The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 54 user ratings

" I was torn a bit by this book. I absolutely loved the first book. But the second had little to do with actually making candy which was what I loved about the first book. This book is compelling but it also got a bit weird in some of the resolutions. I'd still highly recommend the book, just don't expect it to be that much like the first book " said.

" I did skim through the book for two reasons. 1. Nothing called out to me, it was boring and not a book that I enjoyed reading. 2. I had to read it in a hurry. I really didn't enjoy reading this book. The first one was much better. I thought the plot was fine, but the way it was all placed and written didn't really reach out to my bookworm self. " said.

"The sequel to the Candymakers was pretty good. I didn't really like how each sections narrator kind of repeated the same things that already happened over and over again, but I loved how Wendy Mass incorporated some of the characters from her other books into this one. I've read almost all of Wendy Mass's books and generally loved all of them, so that was an exciting touch, but this book was actually kind of boring. I'd definitely recommend books by Wendy Mass to readers who like books with a touch of magic in them. " said.

"Ruby wants me to give this 5 stars but I just can't. I did not like this second Candymakers novel until more than 150 pages in. I kind of hoped Ruby would give me permission to quit reading it, but after renewing it twice and reading a chapter here and there the story finally got interesting (with part 3 - Daisy's chapters).

For me, the strongest element of the story was the "combined narrative" chapters where the characters all interact and work as a team to solve the various mysteries. Ruby often laughed out loud at the witty dialogue between the characters. We liked how their personalities stayed consistent with the first book but also grew and changed as the plot progressed.

I won't detail any other complaints about the book because in the end we all enjoyed the story and felt satisfied with the outcome.
" said.

"All and all, it think that this is one of my least favorite Wendy Mass books. The first book of the series was, in my opinion, much better as it was more interesting and descriptive than this one. However,the story was still interesting enough for me to finish, and I didn't completely hate it. The characters have little to no character development, but do become even more of friends since the last book. The setting, in the candy factory, is described, well, and I can picture it in my head pretty well, but it doesn't say much about color schemes or wall designs or really anything in the hallways of the candy factory. The marshmallow room and all characters involved in that room were described well, though, and I can almost picture a sweet old man making marshmallow. I do recommend ccoment that you read this book, if you want to read something long but not too hard, but don't get your expectations up too high, especially if you read the first book." said.

"In the last book, Philip, with the help of Logan, Miles, and Daisy, created the contest-winning Harmonicandy bar, that actually plays music. Now it's time to start production, so the friends gather for the celebration, though they all bring their own baggage. Ambitious Philip hears from his older brother that they might have a grandmother he never knew about--and he's worried about some of his lies coming to light. Scientific Miles figures out that his father--who, like him, is Asian--got his O'Leary surname and Irish parents because he was adopted. Spy Daisy wonders if her 18 year old mission partner is actually her brother. Logan, whose father is the Candymaker, is the one who sends them on their latest quest when he tastes the new Harmonicandy and his super-sensitive tastebuds know that there's something missing--there was some ingredient they used before that isn't there now, and that will disqualify the candy from its contest win--and Philip had great plans for the profits. Then Logan gets a box of old documents from a mysterious source, with information about his grandfather Sweet, who started the factory. Miles discovers an old map and a partially-burned contract in which four people--including Logan's grandfather--swear never to tell where they found...something. Soon all four kids, driven by AJ in a tricked-out superspy RV, are on the road in search of the missing well as clues about themselves and their families.

I loved the first book in this series, and think this one, while I really enjoyed it, isn't quite as tight. There are some really obvious plot contrivances--Like Logan picking up an odd stick for a manufactured reason--that show the plot wheels turning. The book is massively long, and a lot of it is just the characters meandering from episode to episode as the plot slowly unfolds. Now, I love me a meandering plot if the characters and world are well-built, which this is, but most kids will probably want more adventure and a faster pace. The stakes here are also pretty low. Philip might lose the revenue from the candy, some characters' health problems might worsen a bit, but that's really it. Personally, that's my kind of book--and I love a book in which kids are just friends and don't have drama between them--but again, readers might want higher stakes. I loved the description and imagination, and the longing for family is pretty potent, so I enjoyed it at lot. I just wouldn't recommend it to kids who want action adventure and high stakes. It's more of an episodic mystery/friends story.
" said.

" I want more about Daisy's story. " said.

" Terrific sequel! Full review here: https://sarahsbookjournal.wordpress.c... " said.

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