The Twisted Ones (Five Nights at Freddy's) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

"4 out of 5 stars.


That book was so much better than the first one!
And there were so many connections! And just everything was great.

I mean, the writing still had that awkwardness to it that the first did but there was a definite improvement. Some plot points didn't really make sense from a logical view (like, Charlie being allowed to tamper with things at a crime scene) but I'll give it a pass - this is a universe where Chuckie Cheese style animatronics kidnap and murder people.

Overall, I really enjoyed this.

Finally there are starting to be some actual answers - even though THAT ENDING JUST ADDED A WHOLE LOT MORE.

" said.

"As a huge fan of the games, I enjoyed the book in an entertainment stand point. Some questions I've had in game were answered, like how come non possessed animatronics were still trying to kill you. But much like the first one, the writing wasn't all that great. It isn't horrible, I've read far worse, but it kept from pulling me in as much as I'd like.
The plot was kinda, everywhere to me.
some things that were introduced in the book, were not followed up on and left you wondering, what was the point of that?
other parts left me down right confused and with more questions than answers.

But i did enjoy this book and recommend it to anyone who loves the games.

I hope a third one comes out, because if they leave it how it ended... I'm going to rage.
" said.

"I am a fan of all things five nights at Freddy's, and to be able to delve more into the lore of this game, is something that continues to bring interest to this franchise. As soon as I finished the silver eyes, the first novel in this series, I was quick to pre-order this book. I am however, not a fan at all of the second novel in the series. I think as a disclaimer for this book, not suitable for children, but the book is written in the type of informal text, that would be more suitable in that sort of book. There were some words missing and the whole atmosphere was quite different to the first one. Some areas of the plot were very interesting, which is why I finished the entire book, but it is not something that I will be re-reading anytime soon. " said.

"Boo @ introducing new animatronics, (view spoiler)" said.

"Better than the last book. There were fewer characters which left room for more development for the main protagonist and it was easy to read.

The only issue I had was the cliffhanger at the end but that is simply because I don't feel that there needs to be another addition to the book series. I would have been perfectly happy with a longer book that tied everything up. However, since one of the authors is Scott Cawthon, I really shouldn't be surprised that he chose to do so.

In general, I think that if you like the game series and the lore of it, you will like the book series despite it being a separate canon. If you have no previous knowledge of the games and the lore I feel that it would be difficult to read.
" said.

"Great love FNAF...but! ... Seriously..the ending WTF. I need some answers, not more questions, of which now I have a bazillion more! Like where is Charlie's Mom.. what is up with her twin? What is up with her whole family?! Where did Marla randomly appear from.. I know she is in the first book.. thank you to Five Nights at Freddy's: The Freddy Files: The Official Guidebook to the Bestselling Video Game Series!! Love the plot and the whole idea with the animatronics and kids! My only problem is how long will we have to wait for answers on official canon.. and the real backstory to the games.. I like solved mysteries.. and you can only wait for so long.. patiently..." said.

"Honestly I only read this because J made me. This was even worst than Silver Eyes. The plot made even less sense and Charlie's character got all weird. It really felt like the authors were phoning it in. I can't even properly review it, because I have no words. Capped with a cliffhanger ending, that was a bit of a non-ending. I'm sure were going to see a book 3.
With that said, I'm going to try and explain. The writing in this is scattered, and filled with plot holes. There were many things that were left unexplained. Charlie's demeanor changes from the first book, taking the semi- interesting character and making her awkward and difficult to empathize with. There were a lot of little things that just bugged me. There were many interesting plot points that were left in the dust, never explained or really touch on. It was frustrating as a reader.
" said.


So I didn't end up reviewing book 1 but I thought I should at least review book 2 so...

Here we are!

Anyway, I will admit I like the FNAF series for the lore, not the actual gameplay.

So a couple of books based on the game itself sounds like it would be an interesting story...

If characters weren't stupid.

Charlie is an annoying main character. She is pretty much every white girl from any horror movie that makes decisions that makes a real person go, "WTF?". And she's apparently super smart too.

Her buddies are no better as they suffer from, "Why do you care so much about Charlie when she is being dumb?" Seriously. Give me something. The previous book did touch on it but it's been a year, people change. Half of the main cast disappears from the story(not even joking).

The horror aspects didn't even feel front and center. They were there but they were like background things. This story also included the nightmare version of the characters from the previous book and balloon boy does make an appearance but I cared nothing for it.

" said.

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