Unlucky Charms (Cold Cereal Saga) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-01 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" I know I've said it before, but I love everything Adam Rex writes (or draws). There were times during this when my kids were literally howling with laughter. Screaming with laughter. Dissolved into helpless puddles of laughter goo. My only problem with it is now we're too antsy to wait for the third book to be published. " said.

" I'm not sure what to say about this series without giving too much away, so to sum up vaguely: this book involves an evil cereal company, time travel, Merlin, and rifts between the real world and the fairy world. It's unpredictable and hilarious. Just one warning: the first two books of the series end on cliffhangers and the third book won't be published until January 2014. " said.

" I tried Cold Cereal and, frankly, didn't like it too much. It had a lot of good ideas bogged down in a pretty dense setting, and wasn't especially kid-friendly, I felt. Unlucky Charms continues in that vein, and it just didn't work for me even a little bit. I think Adam Rex is great, but this series doesn't work for me at all. " said.

" I recieved this book in a giveaway from Goodreads I had forgotten I had entered (my bad). It was really entertaining, and I do wish all of the art inside was there. I think the pictures would've really contributed to this reading, but nonetheless, I really liked it. It was an uplifting story with an interesting idea. I wish I read the first book! Usually I can predict exactly what happens in a book, but not in this one. It's unexpected and now I want to read the next one! " said.

" Reviewed by Avery, age 9The Goodco Cereal Company wants to take over the world and it so far is doing pretty well. They are now selling cereal with a magical touch to make it magically delicious. The queen is kidnapped and replaced with goblins that look like her, and time is ticking. Can Scottish Play Doe save the Queen, get the fairies to help, and save the world? Let’s hope so.Full review can be found at " said.

" The follow-up to Cold Cereal. Scott Doe and his friends are back. This time they travel to the United Kingdom in order to save the Queen of England. Rex blends: Alice in Wonderland, the Time Machine and the legond of King Arthur. He also uses a familar name of a drummer and his early band. Still funny and entertaining, Rex leaves the ending open, so I believe that there is another book coming soon. " said.

"The humor keeps coming in this second part of the story of Scottish Play "Scott" Doe, his sister, their rediscovered dad, a couple of best friends/not-really-sibling, & an extremely improbable cast of real-life mythological creatures being sent to our world, captured, & exploited by the Goodco Cereal Company for obviously nefarious, if not currently known, reasons. Rex's illustrations really make the story come alive, & things are set up for the next installment to be a real fantasy-adventure humdinger." said.

"There are a lot of fun and funny things happening in Unlucky Charms, but there is also just a little too much going on. There are references to events from Cold Cereal throughout, but not a comprehensive overview to set up the book and the characters. Consequently there were too many voices speaking at once, alluding to past events that are too loosely tied into this book. The adventures are fun and fast-paced, but sometimes lacked certain details like what happened to certain characters or even what happened to a character's train of thought. The multiple cliff-hanger endings leaves a fizzle before any climax, so you feel like you've only read half a book." said.

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