Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-06 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" Always cute and always funny! I loved how they cheered up the Dad in the end. Very sweet. My boys practically fell off the bed when they discovered that there was/is going to be a F.A.R.T. book and movie (which was mentioned in the Super Diaper Baby 2011 edition, so I need to see if it was ever released). " said.

" I picked this up at the library because I remembered the books from when I was a bit younger. I hadn't read any of the ones with the babies though. The jokes were funny! I loved the flipping to get the animation too. Another bit that was funny was the spelling. I am a horrible speller, so this was hilarious in a way. I remember writing and spelling like that! " said.

" Much like the CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS books that came before it, SUPER DIAPER BABY 2 is filled with bad puns and bathroom humor that will surely delight all 10-year-old boys and adult men who still enjoy reading a book about a urine monster who is banished to Uranus. Get it! Ur-anus! Your anus! GET IT??!!! " said.

" This book was awesome! It was filled with extremely cheesy puns, really bad jokes, and lots of bathroom humor. I think it was kind of gross though because it always talked about either poop or pee. It was pretty cool that it was in a comic book formation like all of the other Captain Underpants and Dav Pilkey books. I recommed this book to anybody that likes potty humor and thinks really bad jokes are funny. " said.

" This was a big disappointment for me. I loved the first Super Diaper Baby, finding it hilarious. Book 2 fell flat on its face for me. I just didn't laugh at all and found the story forced and really way below Pilkey's usual rib-tickling hilarity. I'm a huge fan of Captain Underpants and Dav Pilkey in general but this one just read like a slap-dash effort. Oh well, still looking forward to a new title from him now that I've completed his popular backlist. " said.

"We enjoyed reading the Captain Underpants series, so we thought we'd read this one as well. This is the second book in the Super Diaper Baby series and the book is very similar in content, style and humor as the other books.

The humor is quite juvenile and the storyline is somewhat predictable, but we all really liked it. Our girls especially like the Flip-O-Rama pages and often argue over who gets to read the book first. All in all, I find these stories to be very entertaining and perfect for getting reluctant readers to learn to love books.
" said.

"Jake's Review: Give it to me I want to read it now! Ok, Ok, please may I read the book now my lovely mother. This book rocks you have to totally read it. It is full of potty jokes and gross stuff that all boys my age like. I don't think girls will like it, other than you mom, you are not a real girl, because of all the gross pee and poo stuff. It makes me laugh though, I can't wait to bring it to school tomorrow to show my buddies. This is one of the books that Brian will actually read. I like that there are lots of flip o rama's and it was a book I could read in one night before going to bed. This is just like all the rest of the Captain Underpants books -- funny and a book that even if you don't like reading, you will like!
Jake's Rating: 11/10

Mom's Review: Ok, I know I am a 40 yr old Mom and really shouldn't enjoy these books as much as I do -- but I will not lie, I totally LMAO everytime I read them. This book has all of the usual Pilkey innocent and fun potty humour. The artwork is delightful and the storyline perfectly engaging for the typical 7 -12 yr old kid (and dorky mom's who never grew up). I think these are fantastic books for the reluctant reader and a must have for all libraries. Don't tell kids but there are some hidden morals in the story and some very wise truths that they won't even realize they are picking up. Urine (come on you know I couldn't help myself from putting that in) for a real treat with this one!
Mom's Rating: 10/10

We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Nikole -- Jake thinks I am totally cool for bringing him home this one to review!
" said.

"One word - hysterical!
Secara keseluruhannya, aku suka buku ni sebab aku akan ketawa secara berterusan. Kenapa? Kerana lawaknya sangat di luar kotak fikiran aku. Entahlah kalau aku yang bodoh dalam soal lawak, tapi lawak yang dipamerkan memang sangat tak aku jangka. Dan lebih menarik, ada beberapa muka surat 'flip-o-rama' diselitkan. Konsep 'flip-o-rama' ni kalau dalam ayat yang paling mudah, seperti kita buat animasi secara tradisional - kipas-kipas kertas untuk nampak pergerakan.
Dari segi watak, aku lebih tertarik dengan watak antagonisnya: Saintis Jahat (selalu berubah nama sebab selalu berubah bentuk dengan tak sengaja) dan kucingnya, Petey. Bagi aku, idea jahat yang dia orang rancang memang sangat 'budak' tapi tak terfikir dek fikiran dewasa kita. Bagi aku, ia sangat bagus sebab rancangan-rancangan jahat yang dirancang kebanyakannya berkonsepkan Sains. Cara yang sangat mudah untuk budak-budak faham fasal Sains secara umumnya. Dan mungkin juga bagi budak-budak yang belum belajar Sains, dah tentu dia orang tak akan perasan tentang konsep Sains yang ditekankan dalam buku ni.
Tapi pada pendapat peribadi aku, kalau aku ada anak, aku tak rekomen buku ni. Untuk bacaan kanak-kanak sangatlah tak sesuai. Satu, tentu-tentu ejaan bahasa Inggerisnya lintang-pukang. Kalau di Malaysia, selalu terjadi ejaan lintang-pukang dalam buku remaja kalau tak silap pembacaan aku. Dua, objek-objek yang digunakan dalam cerita ni agak tak senonoh - contoh terbaik, tahi dan kencing. Sebagai bakal ibu yang penyayang, aku tak boleh biarkan anak-anak aku yang bakal bijak baca sebab budak-budak memang cepat tangkap dan mudah terikut. Tapi untuk bacaan orang dewasa berfikiran budak (muda mungkin), sangat entertaining dan menarik! Untuk orang dewasa yang dah biasa atau cintakan novel-novel berat, mungkin akan rasa buku ni mengarut tahap infiniti dan terus pergi bakar. Jadi, baik jangan beli mahupun baca.

" said.

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