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UPDATE TIME: 2019-02-14 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 1 user ratings

" This book was undoubtedly imaginative and much better than I initially expected it to be. I loved all the characters, too. :) " said.

" I loved this book! It is such an interesting idea which makes for a very interesting plot! The characters were lovable (I just loved Constance, despite her stubbornness) and realistic. I really would say that this book series is as good as Harry Potter! Read it! " said.

"This story is shrouded with mystery and secrets. This story revolves around incredibly clever children who join a secret society which the children later call: "the mysterious Benedict society". This story makes you think along with the characters and makes you want to find out what happens next. If these descriptions doesn't make you want to read this book. I don't know what will.

The characters

They are all a bunch of lovable characters. There's Reynie who's the main character. He is what you call the puzzle solver and the leader of the group. Whenever he's in a fix, he finds his way around it. He's a really humble character. He doesn't act arrogantly because of his wit and intelligence nor does her taunt others. He always pays attention to his surroundings and his fellow team members. Then we have Sticky. He is what you would call a gifted genius. He can absorb information and read really quickly. He knows more than an adult! So,when anyone asks any definition,he will answer you immediately with the full definition. He also knows lots of trivia many people don't know. Then,there's Kate. Kate is someone who is adventurous and very creative. She has this tool bucket which she brings around everywhere. She claims that it is handy to bring one around. She uses these tools to find solutions to the problems they face. She is the one in the group that motivates everyone to go on adventures even when it's risky and when they shouldn't be. Lastly,there's Constance. Constance is a moody and cranky character.She is always throwing tantrums and she knows quite a lot for her age. (Later on,her behaviour is explained) She is a really sensitive character and she can "sense" unlike the other characters. Then, there's Mr Nicholas Benedict,Number 2 and Rhonda. They are the masterminds behind this society. They are the ones who have created this society to ward off an evil plan made by a man named, mr curtain.

The plot

The plot revolves around the four children. They all share a similar past which is that they don't have parents in their lives. (They either ran away,their parents died or they are orphans) So, they sit through a very special and tough test to seek special opportunities.(as explained in the newspaper advertisement) And only four very witty and clever children can enter this society. Mr Benedict then sends them off to a mission to save the world(in a way) from an evil genius aka Mr Curtain. They go off to this academy which promotes the opposite of what the children are accustomed to.(the children don't watch television unlike the students in the academy do) So,they must learn to assimilate and find out the secret plans of Mr Curtain and eventually thwart his plans. Well, along the way,they face a lot of challenges and they discover that not only do they require wit,intelligence and secrets tactics(morse code) to succeed in their mission. They also require loyalty,friendship and teamwork. So, they are "tested" constantly during the mission and they discover themselves.

In overall,the plot and the characters were really interesting. I was not bored at any point of the book. I also found myself thinking along with the characters and felt myself immersed in the mystery. I really loved it and I recommend it!
" said.

" I love the premise of this novel, as well as the cast of orphans turned spies, but the pacing was just a tad too slow for me. " said.

"There's something a bit Roald Dahl-ish about this book in that it has a fairly preposterous story (children infiltrating an institute run by an evil genious baddie, to thwart his plan to take over the world), and a rather light tone. Yet it's also not quite Dahl-ish in a couple ways; despite the evil genious plot the book is permeated with a sense of kindness and is full of deeply nice people (which is good). It's also long and rambling (less good). Dahl could have wrapped the story up neatly and crisply in one fourth the space. My son (currently nine) loved it. I was mildly charmed and deeply bored by turns; my unoccupied mind kept itself busy looking for holes in the plot as I read aloud. There were many aspects of it that strained credulity and common sense.

We actually started it as an audio book for a Thanksgiving road trip, but when we returned home, we had only listened to three of the eleven CDs. So I got a paperback copy, and we picked up where we left off with it as our bedtime chapter book, interspersed with some chapters of the audio version on slightly longer than usual drives... Goodness, it took us nearly a month to get through it. It had its moments, but didn't merit the huge time commitment. If my son wants to read the next one (and he does -- before he even knew there was a next one, he wanted to write it himself), he's on his own. If he does read the sequel, it will be the biggest longest book he's ever tackled by himself. Curious to see how that will go.
" said.

" RTC once I've gathered my thoughts. " said.

"This isn't a bad read for the YA market. The premius is one that I liked but I wonder if kids can follow it (any more). Yes I know...I sound condescending, sorry. The book's protagonists are gifted kids who aren't really interested in TV and think for, if only. They love "truth" (that has become a somewhat flexable word of late).

All kidding aside a nice book. Books where the "outsider" kids are the heroes (like this one)are much more common now. I suppose some of that might be because many of the people who grew up to write these books were the "outsider" kids. Try this, see how you like it, what you think of it, and then consider letting your kids read it.
" said.

""What's wrong with this statement?" -The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society is probably the best Holiday-read ever! It's a combination of the Harry Potter adventures and The Series of Unfortunate Events! Specifically, I felt that the mystery which made this book an ultimate page-turner is very similar to the Harry Potter series and the characters are akin to The Series of Unfortunate Events, especially Mr Benedict, who reminds me of Lemony Snicket's Uncle Monty.

Mr. Benedict is a very important character in this novel, he is the one who makes a series of tests to find gifted children to assist him in stopping Mr. Curtain, who is heedfully plotting to rule the world. He puts an advertisement in the newspaper, and he gets four (4) very gifted children that he could have only hoped for - Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington, Kate Wetherall, and Constance Contraire.

“You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn't depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.”
" said.

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