern vor. Septimus gewöhnt sich langsam an sein Leben als Magier und an seine Familie. Er trifft einen alten Bekannten wieder der ihm sehr viel bedeutet und findet einen neuen Kameraden, ich sag nur so viel groß, gefrässig, gefährlich und super niedlich und Sep ist seine neue Mama!!

Ich bin total enttäuscht von Simon, er ist ein richtiges Biest geworden, so wie Draco Malfoy. Er ist ja so von sich eingenommen und er sollte ja der Lehrling von Marcia Overstrand, aber nein sein kleiner, gemeiner Bruder hat ihm ja alles versaut!! Hört Simon sich überhaupt selbst zu?? Marcia wollte ihn niemals haben und so toll ist er nun auch nicht. Ich hoffe er bekommt bald gehörig den Kopf gewaschen!!

Fazit: Spannend, witzig und unterhaltsam das ist Septimus Heap "Flyte"!! Ich liebe den Schreibstil der Autorin!! Zu dieser Ausgabe bekommt man sogar eine kleine, niedliche CD, aber was drauf ist müsst ihr selbst entdecken!! Das Cover ist mal wieder der Hingucker!!
" said.


The 2nd outing in the Septimus Heap series and it continues a year after the first book following both Septimus and Jenna. It was an enjoyable read without ever really getting to the stage of being hard to put down. It never got into top gear and the plot meandered a little too much for my liking which kept the overall rating down.

There are plenty of enjoyable things going on in this book , the most enjoyable of which was Simon kidnapping Jenna and then the escape that ensues, and the world that Angie Sage has created and the glimpses of the magic system that have been on show provide plenty of positives. The characters are likeable and there are plenty of different strands of story to keep the reader’s attention. This is also a negative though as there doesn’t feel like there is a main plot on which to concentrate and rather just a number of short stories that are interlinked into the world.

It is quite easy to compare this to Harry Potter with the underage wizard learning magic in a castle and trying to save friends and family from an evil plotter. Unlike Harry Potter though the story doesn’t flow and feel like there is a main plot line and focus for the story to develop. I also think that perhaps the time taken for me to read the 1st book, Magyk, and this one made me forget a number of things and characters which didn’t help me. Little things I had completely forgotten popped up and it took me a couple of pages for some sort of recognition to pop into my head.

I will read the next in the series and hopefully the series will hit its stride and provide more insight into the magic of the world and also have a more central focus. Whilst not the best Young Adult books around there is plenty to work with.

If you like this, try: “The Spooks Apprentice” – Joseph Delaney, The Wardstone Chronicles.
" said.

" Vrlo zanimljiva, dinamična puna čarolije kako magijske tako i spisateljske, jedan od serijala koji su mi baš odlični. Ukoliko vam se dopala Ime vjetra i volite Gospodara prstena i Harry Pottera, ovo je pravi izbor za vas, kao što je bio i za mene :) " said.

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