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UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-16 
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" It's better than Sandburg's poetry. It's a little weird though. It's like, well, like Woody Guthrie or some other folk singer of that era made up nonsense tales. There were lots of truly odd names of characters like Gimme the Ax and Eeta Peeca Pie. Lots of made up words, too. And yet, it sort of works, and moves along, so you slide over the weirdness. " said.

" Poet and collector of folk tales Carl Sandburg's own turn at then newly-created (1922) American tales, with a distinctly Midwest flavor. The stories all have the belief-building cadence of a tale from a real world, even while the reader suspends disbelief, although some are more satisfying as modern myth than others. " said.

" Not having been exposed to these stories earlier in my life, I was surprised when I found out that Carl Sandburg wrote children's stories. While I strongly wanted to like these stories I found their absurdity off-putting. I love fantasy so I can't understand my reaction. I realize the word play would make them great fun if you heard them read by a great story teller but reading them I just didn't enjoy reading them. " said.

" It started out great... the boys and I were rolling with laughter, and talking about it the next day. But the next three stories were so awful that the boys couldn't take anymore. Honestly, I don't even want to continue. I'm giving it two stars because the first story was so much fun.... I'm going to give Sandburg the benefit of the doubt and assume there are a few more gems mixed in the book somewhere. " said.

" Wonderful folkish talesI am ignorant about the background of this collection- whether it is entirely original or at least inspired by stories Sandburg had collected, or something? Anyway, I found myself loving these. Aimed toward younger people maybe, touching on deep and historically very important (and both) themes- hard to review briefly (sorry) but wonderful came to mind quickly... " said.

" Interesting: a book with a lot of fantastic things happening and invented language. It's always hard to get there right balance. If I think of other nonsense stories, such as Alice in Wonderland, or Edward Lear or even Boris Vian I ponder at how tricky it is to not fall into over fantastic. Although I loved a lot of this book, sometimes I found it was became artificial and over the top. Beautiful illustrations. " said.

"Though the names were unique and there was an occasionally striking image, overall I didn't much care for these short stories. They often relied on verbatim repetition of long phrases, and there was little plot or character development in any of them. There wasn't much of a lesson or take-away either. They seemed to be more about creative character and place names than anything else. Each group of stories was prefaced by a list of characters that appeared in the stories (Ax Me No Questions, Wing Tip the Spick, Spoon Lickers, The Blue Wind Boy). I had to force myself to finish it. " said.

"This book is made up of short stories that are funny but bizarre. The notable aspects are the images in each story, the repetitive way the stories are told and the invention of words by the author.

I found it stressful to read the stories, because it was kinda difficult to understand them. I was thinking, these are supposed to be children's stories, right? But then, I realized, stories like these are not meant to be analyzed. This should be enjoyed as it is, silly but imaginative, as befits a children's book.
" said.

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