Fish Finelli (Book 2): Operation Fireball Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-14 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

" loved itI think this book was really good and when ever a good part happened I would not want to stop " said.

" In the second title in the series, Fish Finelli is an individual kids will cheer for, especially when he accepts dares he shouldn't. Fish is a well rounded dynamic character, kind to his friends, but impulsive when tempted with a dare. Packed with facts about how motor boats work, and marine safety rules, boys who enjoy motor boating or a dynamic light adventure about teamwork, bullies, and summer fun on the water, will enjoy this fast paced humorous adventure. " said.

" In this installment of a maritime-related series, Fish Finelli, the book's protagonist, is stuck with a less than adequate motor to power his beloved Fireball. With help from his friends and plenty of determination, Fish is able to give his arch rival, Bryce, a run for his money. there are plenty of funny moments in the story, and it was nice to see Fish doing the right thing when he had plenty of chances not to do so. " said.

"At first look, the cover grabs your attention and seeing the shovel and map you immediately know these boys are about to have some fun. It’s also very colorful. This story is about Fish, Roger, TJ, a bully named Bryce, Captain Kidd, well at least his legendary treasure, and their librarian, Mr. E. Mann (get it? Mystery man!) who appears to be looking for the same treasure. When the bully bets them $50 they can’t find it, they get busy trying to find the treasure to win.

“This is a historical document. It’s worth tons of money. It’s probably priceless.”

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" said.

"Living by the ocean has its perks, and those who live in Fish Finelli's neighborhood year-round get to enjoy them all the time. Of course things change in the summer. Tourists arrive. Clams and oysters can be harvested. Then there's the big boat race... Fish and friends are desperate to win the race, but can their home-grown engine have a chance against the snobby rich kids? Fish finds himself tested, especially when it comes to helping out his competition. This is a lighthearted summer book with occasional black and white illustrations, making it a good choice for beginning chapter-book readers." said.

"My son's review is simple.
"it was a good book mom. Bryce is just stupid and not very nice. Fish has done all these nice things, and beaten him and everything and he should be NICE MOM. Fish was nice and it meant well.. I shouldn't tell you because then I'll be giving away the ending. Read this book it's good mom".

My Thoughts:
I haven't read the book but I have loved my son's reaction to it. He's been telling me all that is happening but his emotion regarding Bryce has been so fun to watch.... He's met a villain (not that Bryce is a true villain but he's a not very likable character). He liked how the book ended, he's liked the characters, Clementine surprised him but it was a good surprise. Jason Beene does a good job with the illustrations, the snippets of information in the sidebar my lad likes. Good book and we want the next in the series.
" said.

"Fish and his friends are back, and this time they are bound and determined to win the Captain Kidd motor boat race. Bryce, who is snooty and lives in a mansion, has a brand new, high powered boat, so it will be hard to beat him, but Fish has a lot of confidence in his old motor. He gets an older boy to help him redo the engine, and enters the race. Things go wrong, but Fish does the right thing. He doesn't win the race, but he wins some friends and the confidence of his parents.

Strengths: I liked this more than the first book, mainly because the plot is more realistic. Fish is a good character-- he means well, but things don't always work out for him. This had some fun action and adventure, with a touch of survival, and the side bars with factual information are usually interesting. (Some are a bit odd, like the one about Julius Caesar!)

Weaknesses: This is still a bit young for my group, but if I had an elementary library, I would definitely buy the series.

" said.

"Won a copy from Good Reads First Reads

My 10 year old son read this as part of his weekly reading challenge for school.
He loved it!! My husband & I thought it was a great book for a middle school aged boy. It has a bit of mystery, shenanigans, fun facts & some mischief. All the things little boys love. He absolutely loved reading the lines with "Champion Teeter-Totter of Blah-Bu-De-Blah". He got a big kick out of that line every time. At the end when we found out who the boat racer in the red hat was, well lets just say he was quite shocked & thought it was just awesome.
I as a parent thought it was just great!! It's so easy to find books about fairy princesses & girlie stuff, but a little harder to get good quality stories for boys. This book meet all the criteria to keep a boy interested. I loved that the story was about tinkering with motors & boats, digging around for clams & plain ol' little boy shenanigans. We all loved it. Will be looking for more books by E.S. Farber especially the first one in the series.
" said.

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