La Sirenita: The Little Mermaid in Spanish (Spanish Coloring Books) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-22 
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" انا كان نفسي و انا صغيرة اكون عروسة بحر ^^ بس للاسف كبرت و بقيت بني ادم -_- انا دورت عليها مخصوص علشان كده :D حلوة قصص الاطفال اللي بقالي فيها كتير دي يمكن تفتح نفسي علي القراءة :v " said.

" در هوای مهر جانان پاکبازی کن بباز " said.

" Nada que ver con el recuerdo que tenía de una de mis películas favoritas de Disney, estos cambios en el argumento me han dejado en shock. " said.

" "Las sirenas no tienen lagrimas y por eso su sufrimiento es mayor" Una historia muy triste pero muy bella, del tipo que yo considero de obsesión y no de amor, no sólo obsesión con el príncipe sino con todo el mundo humano, pero eso mismo es lo que hace que el final no pueda ser distinto. " said.

"So I'm giving this book a split rating. 4 stars because it's written so well but 2 stars because I HATE the ending. I actually read this book as a child and I remember crying for hours because I jist couldn't believe a story could end like that. When the movie came out I told my dad I didn't want to watch it unless they changed the ending. Thank heavens Disney gave me the story I was always wanting.

HCA does spin a tale that is heartbreaking and beautiful, but it's just too sad for me. I need the HEA. Or at least for the prince to know she was the one who saved him! She sacrifices everything. ..for what? :'( So sad.
" said.

"While this version is, on the surface (pun intended), less cheerful than the Disney version, the two are separate stories in their own rights. I can see where Disney borrowed some elements and scaled back on others to make the story more child-friendly, but the original version is a beautiful “tail” in and of itself.

In the Disney version, the little mermaid wants one thing only: to be with the prince. In this version, the little mermaid wants not only the prince, but also what the sacrament of marriage to the prince will give her: a part of his soul, with which she will have a second, immortal life. Heavy on the Christian imagery but not overbearing, The Little Mermaid is a beautiful story of love, sacrifice, and redemption, while wrapping everything up as one would a children’s story.

The imagery was beautiful, though I wish the book had not been written in expository form. Much of it was told rather than shown, though this can be excused since that was the style of writing back then; not to mention that the form is how it would be read to children anyway. Either way, the story flowed seamlessly, and I could imagine it as an entity separate from the Disney movie. My heart was simultaneously heavy and light after reading this story; I am glad to have read it.
" said.

"I love fairy tales, but I couldn't give this the full five stars because it was so sad. The Little Mermaid rescues the prince from his boat during the storm like in the movie, but when he wakes up, the first girl he sees is a beautiful princess and he thinks she saved him rather than the mermaid.

The mermaid goes to the sea witch, who will give her legs, but to do so, she cuts out her tongue as payment, and every step the mermaid takes it will feel like there are knives cutting her feet. If she doesn't get the prince to fall in love with her, she will die the night after his wedding.

The prince becomes fond of her, but does not fall in love with her. Instead, he is reunited with the beautiful princess and marries her, still thinking that she is the one who saved him. The mermaid's sisters come up from the water holding a knife from the sea witch, saying that if the mermaid kills the prince in his sleep before the sun rises, she will not die.

The mermaid takes the knife, but at the last minute, flings the knife into the sea, and then herself as the sun is rising, where she turns into invisible ocean mist and must spend the next 300 years earning an immortal soul by doing good deeds for others. Then, after 300 years, she will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I won't say it was disappointing; obviously I wasn't expecting it to be too similar to the Disney movie. But I didn't expect it to be so depressing. I know the mermaid couldn't speak, but why couldn't she have written something letting the prince know that it was her who saved him? In the movie he was hypnotized, so it wouldn't have made a difference. But in the book it could have been a possibility.

And then at the end, she will never see her family again, and still has to earn an immortal soul only to die after she earns it? Jeez. I know not all fairy tales have happy endings, and if that doesn't bother you, it's still a decent story worth reading.
" said.

"I've always loved mermaids. When I was little, I dreamed about being one! lol. I've always found them to be such beautiful & interesting mythical creatures. So of course, you would think that I love Han's Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid, right? WRONG. And it's not just because of the Disney version. In fact, I always had some issues with Disney's version of the fairytale even before I read the original story.

I never understood how the mermaid could give up her family & life under the sea for a man that she's never even spoken to. She says that she's "in love" with him but she hardly knows the guy. I've never been one to believe that you can fall in love with someone just by looking at them. That's lust- not love. For me, love is something that can happen the more you get to know someone. Maybe if Han's had bothered to develope a real relationship between the mermaid & the human then perhaps I could have understood her wanting to become human, but he didn't do that. Instead this girl (mermaid) saves the guy, sacrifices everything to be with him, suffers the whole time that she's human, and yet she still doesn't win the guy, AND she ends up dying at the end ... what the fuck? Ugh. I get that Han's was trying to show us that with humanity comes pain & sorrow, but this is just too much. Sure people suffer, we feel lots of pain and loss as we go on in life, but we also feel love and happiness at times too. There needs to be an equal amount of sadness and happiness in life. I think it's terrible to put a heroine through so much pain & suffering only to punish her even further by making her die in the end. She didn't have to win the guy to have a happy ending (there's more to life then just romance) but c'mon! This story is just ridiculous.

You know what I want? I want a mermaid story with a great heroine. I want her to have a love interest that is actually worthy of her. I want her journey to be one that inspires it's readers - not one that has her suffering the whole time and ends with her dying for nothing. Is that really too much to ask? Please? /sigh
" said.

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