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UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-25 
Review Score: 2 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

"Language – PG (2 swear, 0 “f”), Mature Content – PG; Violence – PG; Wambach talks about the cycles of her life—the ups and downs—and honestly puts her success and failures out for all to read. Her transparency in admitting faults, mistakes, shortcomings, and frustrations encourage the question, “If a person like that can also be amazing and inspiring, why not me?” While not everyone is going to be a soccer player, we can all relate to the desire to discover ourselves and be accepted for who we are. Wambach uses the labels she was given throughout her life to illustrate how we can fall into many categories, but, in the end, we choose who we are and who we want to become. The honesty and authenticity of Abby Wambach are the reasons I enjoyed her autobiography.
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" said.

" I loved this book!!!! I loved this book because it gave lots of details and facts that I did not know about. I also liked this book because now i know her really story because it is told by her. she also gave lots of good advice to young soccer players. " said.

" Not the best memoir I've ever read. Not sure how it's been adapted from the adult version or if there are photos included. Listened on audio. Felt uneven, too much of some things and not enough about others. But fans will want this book for sure. " said.

" **Received a free copy from GR giveaway**3.5 stars. I did enjoy the book as Wambach didn't shy away from the difficulties of training and competing - injuries, time away from family, maintaining conditioning - that sometimes get glossed over. This is a great book for any girls interested in competitive sport. My only issue is that the book is listed for ages 8-12. After working with children in this age range, I'm thinking the age recommendation is skewed a little young. " said.

"Highly readable autobiography by the soccer star. Girls who are interested in soccer or most any sport will pick this up and enjoy as well as relate to Abby Wambach's struggles becoming a sports star and then maintaining that lofty position. She also includes a fair amount of space and time to her struggles as a lesbian and seeking love. Her career on the field is often smoother than her quest for relationships with their myriad ups and downs. Girls of all sorts will appreciate the quest to excel and also to be seen as lovable, not just as a high achiever but as an individual. The publisher recommends this book for children between 8 and 12; I take exception to that. Upper elementary and middle school would be more appropriate as the narrative can be complex at times. Children so young are not as interested in romance as somewhat older readers. Abby Wambach also makes a strong case for the inequality in compensation in women's sports." said.

"I'm very much Not A Soccer Person but this book was really well written and compelling. Wambach is great at talking about her victories as much as she is about being honest with herself and with readers about her bad side and weaknesses. I love that we see her personal life as much as her professional life, and this never felt like it condescended to readers (it's a YRE, so the possibility for that to happen is there). More, her openness about her sexuality and her talk about dating, about the challenges and fears she had about telling her parents, and about the ways her relationships haven't always been picture perfect were so refreshing to read about. Nothing is picture-perfect, even if it's a picture of kissing your wife that makes you a viral sensation.

Great for sports fans as well as readers who want a great story of a woman who made a name for herself and did so without sacrificing her true nature, as prickly as it could sometimes be.
" said.

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