Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear (Picture Puffins Series) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-24 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 16 user ratings

" Who knew that, like James Joyce and Jenna Bush, Ken Kesey was a children's author? Anyone can do it, it seems. Just alliterate a lot. Like Ken:"'You backwoods bully!' Sally hisses. 'You ridge-running rowdy!What are you doing down out of your ridges ripping up our rivers? This isn't your play puddle!'"Apparently, this is a story that Kesey's grandmother told to him.I'm a huge fan, and this made me ashamed for him. Ken, this isn't your play puddle. " said.

" I had to cross this one in between picture book and juvie fiction. In it, Kesey shares a wonderful tale passed down through his family, plenty of voices and expressions to be used, great for a program when you have more than 15 minutes. " said.

" i. love. ken. kesey.i saw him tell this story in person. he wore a bandana and was so animated when he performed this tale. i can still hear his big booming voice reverberating between my ears and into my heart. little tricker was passed to him from his grandmother. " said.

"Looking for a smart, funny, verbal frenzy to delight school-age audiences? This one is a MUST DO! Reading it with carte blanche playfulness a la "Southrin' Stah-yle" you will have as much FUN reading this one aloud as any of your listeners. Don't forget to glance up now and then to see all the twinkling eyes. I read this two years ago and maybe stunned the 1st graders into silence with the roaring of the bear but the 3rd grade today quickly piped in the chorus of "...EAT...YOU... UP!!" (heavy emphasis on the "puh!") Dare I say more fun than sharing the stories of Brer' Rabbit? Same vein, but updated/smarter/slicker with Kesey's savvy vocabulary. (4.9 AR level - or, "fourth grade, ninth month" for independent readers). Anyone who loves language, acting, humorous moral tales will LOVE this one." said.

"I Love Little Tricker Meets Big Double the Bear. I am Borderline obsessed with it. After Reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest I wanted to find more Ken Kesey books and I read that Little Tricker was the book he was most proud of. I had to have it and when I got it I was not disappointed. The prose is perfect, the pictures stand alone and the story is the epitome of an american tall tale. Big Double would give Paul Bunyan a run for his money and Little Tricker is as clever as a fox with a shady past. I want to read it to my daughters every night. They are a little tired of it and say "Dadddy this is a kid's book and your a grown man." But I point out right there on the inside of the cover it says "For All Ages"....and it is." said.

"I bought this for a child, and also because I was a Kesey fan. Although I haven't tried it out on the kid, my impression is: you're going to have to read it aloud and really get into the delivery. That's fine, but be warned, it won't be appreciated if you just wrap Ian's mail it." said.

"We already knew the book -- it was given as a gift to introduce a child to the wonders of literature.." said.

"Best kids book I ever read. It rolls off your tongue as you read it out loud. I read it to my kids and they each have a copy now for their kids. I don't know why it went out of print, but it is a gem!!!" said.

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