12 Australian Reptiles! Kids Book About Reptiles: Fun Animal Facts Picture Book for Kids with Native Wildlife Photos (Kid’s Aussie Flora and Fauna Series 3) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-27 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 26 user ratings

"Leanne Annette has done it again! My sons and I really enjoy her fun animal picture books and this book on Australian reptiles was great. We can't wait to read her next book." said.

"Congratulations to the author. This book has a wealth of information and wonderful photos. I live in Australia so these creatures are not new to me, but this book does an excellent job of presenting some of our wonderful unique creatures to a global audience. Children everywhere will be fascinated with what they find here. I love the added information provided like a glossary of Australian terms - we do spell words differently to America, so this could cause confusion for some. Leanne has covered this by providing a comparison. So beautifully thought out and informative. Highly recommended." said.

"I don't know what's wrong with the people who gave this 4 stars! This is a 5 star book. This is the best reptile book for kids I've seen. Lots of information and great pictures. I do have to agree some of the crocs are pretty scary, but that's part of the fun of reading about them. I am a retired teacher and I would have loved to have this book to do some lessons on various reptiles in our second grade science class. (Although some second graders may need some help reading this). It is geared for a little older audience." said.

"From large to small, some of Australia's reptiles, like the crocodiles are not something to be trifled with, so let's take a nature ride from the comfort of our homes to read more about these fascinating creatures.

Crocodiles - both the saltwater and freshwater species. Did you know that the saltwater croc can weigh over 2200lbs?! It is known to eat whatever or whoever comes into its territory!

Snakes - Carpet, Children's and Green Tree Python. The Green Python likes living in Australia's rainforest. The author informs us that there are actually 14 species of pythons in Australia.

Lizards - Australia has over 500 species of lizards. Here we learn about the Blue-Tongue Lizard, the Blue-Tailed Skink, the Shingleback Lizard AKA the Bobtail Lizard, the Eastern Water Dragon which has very powerful limbs to climb with and the Leaf-Tailed Gecko which is great at camouflage. Did you know that the Leaf-Tailed Gecko uses its long tongue to keep its eyes clean?! Bet you can't do that with your tongue!

Turtles - Loggerhead (critically endangered) and Eastern long -necked turtle

Includes 12 Fun Reptile Facts in the back.

Another amazing book from author, Leanne Annett! Great for kids of all ages. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from our house to yours!
" said.

"This book is well written by a native English speaker. Readers like to read about the animals in specific parts of the world. Many animals only live in specific habitats. When the habitat is destroyed the animals become extinct. Books that include information on habitat are helpful to the whole planet.

Good job writing this interesting book, but No information sources are listed. Woulda been 5 sttars except No Photo credits are cited, which could be a copyright violation.
" said.

"This is a really fun book and is very factual and so really cute and each topic is short and sweet" said.

"Great pictures and information, my two year old loved flipping through and seeing all the great animals in their habitats" said.

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