Listen, Buddy (Laugh-Along Lessons) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" Fun story about actuallly listening when people are talking to you, a lesson kids can learn with this book. Maybe it will even sink in after multiple readings, who knows! :)Discussing the story with your child after reading it will hopefully help him/her realise that it's important to listen, and that the story's not just about Buddy the rabbit, but about everyone. " said.

" "Twenty five hops later, Buddy discovered that right was wrong."A little bunny, who has trouble listening to his parents, finds his life in danger because he can't follow the directions they give him. A good example of how illustrations tell a part of the story.I've been looking for books for my kindergarten teachers about listening, which seem to be difficult to find. This one might work at some level. " said.

" Buddy has humongous ears but he doesn't listen to the things that people say to him. His parents don't know what to do with him and they don't know how to make him pay attention. His absent-mindedness does make for some humorous events. To be honest, I was worried that Buddy was going to be slightly deaf, but he just had a hard time paying attention sometimes. Once I got over that, it definitely became extremely adorable. " said.

" I read this because it was recommended by a friend. Her sons name is Buddy. This book was fine, and I can see why they like it but it left to much to inference with me! For instant I was confused when it said "A slice of bread" "Sure" said Buddy. Then there is no resolution except the picture and the picture isn't super clear... I think it is a slice of a bed?? Not sure! That would make sense! Cute enough not a love love! " said.

" This is one of my favorite Helen Lester books. I love the way Buddy "mishears" everything (reminds me of another picture book my daughter liked when she was little, Bendemolena, or The Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head). I also love the way Buddy responds to the Scruffy Varmint: "Who get the what from the where side of the where what?" This is a fun one to read to classes when they're doing more talking that listening. And yes, I realize that would be EVERY SINGLE DAY. :) " said.

" This book is a good book to have in an early elementary classroom because it helps teach the students that you need to carefully pay attention. Where Buddy had big ears so he never fully heard what someone was saying, until something bad happened to him. He then realized that he needed to pay more attention to what people are saying to him. " said.

"This book tells the story of a bunny names Buddy. Buddy has a hard time listening to his parents even though he has big ears. He tries to do what his parents ask, but somehow he always gets it wrong. One day, Buddy takes a wrong turn while out on a walk and ends up at the cave of the Scruffy Varmint. This mistake nearly got him eaten and he finally learns his lesson. I would use this book to teach my students about the importance of being a good listener. The book shows that listening skills are important for being helpful, respectful, and is also an important skill because it can help keep children safe. I could also use this lesson to practice making predictions when reading." said.

"I didn't think this one was as great as Tacky, or even the Princess parrot one. I kept waiting for the book to get to the climax and didn't find myself enjoying it along the way as I do with her other works. And I'm still trying to figure out if Buddy doesn't hear well, or if he doesn't listen. (HUGE difference, and a possible lesson there if that were the case.) But my biggest problem was the copy I read was really, really smelly. And you know me and smelly books--we don't like to be near each other and it often influences if I like a book or not. And with a book that has a smelly varmint inside, well, it didn't help." said.

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