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UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-31 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 76 user ratings

" This was another book that my 4 year old grandson brought me to read him. The enormous crocodile has some clever tricks in mind to help him catch juicy children for a meal. How he is thwarted is a lovely story of good battling evil. While I was reading this my 6 year old grand-daughter came to listen in too. Both of them enjoyed the book but the potential is there that it might be scary for little ones. " said.

"Among Roald Dahls’ books, this is the funniest one I have ever read so far. It is so entertaining that I chuckle at it rather than be annoyed at the boastfulness of the greedy, enormous crocodile. I was like reading an Aesopian fable from which I could learn something that would change my other perspective on life. Plus, I missed reading another Roald Dahl’s book for his signature writing style – his fondness for using exaggerated words.

The story is intended for young children since they are captivated by books on animals. It is about an enormous crocodile who brags that he wants to eat a child and he can do it with his clever tricks. However, for the animals he meets in the jungle, he is so greedy, nasty , and stupid that he has never done anything good in his life. The enormous crocodile’s clever tricks appear to be close to an easy victory , but the animals he disdains will stop him from his evil plans.

Seemingly, the story is Aesopian, for animals are used to give moral lessons to readers regardless of age. Thus, the enormous croc represents all the negative attitudes of a vain person. A vain person can be arrogant, boastful, selfish, inconsiderate, and indifferent.That’s why I take the title of the story figuratively : enormous crocodile. In fact, the word crocodile has now a Filipino connotation for corrupt politicians.Besides, the crocodile puts me in mind of the other greedy characters in books , movies , and animations. Ones that spring to mind are Tom in the classic animation Tom and Jerry and the Hare who ridicules a slow-moving tortoise. (laughs)

Roald Dahl’s signature writing style has stuck in my mind once again. In this story, he put too much stress on words, especially adjectives and words he coined himself, to make the dialogues lively and catchy , I believe . This is his style I found overwhelmingly impressive after reading his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . The Glass Elevator, and The BFG.. Read these lines that I enjoyed chanting:

“It’s luscious, it’s super,
It’s muschious, it’s duper,
It’s better than rotten old fish.
You mash it and munch it,
You chew it and crunch it!
It’s lovely to hear it go squish!”

One more thing I liked in the book the same as his other books above is the onomatopoeic lines. I loved this part:

“…I will give a jerk and a snap, and after that it will be yum yum yum.”

How about his use of rhyme and rhythm?

” I’m going to fill my hungry empty tummy.

With something yummy yummy yummy yummy! “

So, when you read some lines that are beyond your world, you can check their meanings in The OXFORD ROALD DAHL DICTIONARY.

Sometimes, it occurs to me if his books just the like of this are designed for a literary class because of the big words students can learn , or if he is engaged in any sorts of discourse, he appears to be so pompous that his audience might bring out a dictionary to look up the words he uses.

Another thing I loved about Roald Dahl is his creativity in naming his characters. He coins names that are bizarre but extremely kawaii. His style that may catch the interest of his readers, and I have never found in any writers yet. I may have, but there is no more such thing Dahlism than his very own trademark.

The illustrations Quentin Blake has been known for can even hold your interest more . They are lovely! And this is another reason why I want to collect all Roald Dahl’s books.
" said.

" Well it wasn't as funny as Dahl's other books.. Didn't like it much.. " said.

"A childhood classic for me. You have to award points to the croc for effort...he’s not one to give up easily! This wasn’t ever a book I would pick up to read on my own when I was little, but it was a definite favourite for a bedtime story with my sister and my folks. And I would argue that the images are so accessible and visually rich that this book could be read visually - wonderful for re-telling your own version of events! One of the first Dahl and Blake combinations I was introduced to, and a beautiful example of a family read!

Great for all ages, including some rhyming words.
" said.

"Lucu juga buku ini, beneran deh kalo udah sok pintar, nih buaya malah gagal semua itu rencananya...karena lapar dan ingin makan kenyang ( dengan sasaran tiga anak kecil ). Maka pergilah si Buaya Raksasa ini dengan melintasi hutan hingga sampai ke kota yang memang banyak anak-anak. Dan ia pun menjalankan rencana-rencananya.

Rencana pertama adalah dengan berpura-pura menjadi pohon kelapa, berdiri dengan ekornya, terus kaki depan memegang buah kelapa dan mulutnya penuh dengan dahan kelapa yang berhasil diambilnya...demi untuk menjebak anak-anak kecil yang memang sangat tertarik melihat pohon kelapa yang aneh, tapi rencananya yang ini digagalkan oleh teman Kudanilnya si Humpy-Rumpy yang menabraknya hingga jatuh, maka berlarian kaburlah anak-anak kecil tersebut.

Rencana kedua adalah berpura-pura menjadi jungkat-jungkit disebuah taman bermain dengan meletakkan tubuhnya melintang pada sebuah batang pohon. Maka saat anak-anak berdatangan untuk bermain, tertariklah mereka untuk bermain jungkat-jungkit tersebut, wah sudah merasa penyamarannya berhasil si Buaya dikejutkan dengan kedatangan si kera Muggle-Wump yang berseru pada anak-anak untuk berlari karena itu bukan jungkat-jangkit, itu adalah buaya raksasa.

Rencana ketiga adalah sampainya si Buaya Raksasa di suatu pasar malam, maka dia menyamar menjadi salah satu binatang di sebuah Komedi putar. Dan seorang anak kecil bernama Jill sangat tertarik menaiki komedi putar yang berbentuk buaya tersebut, tapi saat hendak manaikinya datanglah Burung Roly-Poly yang berteriak pada Jill untuk tidak naik ke buaya karena itu buaya betulan. Langsung seluruh pengunjung pasar malam tersebut bubar jalan lari tunggang langgang meninggalkan si Buaya Raksasa sendirian yang kelaparan.

Taktik Cerdik nomer empat adalah menyelinap ke tempat piknik dengan menekuk kepala ke arah dada, dan menekuk ekornya agar tak terlihat ia membuat dirinya tampak persis seperti bangku panjang disebuah tempat piknik. Datanglah dua anak laki-laki dan dua anak perempuan membawa sekeranjang makanan dan tertarik untuk duduk dibangku panjang yang berbentuk buaya. Tapi lagi-lagi tak disangka oleh si Buaya Raksasa datang si Gajah Trunky menyuruh anak-anak untuk mundur dan dengan belalainya ia melilit ekor buaya Raksasa dan memutar-mutar dengan sangat kencang kemudian dilemparnya buaya itu melesat ke angkasa seperti roket hijau makin tinggi dan tinggi dan akhirnya si Buaya meledak di angkasa.

Gagal maning-gagal maning....kasihan juga ni Si Buaya Raksasa ni, kelaparannya berakhir dengan ledakan dirinya di angkasa.

Nah kalo yang ini muluk-muluk banget, berlebihan tapi lucu, yah lumayan bikin tersenyumlah. Lagi-lagi Roald Dahl sangat canggih dalam memberi nama tokoh-tokohnya seperti si Gajah Trunky, Si Burung Roly-Poly, si Kera Muggle-Wump dan si Kudalil Humpy-Rumpy, aku suka itu.

Lumayan lah buat selingan baca euy....hehehehe.

" said.

" B.R.A.CE. 2017 ένα βιβλίο που θα έπρεπε να έχεις διαβάσει στο σχολείο Καθώς το διάβαζα σκεφτόμουν πόσο καλογραμμένο είναι και πόσο γνήσια παιδικό και εκπαιδευτικό. " said.

" One of my most beloved books as a child. The one I made my parents read over and over again. Must have the Quentin Blake illustrations, too! " said.

" I will never forget the picture of the crocodile dressing up as a palm tree. It had me laughing for hours! " said.

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