Moon Watchers: Shirin's Ramadan Miracle Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-24 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" I thought this book was magical. " said.

" A really nice book about Ramadan. Wish I had had this book back when I was teaching my kids about religions and holidays. " said.

" This book is about a girl, Shirin, who wants to fast for Ramadan but is told that she is too young. A very sweet story about a family, with a simple explanation of the basic of Ramadan. " said.

" This book finds a balance between being informative and not having that be the main focus of the book. Students here will find a story about family and sibling relationships, not a book about "being Muslim." " said.

" This is a lovely book and story about the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. In our school, we have a very diverse population and our teachers are always trying to expose kids to the different cultures and traditions.I like that this book explains about the holiday in a kid-friendly accessible manner through a great story. The explanations and descriptions of the fasting and praying were nicely done. " said.

" This book shows one family's celebration of Ramadan and gives non-Muslims a glimpse into this month of fasting and good deeds. The illustrations are beautiful and culturally appropriate. I know I can do a Google search for the "why" reasons for certain customs so it's fine that the book states "then we did this" without giving a long harangue as to the origins. Definitely better for older Elementary school aged kids and not my infant and toddler, but I found the book super interesting myself! " said.

Really enjoyed this book~ from the story to the illustrations, and as an educational tool to understand the sacred holiday. I chose a children's book to keep it simple, direct, and fun.

Very sweet, heartfelt, and real. Told from the point of view of a young girl, who is not yet able to fully participate in Ramadan.

Love the way she gains understanding from various family members, some who are helpful, and one, seemingly unhelpful:) Her Father involves her in watching the various moon phases and educates her on how this is important throughout the month Ramadan. The rivalry with her older brother rang true, as he is able to fully participate, and of course, gives her a hard time.

Sweet, special ending, too.
" said.

"1. Text-to-self connection: Growing up, my family attended church. I remember when I was younger, wanting to get baptized because everyone I knew was baptized. Everytime I would ask my mom about it, she would tell me that I was too young. This is similar to the experience of Shirin wanting to fast with her family during Ramadan. Like Shirin, I was eventually able to convince my mom that I was old enough.
2. A. Knowledge: What doesn’t Shirin’s family do during Ramadan?
B. Comprehension: Explain what happens during Ramadan/
C. Application: Predict whether or not you think Shirin will participate in the next Ramadan.
D. Analysis: What is the main idea of the book?
E. Synthesis: Create a timeline of events from the book.
F. Evaluation: Decide if you think Shirin is old enough to fast for Ramadan or not.
3. (2010, June 1). Booklist.
" said.

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