The Ghostfaces (The Brotherband Chronicles) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 137 user ratings

"Ranger's Apprentice books were my absolute childhood favourites - and 10 years later I still enjoy them :) This book was no exception. There wasn't as much action as there normally is but it allowed for plenty of character development and I loved the way all the characters were given a real depth. Jasper was n longer simply annoying, Stig grew up, Edvin had a lovely spotlight and the friendship between Stig and Hal was taken to a new level. Of course, the book wasn't particularly mentally-challenging but as a light read it's funny and smart and well thought out and it was very easy to fall back into a fun sense of familiarity with characters and a world that I know and love so well. The new land that the crew land on is clearly based on North America and I thought that John Flanagan found a nice balance between creativity and innovation of a new culture whilst borrowing certain elements and I never thought that he belittled, patronised or looked down on real-life tribes and people and simply allowed these new creations to add a new dimension to the world of RA.

My one annoyance would be Kloof - who seems to disappear when not needed and then suddenly emerge when the plot requires it. It was a little distracting :/ but other than that the books was so much fun :)
" said.

"Yeah I’m a sucker, I know, but yeaaaaaaah dudes, I really enjoyed this. I've been a big fan of Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice books since I was in middle school and when he started the Brotherband books I jumped at the opportunity for more of his action-packed, signature gritty-yet-funny (that's how I feel about all of his books? just ignore me) stories. And, the Brotherband books have yet to disappoint.

This one was really awesome, with the characters continuing to develop into more mature figures. I think that somehow Flanagan does this so slowly, but persistently throughout his books that you don't really realize it's happening (like it's not forced), but suddenly you realize that you're reading the sixth book of this series and wait a second, the characters aren't that little anymore they're like 20 something probably?? When did that happen? And the characters are so lovable and all so different and funny and wonderful.

I feel a little terrible though because my initial solution to every love interest I don't really prefer or like or one that will *cough* take a character away from his brotherband *cough* is to say "maybe they'll die" and then more often than not, they do (which is great since I just want to be rid of them) but I feel like I'm getting a little extreme and out of control–like for example: Sorscha anyone...? I needed to be a little less triumphant about that cause poor Dorian–and back to Brotherband, poor Stig.. *cringe*
" said.

"This book takes the Herons across the Endless Ocean, to essentially a Native American tribe. I always love the exploration of new cultures in this and the RA series. This one felt fresh and new, with the storm as the adversary in the first quarter of the book, and then the bear...after so many books battling people, it was nice to see the stories going a different tack. (However, I do find it hard to stomach hunting of animals, but I realize this is a 'normal' part of survival, and it's only this current time period when we are so far removed from our sources of meat, and have the luxury of just going to the store to buy meat and not seeing where and how our meat got least these wild animals that are hunted had a life outside a miserable factory farm, but still, it was hard to read about skinning and jointing). Of course, it wouldn't be the Brotherband series without some serious battles for these warriors, and we do get one of those with the Ghostfaces. The whole pacing of the book was great (as I feel most of Flanagan's books are...with the exception of maybe Halt's Peril), with just the right mix of action, internal dialogue, and relationship building. Just when things might slow down, something exciting happens.

What really impressed me about this book, though, is the deeper emotional reach of this book, with the story of Stig and Tecumsa. I usually enjoy these books for their light-heartedness, with some feel-good emotional growth, but this one went deeper, and actually brought me to tears! I even suspected where the plotline was going, but it still didn't weaken the impact of it. I also liked seeing Jesper get his 15 minutes of fame! I've really enjoyed that this book doesn't just relegate the rest of the Herons to superfluous sidekicks. Yes, there are the 'big three' (Hal, Thorn, and Lydia), but still, the other characters have some depth and purpose, even if they don't always have a major storyline. It was especially satisfying to see Stig have his own storyline in this book, because even though he's First Mate, he often ends up just being well, the First Mate (a la Lt. Riker in Star Trek) or the muscle.
" said.

"Okay quick review, cause I messed up by pressing F5 after I wrote 3/4 of my review.

I love this book. I really do, as I do for the other 19 other books John Flanagan has written for this world. This new book, however, has a more mature setting written.

I have to admit, that I actually bought this book many, many months ago. I did not finish. TUT TUT TUT, before you curse me to die for that horrid betrayal. I was rather taken aback by the random, out-of-the-norm (view spoiler)" said.

" OMG! I thought it ended with the last one and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BUT THE BROTHERBAND CONTINUES!!!!!! Hopefully there will be some Rangers in this one too... " said.

" Wow, what a story. I found less humour in this story than some of the previous Brotherband books, but it was replaced with something else... A must read book... " said.

" Great plot. Pretty similar to the rest of the series, but great plot. " said.

" All the books in this series deserve five stars. Love them! " said.

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