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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-24 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 1 user ratings

"Roald Dahl continues his mission to ruin your child by insisting that a man-sized centipede would not be the most horrifying thing in the world. Centipedes are nightmares, man. Wanna see a foot-long centipede hunting bats? Of course you don't, that's awful.

Anyway, so here's a book about a kid who murders his legal guardians and takes off with his creepy friends. Along the way they meet magical people who make rainbows, and pick a fight with them. When they're done they deface the Empire State Building. As you can imagine, the result of all this is that they get a parade.

There are some great songs in here, too, all of which should be sung to the tune of something by Gilbert & Sullivan.
" said.

"I remember when this book was read to me by my fifth grade teacher during our daily story time hour. I also remember hating that teacher because he played favorites to a group of girls that bullied me. However, despite my obvious distaste for the class and its inhabitants, I largely attribute that particular teacher for reading out to me some of my most favourite children's books; this particular Roald Dahl was one of them.

In all honesty before re-reading this after some 14 years, the only part of the entire book that I remembered distinctly was the bit with the old man and the word "peculiar" repeated several times (it was the word we had to remember for a test in the class, I believe). So re-reading this was like a new experience, which was just completely exciting for me!

This was such a short, sweet and lovely little book filled with all the classic kid lit tropes, which made it utterly enjoyable and as whimsical and delicious as the peach described in the book! I highly recommend it and I can gladly say that after fourteen years it still remains a favourite.
" said.

" This was my first re-read of James and the Giant Peach as an adult. It's still just as great. It's so quirky, and the end is so heartwarming! I can't wait to read it to my child one day. Sidenote: I never realized how many times the word "ass" is in this book. Ha. " said.

"For some ridiculous reason, I never read any Roald Dahl when I was a kid. So now that my kids are at ages where they can enjoy his books, I’m super excited to be reading these with them. My oldest (6), loved this book. She’s declared it to be the best book ever. I also really enjoyed it, and would have read it myself even if I didn’t have kids. My four year old however was indifferent, she’s mostly excited to watch the movie. " said.

"Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.

The only way to describe this book is "fun". Yeah, it's got whimsy and adventure and imagination and some very Dahlian deaths and the Horrible People with their Horrible Traits, but it's not got that kind of wonderful spirit that some his other books have.

Whilst I'd never say that adults should not read children's books, I personally haven't been getting the same amount of enjoyment from these books as I usually do from books that are written for kids. I think with a lot of these books it's the reputation of the author and his more successful books that holds them up.

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" said.

" Muy tierno y entretenido.No es lo mejor de Roald, pero sí una excelente aventura. " said.

"خوب بود دنیای جالبی داشت اما از اونجایی که شباهتاش به چارلی و آسانسور شیشه‌ای خیلی زیاد بود یه جاهایی تکراری بود روندش. به هر در مل لذتبخش بود.
بخش‌های ماندگار کتاب:
شاید ما غرق نمی‌شدیم! شاید هم آن‌قدر ترسیده بودیم که فکر می‌کردیم داریم غرق می‌شویم.
در تمام این دنیای ما چیزهای زیادی هست که تو هنوز به آن‌ها فکر نکرده‌ای.
" said.

"“'My dear young fellow,' the Old-Green-Grasshopper said gently, 'there are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven't started wondering about yet.'”

*4.5 stars

Quite creepy, quite funny, quite whimsical and cute, James and The Giant Peach might not be as good as Matilda or as magical as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but Roald Dahl, master storyteller, never disappoints.
James Henry Trotter is about to embark on the adventure of his lifetime, when a giant peach starts growing in his horrible aunts’ garden. But the peach is not the only thing with unnatural dimensions in this story; grasshoppers and ladybirds, a talkative centipede and a pessimistic earthworm, are amongst James’ bizarre fellow adventurers. I wish I had read this when younger, then maybe I would like insects a bit more.
" said.

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