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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-25 
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"I read this book this week to the children in my preschool class. Is is about a Hen that makes a pizza. Throughout the story, Hen asks her friends for help with various tasks but they keep saying no. In the end Hen still shares her pizza with her friends even though they did not help her. Her friends then decide to help Hen clean up the kitchen.

It is easy to incorporate many different types of activities wtih this book, making a pizza, math activities such as graphing favorite pizza toppings or counting the pizza toppings on a pizza, playing with pizza dough at the sensory bin. Also able to talk about sharing and what can the children do to be a good friend.

The vocabulary words I introduced in this story was: sip, selfish, fetch and delicious.

On Friday I read the book "Marley goes to school" by John Grogan. This incorporates the word fetch. The children then wrote in their writing journals about what their dog fetches.
" said.

"In a twist on the typical Little Red Hen story, this one is making pizza. Of course, no one is willing to go shopping or help her find a pizza pan, but everyone's willing to help eat.

The moral of this one is a little different from the normal Little Red Hen tale, it turns out to be if you eat and didn't help cook you should do the dishes. I'm sure many parents would like this for that reason. As I was reading the thing that stuck out most to me is that the Little Red Hen in this book is a terrible planner (and impulsive shopper). She goes to the store for needed items three times and each time comes back with a whole lot more than she planned to get. It is funny for the story and provides an element that young readers can predict, but realistically she's a horrible example. It would be a good book to use when talking to kids about the benefits of planning ahead when cooking or before any project. The art style was so-so. I'm not a huge fan of collage illustrations and this is just average collage.
" said.

"This books gets annoying quick!!
I didn’t like the beginning of the book because every other page repeats itself. I can see how kids would love the book, they may even laugh, but I didn’t like it until the very end.

The book is about a Little Red Hen who decides that she wants to bake a pizza, but when she looks into her refrigerator she doesn’t have the correct ingredients to bake it. She ends up making multiple trips to the store and every time she asks for her friend’s dog, cat and duck to help her by running errands to the store for her, they say no. They claim that they are too busy to help her, but when the pizza is done she realizes that the pizza is huge so she invites them to come over and they say yes and drop what they were doing instantly. After they are finished eating, she asks them for help once more, and finally they say yes and help the Little Red Hen with the dishes.

The message in this novel is unclear until the very end when you realize that her friends are willing to help her clean up the mess that she made in order to bake the pizza. Overall, I thought that the book was cute and had great illustrations. I recommend this book for 1st graders because it has some words in it that Kindergarteners would not understand yet like eggplant.

" said.

"My kids read this book, and at the time I didn't think much of it. I assumed it was a new twist on the classic tale. I was wrong! They come running up to me and said "Mom the little red hen shared her pizza with everyone!" "Really?" I replied. "Did they help her make it?" They answered, "Oh no! They didn't. Just like in our book they were too busy, but she shared anyway because she had so much extra. It wouldn't be nice to keep it all to herself." They must have seen my look, because they added, "Right mom?" "Not right." I replied. "If she had extra she could have shared it with the church. She could have brought it to a Mommy with a new baby, or even someone elderly who is sick. She could have given it to someone who served our country to fight for our freedom. There were plenty of places she could have shared." It seems to me the better idea would have been for the author to have the Little Red Hen give to charity rather than give to those who believe they are entitled to the rewards of her hard work. When they saw how displeased I was with the little red hen's choice, they added, "Well they did do the dishes." I didn't say it, but my thought was, yes that is what thieves have to do after they take something that doesn't belong to them. Let's get our kids off of Uncle Sam's Plantation. There are plenty of great books out there about sharing. This isn't one of them! " said.

"While reading through The Little Red Hen, there were parts in the book that I was annoyed about due to the repeating aspect of “Not I” said the dog, cat and duck along with what the hen says to the animals about needing to go to the store to get the ingredients. I feel as though the pictures in this book were intriguing and always something new. There were not two pages that looked the same and vast amounts of various colors were used to show depth and creativity.

Once all of the ingredients for the pizza have been gathered the story goes on to tell the process of how pizza ingredients can be gathered and what type of vegetables and meat can go on a pizza but the excessive wording of “Very well then, I’ll make it myself” is personally said too much. Although this book is a good teaching lesson regarding volunteering yourself to help someone make something is good and clear, having the lines of the book repeat so often I believe may take away from the major idea of the book.

At the end when the duck ,cat and dog all volunteer to do the dishes for the hen since she had cooked the pizza is great and shows respect, I believe it also just as important to note that this book could come off to younger children as it being okay to not help your mom, dad, aunt or uncle with dinner or even asking if they need help and instead just eating the food when it is ready.
Mixed messages in this book make it hard for me to decide if I like it or do not but I certainly could understand the viewpoints of others either way.

" said.

" This was not my favorite version of the classic, but kids love pizza, so they enjoyed this book, as well. It wasn't well suited for little littles, but the older children in my storytime groups found it to be funny. I thought it probably wouldn't make much sense or leave a very good impression if read by itself, but paired with a more classic rendition of The Little Red Hen, it made for a fun storytime experience. " said.

" The little red hen is quite ambitious making a pizza from scratch. I wouldn't do that. The hen also has some rather lazy friends who refuse to help her unless they are fed. My daughter enjoyed this book and the illustrations were good. " said.

" awesome version with fantastic artwork " said.

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