The Twisted Ones (Five Nights at Freddy's) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-14 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" 5Unique and well developed book. " said.

" Can I just say that I hate cliffhangers?! " said.

" I had a few plot issues with this sequel, even though I enjoyed it for the most part. It was an entertaining read, but, Scott... I. Still. Have. So. Many. Questions.I did not appreciate that ending... 3.5/5 stars " said.

"While I am glad I read it will read the next one, I just can't bring myself to like it as much as I did The Silver Eyes. The new lore was somewhat interesting, but I had a difficult time looking past different plot holes and suspending my disbelief. That might be a silly thing to say about a series involving haunted, killer animatronics, but a story can have unrealistic elements and still be a good story.

If you enjoy the lore of FNAF, then by all means give the book a go. Just keep in mind that the story isn't the best written at times.
" said.

"Full review and comparison to "The Silver Eyes" to come this Monday, 7/3, on my booktube channel

Mmmmm. I was very excited for the sequel. I enjoyed the first one well enough, but in all honesty I really just wasn't that impressed by this one?

Charlie seemed to become an increasingly one dimensional and just generally uninteresting character, the plot wasn't driving and honestly didn't even really make sense at all. The ending was disappointing and while they tried to make it suspenseful, it just overall felt very flat.
" said.

"Fantastisk bog, hvis ikke der havde været så mange ubesvarede spørgsmål -.-
Jeg føler at jeg stadig mangler ALLE de svar, som hovedpersonen har brugt på at finde igennem hele bogen. Hvis ikke der kommer en bog nr. 3, så er denne bog en virkelig dårlig slutning på en serie/ historie, som ellers er FANTASTISK!
Det er virkelig svært at bedømme denne bog, da den i sig selv er super spændende og fangende hele vejen igennem, men skuffende da man stadig ikke har fået svar på nogen af de spørgsmål, som faktisk driver hele handlingen frem...
" said.

"As a huge fan of the games, I enjoyed the book in an entertainment stand point. Some questions I've had in game were answered, like how come non possessed animatronics were still trying to kill you. But much like the first one, the writing wasn't all that great. It isn't horrible, I've read far worse, but it kept from pulling me in as much as I'd like.
The plot was kinda, everywhere to me.
some things that were introduced in the book, were not followed up on and left you wondering, what was the point of that?
other parts left me down right confused and with more questions than answers.

But i did enjoy this book and recommend it to anyone who loves the games.

I hope a third one comes out, because if they leave it how it ended... I'm going to rage.
" said.

"While I really enjoyed this book just for entertainment, I had a lot of issues with the plot. First of all when they find important things they don't tell the necessary people right away. This has serious repercussions later in the book and seems like a really obvious mistake for college-age kids to make. second of all when they find dangerous animatronics they don't dismantle them immediately and allow them to just run rampant and potentially harm people. again this seemed like a really unwise and obvious mistake for this particular group of people to make. ultimately the problems that arise are the characters own fault so I don't feel that bad for them. I'm taking an additional star off because the ending was really unsatisfying. Now there either has to be a third book or this story just makes no sense at all. either option is equally likely from Scott cawthon based on his game releases. I am interested as to how some of the new robotics may come up in future games, or how they may have already appeared in past games without me realizing it. can't wait to see what more fans of the game franchise think of this installment of the fnaf books." said.

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