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"Did you know that birds are not the only animals that use nests to raise their young? Even mammals like orangutans make them “high [in] the rainforest canopy, where each day they braid a new bed of strong branches and line it with a mattress of leaves and twigs.” This was certainly news to me! So many different kinds of animals make nests to rear their little ones.

Aston’s wonderfully informative book divides types of nests into their characteristics, like the “spiky” cactus nests of elf owls and cactus wrens or the “bubbly” nests of the African gray tree frog and the gourami. It covers such a wide variety of animals–birds, reptiles, mammals, and insects are all represented here. After describing all of the different types of nests, Aston reminds the reader that though all nests are noisy at first, when the babies “are ready to fly, swim, or crawl away,” the nest becomes very, very quiet. A wonderful note to end on for bedtime reading! She helpfully italicizes words that might be unfamiliar to the reader and defines them in context.

Long’s incredibly detailed and dynamic watercolor illustrations take the reader into each and every nest, no matter how tiny (the bee hummingbird’s 1 inch marvel) or strange (army ants’ bivouacs or “living nests” are made of, well, ants). Each detail, from the texture of the ruby-throated hummingbird’s lichen-covered nest to the tiny fly it has captured in its beak brings the natural world into graceful relief.

Aston’s poetic text and Long’s beautiful illustrations are sure to instill wonder in each and every reader and leave them inspired to seek out more marvels in the natural world. Ages 5 & up.

" said.

"Families come in such diverse variety. As adoptive families we search for opportunities to highlight this range of difference in a way that equates with “interesting” instead of odd or abnormal. Diana Hutts Aston’s fascinating book, A Nest Is Noisy delves into the natural world to depict some of the many wonderful ways that animals prepare to house and protect their young. Illustrated with exquisite detail by Sylvia Long, the book is a feast for the eyes as well as a smorgasbord of interesting information.

The illustrations add depth and interest. Children can spend a great deal of time studying them for hidden details. They’ll enjoy a game of “I Spy” if they are challenged to look for tiny details. Readers will see the many commonalities as well as differences in how various animals prepare for parenthood. After reading the book, challenge your child to look for nests in his neighborhood.

Readers learn about nests: the biggest and smallest, nests built in trees and on the ground, constructed underground and created underwater. It features birds, fish, and snakes, bees, frogs and alligators, turtles, ants and platypuses. Kids will find a favorite among the crowd. They’ll enjoy learning about all the different ways animal parents prepare for the arrival of their offspring.

The AQ* Lens: A Nest Is Noisy even features two varieties of birds that lay their eggs in a nest and then allow others to nurture and raise them. This offers a chance to segue into a discussion of how some animal parents are not able to nurture and raise their babies. Instead, these birds carefully choose a nest where their little ones will receive the care they need and deserve. The book identifies one nest as “adopted.”

Tread lightly, if you choose to connect this thread to human parents making an adoption plan. (It is an easy tack to take.) Just remember to speak with respect and empathy for birthparents. Highlight the care with which they identified a new “nest” for their child. Explain that adult reasons and adult shortcomings necessitated an adoption. Make it clear that it was not the baby’s fault or due to any shortcomings on the child’s part. Ask your child what he thinks the animal might be feeling. (This may give you some insight to his own feelings about adoption loss.) Come from curiosity so that you allow them to express genuine feelings and not deliver what they think you want to hear.

A Nest Is Noisy is a beautiful book, chock full of information.I rate it as 5 Stars-- Gayle H. Swift, Author, "ABC, Adoption & Me"
" said.

" Yet again Aston has created a sumptuous book neither I nor my kids want to put down. Absorbing and informative that helps you see the beauty in the world around you. " said.

" Stunning illustrations and fascinating text makes this a must for young nature lovers! " said.

" Pretty and informative - I had to look up the second egg-laying mammal (it's an anteater). " said.

" Gorgeous illustrations and a wonderful look at all the different types of animals that make nests. " said.

" Talks about lots of different kinds of nests and includes really detailed illustrations. " said.

" Stunning, interesting and a book everyone should have on their shelves. I absolutely want to check out the rest of Dianna Hutts Aston's books. " said.

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