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"An examination of the various types of nests that birds and other animals build.

This was a fantastic survey that goes well beyond what typically comes to mind at the thought of a nest. Unique bird nests as well as nest-type creations that other animals make are explored from alligators to lampreys to hornets to platypuses. A very informative and brilliantly illustrated look at animal architecture. This book is a tad bit more wordy than some of Aston & Long's other books, but the interesting information is worth the longer read.
" said.

"Beautiful, new, non-fiction picture book with inviting watercolors that detail several kinds of wildlife nests and how their inhabitants use them. The materials used to make these nests are detailed colorfully illustrated. I don't know if you would call these double endpapers, but I love it! Zoom in to a nest and zoom out to all the creatures that have nests. Adjectives galore fill this book where you will find an equal emphasis on information and visuals! I love the two page layout in the middle with the diagonal cut comparing the foamy nests of the African Gray Tree Frog and Gourami fish." said.

" A look at the many kinds of nest both large and small, made from a wide variety of materials, and can be found in the air, sea, and surface. I like that this book can be read strictly for its poetic text with a younger audience and at a deeper level for more advanced readers who can appreciate all of the science and technology that goes into nests.Watercolor illustrations are wonderfully realistic and support the specific descriptions included in the text.Recommended for sharing with PreK-2+. " said.

"Watercolors were used to create the beautifully illustrated picture book. "A Nest is Noisy". The double set of endpapers depict the many nests, showing eggs within, at the front of the book. The back endpapers show the animals that created the nests and laid the eggs. Each animal is highlighted on a double page spread with cursive text dancing across the pages.

This book might be partnered with a Gail Gibbons book to compare and contrast literary nonfiction picture books.

This book may be used in a variety of ways:
- Grade 1 Bird Unit
- Grade 4-5 Writing a literary nonfiction piece
- Grade 3-5 Watercolor techniques
" said.

"This book will not work for storytime, but it is lovely.

From the award-winning creators ofAn Egg Is Quiet,A Seed Is Sleepy,A Butterfly Is Patient, and A Rock Is Lively comes this gorgeous and informative look at the fascinating world of nests. From tiny bee hummingbird nests to orangutan nests high in the rainforest canopy, an incredible variety of nests are showcased here in all their splendor. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, this carefully researched book introduces children to a captivating array of nest facts and will spark the imaginations of children whether in a classroom reading circle or on a parent's lap.

Nests -- Juvenile literature.
Animals -- Habitations -- Juvenile literature
Animal behavior -- Juvenile literature

" said.

"It snowed last night. It's April not November so the local flora and fauna are in a bit of shock. Early this morning the robins were in a vocal tizzy, probably calling for a riot against Mother Nature. It's easy to imagine those coming forth from winter homes snuggling back in for a few more weeks. Those intent on the arrival of spring babies are renewing efforts to make proper residences.

On this Earth Day 2015 I am happy to celebrate the fifth book in a series by author Dianna Hutts Aston with illustrations by Sylvia Long. Their last collaboration, A Rock Is Lively, left readers ready for more of their outstanding observations about our world. A Nest Is Noisy (Chronicle Books, April 14, 2015) is a fascinating examination of spaces made for newborns.

My full recommendation:
" said.

"I can hardly describe what a joy ran through my veins as soon as I opened this book. It is gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous to look at! The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. The colors are rich, the variety of shapes and forms and lines, the composition and the manner with which everything is put is tremendous! Apart from its undeniable visual beauty, this is a great read. It explores nature in an honest and simple manner, poetic but still very much informative. For everyone who loves nature this is a treat. Though not only for enthusiasts, this is also a book to compel anyone to the wonders of nature. It entices us to be more conscious of our surroundings and shows how much we take for granted. The details in a nest can be surprising, their different shapes and sizes and the animals that construct them as well. Instantly, upon my very first pages, I knew it was going up to my favorites shelf." said.

"Another handsome and informative offering from this talented pair, this book describes various kinds of nests. The watercolor illustrations are incredibly detailed and colorful while the text is just as lively and poetic as the inhabitants of those nests who are described as "buzzing...squeaking...peep-peeping" (unpaged). Readers might expect the book to celebrate the different nests fashioned by birds, but the author and illustrator also describe those made by bald-faced hornets, lampreys, African gray tree frogs, a platypus, and even army ants. Thus, because the book expands readers' awareness of the many types of nests in nature, they will realize that nests are not only noisy, welcoming, neighborly, and even adopted. For courious readers interested in size, the book presents both the smallest nest formed by a bird--the bee hummingbird--and one of the largest--the dusky scrubfowl. There were plenty of facts about nests that I learned from perusing this book. Readers won't want to miss the endpapers, a replica of contents of a nest seen up close or the introductory pages filled with 24 different nests and the last pages containing small sketches of the 24 animals whose nests were featured in the book. The book is a visual treat, and is a must-have addition to any science classroom library. " said.

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