Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel (Dk Superman) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-07 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 36 user ratings

" learned a lot of things I didn't know. awesome illustrations " said.

" An excellent overview and guide to Superman over the years. " said.

" Gives you a nice run down on all of the comics and how the DC comics past and present have come together. It's an interesting book that puts all the characters and evolutions all in one place. " said.

" Supes was never near the top of my favorite superheroes (I was way more into the Marvel stable of heroes while growing up), but how can you not like a guy who stands for truth, justice & the American way? This guide was a good way to refamiliarize myself with Superman's exploits. " said.

" This is the revised edition of the DK Publishing about the Guide to Superman. An extensive encyclopedia about the Man of Steel since his origins in Action Comics #1 until the most recent events on the New52 reboot. Pages in full color and full of priceless info. Also it has a very good price taking in account of the great number of pages of the book. Highly recommended to any fan of the Last Son of Krypton. " said.

" My son picked this up for me at our local public library (Yay for BCPL!). A good introduction but a bit of a sales pitch for the New 52 and the latest Superman movie as well. Sadly, it is not as Ultimate as claimed as the Legion of Super Pets (including ‘Streaky’ and ‘Beppo’) are not even mentioned although to be fair the book doesn't shy away from Superman's many inter-species AND interstellar dating experiences, “Supes” is a true egalitarian! A fun read for geeks. " said.

"To the casual Superman fan it is easy to assume they know the history of Superman. The baby sent to earth, because his home planet of Krypton was going to explode. The baby grew up to be Superman who fights for Truth, justice, and the American Way using amazing powers. This is beginnings of Superman's legacy. However, Superman has had an amazing and sometimes confusing history in comics.

This wonderful books help to explain the history of the Man of Steel including his death and return, Red and Blue Superman, Supermen from earth prime and earth 2, black lantern superman, the confusing Crisis story arcs, the new 52, friends, enemies, and many more details.

A major strength of this book is that it does not go into great detail, instead it gives a brief summary of an event and/or character in Superman's life along with big, colorful and wonderful art work. This wets the appetite of the reader to go and seek out these comics and graphic novels to read the entire story arc.

This book is highly recommended for the average or casual Superman reader looking for more information about earths greatest Superhero.
" said.

"I have to confess I've never read a Superman comic, I've seen his various screen incarnations, obviously, but for me (like many other people I know) Superman has always been... well too super for my liking. I tend to like my heroes a little vulnerable and conflicted and IMO Superman had never embodied those traits. However after my son has recently become quite obsessed with Supes I have over the past year watched the Reeve, Routh and Cavill incarnations, am just finishing season 6 of Smallville and have even watched a few episodes of the Dean Cain incarnation. I have now developed a whole new appreciation for the Man of Steel and come to realise that he is infact quite vulnerable and conflicted after all, perhaps more so than his Marvel counterparts that I am more familiar with. So for someone like me who is familiar with the basic Superman mythology but a stranger to the majority of the rest of the back story this book is a very welcome insight into the origins and evolution of the Man of Steel. Infact after reading this book my appreciation for Supes has grown even more and it's even tied up a few loose ends from the onscreen versions for me. For example the final act from the recent Man Of Steel film had Superman perform an act that was completely out of character as far as I was concerned. Yet I have now learned from this book that the act was not really out of character at all, Superman has carried out a near identical act in the comic universe. The only flaw I could find with this book was a couple of silly spelling mistakes which there isn't really any excuse for. Now with my new found appreciation for the last son of Krypton I'm off to read my first Superman comic and have a couple of the New 52's waiting to go." said.

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