Nothin' But Net (Matt Christopher) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 10 user ratings

" Overall it's a pretty good book but it's not my favorite. " said.

" only adding to check out because my reluctant reader student likes basketball. " said.

" This book is very interesting because it is about basketball and I love basketball so I can relate to this teens story. I am currently still reading the book but it is cool. " said.

" This is a really good book especialy for kids that are relly into books and want to play sports wen thet grow up its a really good book.. " said.

"This book Nothin' But Net was an intresting, good book. It started when Tim Daniels got signed up for a basketball camp. Tim's best friend Billy got signed up too. When they first arrived they hated it. The new kids would always get pranked on everyday. They knew these four weeks would be a diaster. I really liked it when they had there first game. The author made it exciting and thrilling. Even though the first day was a disaster, it was a perfect camp except for Billy and Tim. Eventually Billy got so mad he decided to fight back and Tim joined in. The pulled a prank on the kid who always pranked them, Mike Gruber. Mike got so mad he told the counselor, and Tim and Billy had to do bathroom duty for a week. The the book got really interesting the last week of camp. This was the last game of camp so this game mattered the most. The first half they were off to a decent start up by two. Then later on in the game they were down by a few but Tim and Billy didn't give up. With ten seconds left they were down by one. Tim decided to drive to the basket and a tall center came in to block it so he passed it to Billy. THREE,TWO,ONE, Billy shot the ball and swirled and spun in so they won the game and became the heroes of the day." said.

" This book taught me a valuable lesson; therefore this is now one of my favorite books. The title of this book is Nothin’ but net by.matt Christopher. This story takes place at a camp called Camp Wickasaukee. The main characters are Tim and his best friend Billy. This is how the story takes place.
Tim is signed up for a basketball camp called camp Wickasaukee. Billy is a kind of chubby nerd and not athletic but he decides to go with Tim. While they are first at this camp Tim is having a great time but Billy is having a rough time. The other kids are pranking and teasing him. Tim tries to ignore this and Billy so, that he won’t get teased either. Tim is having a great time and is learning some new things. Billy is still going trough bad and rough days. Tim blows a big basketball game and now kids are pranking him. Tim and Billy are both having some bad times. Tim gets an idea. He knows that it is almost time to go so, he decides to play his best and win the game, since he will be playing 1st string point guard. He then thinks of a plan to get the kids from picking on Billy. He decides to let Billy make the winning shot. Tim is very happy because his plan succeeds. All the kids are now close friends with Tim and Billy.
I enjoyed reading this book because basketball is my favorite sport and this book is a little about basketball. The author’s purpose of this book is to inform and persuade others. He is informing others on basketball and how to deal with bullying. I feel that the author is trying to persuade others to not turn your back on close friends and stick up for them. The deeper meaning for this book is to stick up for your friends. It is good to have true friends. Tim learned to be true to him and how important it is to have true friends. Matt Christopher, the author truly informed and persuaded me. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Tamara Jones
" said.

" Overall it's a pretty good book but it's not my favorite. " said.

" only adding to check out because my reluctant reader student likes basketball. " said.

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