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"The Enormous Crocodile, Roald Dahl
The Enormous Crocodile is a story about a nasty greedy crocodile who wants to eat little juicy children for lunch. The story takes us through the crocodile’s travels to find his lunch.
The enormous crocodile leaves his muddy river to go in search of little juicy children. During his travels out of the jungle he meets several jungle animals such as a hippopotamus, an elephant, a monkey and a bird. The enormous crocodile tells the animals of his plans to find little children to eat for lunch. The animals did not like the crocodile’s plans and told him he was a mean nasty crocodile. But the enormous crocodile did not care what the other animals thought; all he wanted was little children for lunch.
When the crocodile reached the town where the little children were, he devised a number of plans to be able to get close to the children to gobble them up. But just as the crocodile thought his plans were working and the children were coming closer, one of the jungle animals would jump out and warn the children.
During his final plan the elephant appeared to warn the children, he grabbed the crocodile and began to swing him round and round, faster and faster and flung him high into the sky and into the sun. That was the end of the mean nasty crocodile.
I liked this story; it is a good story for children as they can learn the difference between good and bad. I would recommend this story for children between the ages of 6 and 7. It could be used in the classroom for independent reading.
" said.

"“The Enormous Crocodile” is another popular children’s book from the creative mind of Roald Dahl. Quentin Blake’s illustrations are also appreciated in this adaptation of how a crocodile’s plans to eat children leads to the follies of his ways.

Roald Dahl does an excellent job at creating a storyline that is both dramatic and humorous at the same time as the Enormous Crocodile tries to feed on some innocent children, while at the same time, the other animals of the jungle foil the crocodile’s attempts to make a child his lunch. Roald Dahl has put many humorous scenes in this book such as, the scene where Humpy-Rumpy head butts the Enormous Crocodile when the crocodile was trying to eat Toto and Mary and the crocodile rolls around the coconut area like a large green ball. Quentin Blake’s illustrations greatly enhances the book’s intensity and humor as he illustrates the Enormous Crocodile as a large green lizard with hundreds of sharp teeth, indicating that he is truly the villain of the story. Also, Quentin Blake’s illustrations provide humor in the story when he vividly illustrates the various disguises of the Enormous Crocodile such as, the image where the Enormous Crocodile makes himself look like a coconut tree by standing on his tail and carrying coconuts and branches in his mouth.

“The Enormous Crocodile” is a fantastic story about how being cruel to everyone around you can cause your downfall and how help can come in an unexpected way, such as the other animals saving the children even though the children had no idea what was going on. This story is a typical Roald Dahl classic that contains wry humor and fantasy elements and will greatly amuse children ages six and over who love Roald Dahl stories. Of course, parents should read this book first before they give it to their children due to the theme of the crocodile trying to eat innocent children and should assure their children that the crocodile may be a cruel animal, but this book strongly shows that evil will never triumph over good.

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" said.

" A good book, but sadly lacking in that "special something" Dahl's books tend to have. Not the best of his work but I would recommend it for younger children all the same. " said.

" Illustrations help with the story, beyond about second grade most kids will be consider it babyish. " said.

" This would be fun to pair with Snip Snap What's That. " said.

" A picture book from my early childhood that I recently reread. Very nostalgic. :-) " said.

" Love this funny story about The Enormous Crocodile & his secret plans & nasty tricks which he thought would work out. His clever idea to have small children as his lunch is what this book is about. Read to know whether his mission was a success or not..This is the link to the book " said.

" Well it wasn't as funny as Dahl's other books.. Didn't like it much.. " said.

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