Farley Farts (Sound Board Books) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-10-28 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 20 user ratings

" This was hilariously adorable. " said.

" Little kids love the edition with the "fart button". Who doesn't like a button that makes a sound. " said.

" I'm all about normalizing farting by putting it into stories with cute animals. " said.

" You can't help smiling when you read this book! " said.

" A cute story about a farting frog, that really wants to stop farting. Farley finds out the discomfort of holding-in his farts. A great story for children about flatulence, and a good opener for discussion on this bodily function (and how to say "excuse me"). " said.

" I picked out this book because...well...the subject matter. We have been "enjoying" the aftermaths of our own bean soup...and some in our family are more inclined to it than this humorous tale fits the bill. We also like frogs. So what better story to read than a picture book with farting frogs! We giggled, laughed, poked fun, and enjoyed this book. " said.

" This is definitely a story for boys so my 6 and 10-year-old loved it!Excerpt from the book . . . "For days, Farley the Frog had been having some rather noisy tummy trouble. He had to fart all the time. When he was eating, PFFFOOOTTT! When he was playing, PFFFOOOTTT! Even when he was sleeping, PFFFOOOTTT! It was really bothersome. Otherwise, Farley was very content. He loved his life in the small village of Croakville and he had lots of friends." " said.

"What's funnier than a fart? Perhaps a loud belch or laughing so hard that pepsi comes out your nose or you wet your pants. Let's face it the body is a complex and often noisy and embarrassing machine. And if you can teach kids that "Everybody Poops" then you can certainly inform them about the resonating sounds that often escape them during the digestive process, which often echoes at the dinner table when your new neighbors are visting and you have to explain to them, "That child is adopted." Fortunately, while parents may not teach the mechanics and reasons of such an outburst they do ingrain into your psyche that it usually reminds you to look for the nearest bathroom as they always ask, "Do you have to go to the potty?" Who doesn't laugh at that old America's Funniest Video of the little baby who is stomach-down on the changing table when suddenly a plume of white smoke shoots into the air because his bottom had been covered with powder and he just laughs as he's learned a new trick?

Of course, in modern society it is not always proper to "cut-the-cheese" at any old time and certainly Barack Obama was hoping not to offend while taking the oath of office yesterday. Sometimes you just can't help it and it happens like in French class in the 10th grade after you were asked by your teacher to come to the front of the room with your classmate and practice greeting each other in French and unfortunately you muff the phrases up so badly that you both just start laugh and you try to hide in the corner and instead you let one rip for everyone to hear, which makes everybody laugh harder: I was classmates were laughing...Madame Phohl...she wasn't laughing. And all you can think in apologetic response, as M. Phohl glares at you is, "I'm sorry. Was there something wrong with my French accent?", which gets you a trip to the principal's. C'est la vie, non?

Farley is an adorabe frog who just can't seem to control it and when he tries to hold it he just swells up and starts to float away until he finally releases and flies around like a deflating balloon. I at first didn't like the pictures too much until i remembered that the book was meant for kids and not adults. It's good humored but also mindful of helping kids to know it's not always a good thing to do. But if kids grow up into teens and college students and haven't learned and think it's a rite of passage to try and hold a lighter in the path of their farts then let them get burned. I'm looking forward to the sequel to this book "Iggy Iguana's Irritable Bowel".
" said.

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