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UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-08 
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" I enjoy that this book looks like it was drawn by children. The fact that it explains and says reason about conserving resources is even better. This is a wonderful to have for every kid, so they can learn from an early helping the earth is important. I love how colorful it is, really catches the eye and simply to understand. My son really enjoyed this book, had to read it to him twice the very same day my husband and I got it for him. " said.

"I liked the message that it has, but I don't particularly like the examples that were used:

ie: How does someone turn off the lights and shut the refrigerator because they love polar bars and want snowmen to stay cool? How about: to use less electrical resources and have a reduced electric bill?

ie: recycling in order to walk barefoot on grass or not to have to move to mars? I can walk barefoot on grass or not move to mars if I don't recycle. Just a very odd comparison.

I would not buy this particular book to teach about using resources wisely.
" said.

"This is an awesome book to read with young children about the Earth! It gives concrete examples of how we can be careful in our homes and schools to save energy. It also has a bunch of cause and effect pieces, explaining how if we turn down the furnace, we can save energy and put on a sweater to stay warm instead. I thought this was a beautiful book to share with children and give them a clear idea of how we can save energy. It also has a fold out poster in the back pages which has a numbered list of things to remind yourself what to do when wanting to save energy, which can be displayed at home or in the classroom. " said.

"This book is a perfect book to elaborate on ways to protect the environment. After having discussed the concept of why Earth needs to be treated with kindness, the students can use this book to illustrate how they will contribute to making the Earth a beautiful place now and in the future. The EARTH Book touches on many controversies going on world wide such as global warming and air pollution. After reading this story, it would be appropriate to inform the students of such controversies and explain what they mean for our planet. Also, a class recycling project could be started as a result of reading this book.

Grade Level:P-1
" said.

"This book is a great book to teach toddlers about Earth Day and taking care of the Earth. It uses simple text and bright child-like drawings to talk about all the big and little things that kids can do to help make a big difference in protecting the environment. It does it in positive terms that even young kids can relate to. An example, "I use both sides of the paper and bring my own bags to the market because.......I love trees and I want the owls to have a place to live." The people and animals in this book are all sorts of bright colors - yellow orange and purple and the pictures just burst with childlike joy. " said.

"Tod Parr’s The Earth Book , looks like it has been illustrated by kids, in a professional kind of way! Love the fact that the two children holding up the earth on the front cover are wearing odd shoes.

It is a colorful, simple, very kid-friendly and persuasive look at the reasons we look after the planet. We love trees because we “want the owls to have a place to live” is a compelling example. Some of the extrapolation, however, may be a little understated for the younger reader, for example, shutting the refrigerator to save energy ‘because I want the snowman to stay cool’, may need a few sentences on global warming from the narrator! This can, however, lead to some great class discussion too. It is a good platform to look at consequences.

This is a fun book to read, and every page has beaming children and animals all happily cohabiting. The bonus is a wonderful tear-out poster at the back of the book with ten tips for helping the earth, including the very useful #10 ‘ I Put my underwear in the freezer when it’s hot’. I bought this for a young friend, but darn, I really like the poster! This was a New York best seller and has a great app to go with it. The front cover includes a circular die-cut Earth and appropriately the book is printed entirely with recycled materials and nontoxic soy inks.
" said.

"Bright, high contrast colors combine with Todd Parr’s distinctive thick, bold lines and naïve illustration style to add visual interest to this environmentally conscious book. Printed with recycled materials and nontoxic soy inks, Parr’s Earth Book would be an excellent choice for sharing with children on Earth Day, or as a basic introduction to the importance of recycling and caring for the environment any day. Todd Parr’s world is super-friendly and fun—populated with the happy, smiling faces of brightly colored people and animals. Each page identifies one small, simple tip that each of us can do to make a big difference in the world, regardless of size. Developmentally, Kindergartners are just beginning to be aware that they are part of a much larger world, and they will enjoy feeling like they have the power to make a difference. When sharing this book, I might point to the picture of the earth on the cover page and ask the children what the image was. I might also point to the big red heart on the earth and ask the children why they thought the heart was there. I would pause after each tip and allow the children to supply reasons for doing the things Parr mentions. For example, “I turn off the faucet while I brush my teeth and use less water for my baths because…why do you think that’s important? Yes! And because I love the fish, and I want the oceans to stay blue” and when Parr’s characters are throwing away trash and recycling what they can, I would point out—“Look! Even the polka dot elephant is recycling! If the polka dot elephant can do it, so can we!” " said.

" This is a really cute, informative book about how we can all make a difference in small ways. I think it's important to teach these lessons to kids early and often. :) Save the planet, kids. " said.

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