101 Yo Momma Jokes: Unofficial Minecraft Joke Books for Kids Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-22 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 29 user ratings

"I trawl Amazon to find books to amuse my nephew and thought he might like this. He really did! It turns out that Minecraft is an online game about blocks, breaking them up and moving them around. Kids love it. This combines their love of that game with their insatiable appetite for draft jokes - such a good idea. I didn't get all of them but I did some and by the howls of laughter my nephew certainly did. The best part is there really are 101 of them. This has made him very popular in the school yard, he remembers a few each night to keep everyone amused next day!" said.

"Got this book for my nephews and they were thoroughly entertained by it. We are still hearing the jokes days later, but my sister is not really amused since she is tired of hearing the jokes. Lol." said.

"OK- I get it is a Yo Momma book, but it says it's for kids. The jokes really aren't funny for the most part, even for 5,8 & 10 year old sense of humor, but I actually returned the book for a refund after a neighbor friend read the one that says "Yo Momma is so dark , she makes the Enderman look light" or something like that. The kids themselves said, "that's kind of offensive". Anyway, I wouldn't recommend it." said.

"I did not preview kindle sample and really regretted it. My kid loves everything Mindcraft as most kids today and there are some great Mindcraft writings out there. This is the worst I have ever read, of anything, period. I do my best to take time to review what my kid reads/watches/researches online, which I believe is the heart of responsible parenting. I do not know how old is the person who wrote it but if he is old enough to have children and wants his offsprings to repeat theses jokes I certainly would not let my child hang around him/his kids. This book teaches kids how to bully others in poorest taste possible by giving them ugly things to say about other individual's "Momma". Amazingly it is divided by chapters into themes "Your Momma is so ugly ..." Your Momma is so fat .. " etc comparing them to Mindcraft characters. This book should be outlawed. It is a porn of badmouthing women. I cannot believe someone actually published and is benefiting from this financially. OMG !!!" said.

"it's so hot and sea horse racing in my life it's good for me and my mom is coming over to go to the way home now but I'm not sure if you want to go back to the same thing." said.

"That book was terrible.who thought of it. Next time you right another book like that no one will bye it." said.

"It is horrible. Barely ANY of it is funny. This book is lucky it got 2 stars from me. I know it is for kids,but I am one and I merely had a TINY
" said.

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