When Dimple Met Rishi Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-23 
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If you are needing some quirky girl and a love-struck boy to have a love story that keeps you giggling and grabs your attention (even if it is a little predictable), then you have come to the right book.

This book breaks away from a lot of the stereotypes that are out there for genders. Example, the girl is the one who wants the relationship or the boy is the one who never wants to settle down or the boy is the generous with technology and the girl is the cute artsy one.

I loved this book for what it truly was: a predictable love story that had me awe-ing and cheering for the couple to make it to the end.

This is our life. We get to decide the rules. We get to say what goes and what stays, what matters and what doesn’t.

There is a lot of other players in this, like rich kids who get what they want, someone who just wants to fit in with the popular crowd, someone who doesn’t want to follow in their families beliefs and life style, etc., and I feel as if those were really important to put in a book that wasn’t your typical young adult novel. The blend of culture and religion and reverse rolls was something that I found very enjoyable.

The only thing that knocked out a star was how predictable it was. I mean, if it didn’t end the way we all wanted it to, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be raved about as much as it has been. Sometimes though, predictable reads can be relaxing and fun because you don’t have to stress about it as a whole and can enjoy the ride to the last page.

Overall, this was super cute and super adorable and super fun. SUPER SUPER SUPER. Not sure what else you can expect from such a cute cover, am I right? I will definitely be reading more by this author.

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That was disgustingly adorable I loved it. RTC.

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So quick note: I completely understand the “strange name” thing. My name isn’t too strange, but I’ve been called “Rān” “Rēan” “Reba” (yeah, idk) “Wēan” “When” “Ron” (you think I’m kidding) “Rue” and literally some people who gave up and gave me a new name... it’s kind of... hurtful.

And, my name isn’t that “weird.” Just uncommon.

Just keep that in mind when you talk to someone who has a “strange” name.
" said.

"4.5/5 stars

I loved this so much and it was so awesome to see a contemporary taking place within another kind of culture and another kind of people than are the usual or majority. Also FEMINISM. TAKES PLACE AT A CODING SUMMER CAMP. HOPELESS ROMANTIC AND SUPER NICE MALE LEAD. ALL OF THESE FACTORS MAKE IT SO GOOD. Also comics !!! I just love how much good stuff was packed into this book, and it was all approached in a natural way, not a shove down your throats kind of way.
Basically the main reaction I had to this book was squealing or !!!!! And that's mostly what you need to know.
My only issue with this book was the lack of conflict. It's not as much that there wasn't any, more that it was mostly reserved for the last 50 pages. Things felt a bit insta-lovey and convenient (as with most contemporaries) but the lack of conflict magnified it more. It's just something to be aware of and honestly how cute and adorable and precious the book is mostly overshadows the issue.
Honestly everyone who loves contemporaries should read this book because you will NOT be disappointed. IT. IS. SO. FREAKING. GOOD.
" said.

"I don’t understand why y’all have such a deep and everlasting hate for this book but that being said, I have gone from Liking this book to Not Liking this book over the eleven days I have been reading it and am no longer interested in completing. the Drama is just so obviously there and the romance is going down a super obvious trajectory. and this is despite beginning with the most brilliant Meet Cute Idea ever, maybe [i do not understand how any one of you has hated on Dimple for throwing her iced coffee at Rishi. have you never interacted with a man in your life]

points for that one line about Snobby Atherton Kids because i go to school in Atherton and that is the most relatable Bay Area mood. also points for Sandhya Menon being both the classiest and most savage Twitter user I know and for my girlfriend being in her book acknowledgments. I’m so sorry @ girlfriend you didn’t deserve this I’m sorry

✨I am for some inconceivable reason in a Romantic mood and this exceptionally polarizing book will hopefully be Adorable
" said.

"What a wonderful, refreshing book.

The novel follows Dimple and Rishi, two young Indian-American high-school graduates that are attending a pre-university course before starting college. The interesting part is that Dimple doesn't know Rishi exists and at the same time Rishi shows up ready to ask Dimple to marry her. Hilarity ensues.

One of the main themes of the novel is how the characters balance their own dreams with their family expectations and traditions. I loved both characters, well, that's a lie, I loved Rishi a lot more, he's just so cute, and smart, and polite, DREAM boyfriend.

The story is told from the alternating points of view of the main characters and takes place in current times. Their voices were well-drawn and distinct.

I listened to the audiobook and wished I had read the book instead, some of the sentences are in Hindi and (for a non-Hindi speaker like me) is easier to google the written comments. I'm not proficient in Hindi, my basic understanding is limited to han, nahin, namaste, -ji, baba and all the traditional food names (of course, haha).

Overall, I enjoyed this novel very much and recommend it to all readers of romance, YA, and contemporary fiction.

PS: I love watching Bollywood movies, I wrote a post of some of my favorite ones here
" said.

"Very, very cute.

I loved the dynamic between the two main characters. They contrasted and complimented each other so well, and Rishi is a too good for this world cinnamon bun. I loved the hate-to-love element and watching both characters question themselves. I loved how relateable the feeling of wanting to break out of family obligations and watching your life plans change was. There's also a good brother relationship here, which is refreshing since we get a lot of emphasis on sisters in YA.

There are several romance cliches used throughout the book and the storyline is a little par for the course for the genre, so if you aren't a fan of contemporary romance I can see how you may not love this. I would recommend it overall, though, especially for the own voices aspect.
" said.

"dnf @ 45% or something??

Great! as if all of my anticipated reads weren't disappointing!

I DNFed Flame in the Mist, and The Love Interest was a fucking joke.

this should actually be renamed 'When Disappointment Met Prabhleen'

thank god though that disappointment is not a big ass bitch like Dimple Shah. also thank god I'm not a cheese fest guy like Mr. Rishi Patel. THANK THE GOD. I am going to go to a gurudwara today to pray. Thanks Guru Granth Sahib for not making me into a cringe fest. :) :)

so, like everyone else, I was fucking excited to read this book. Please add some more excitement since I'm Indian! My parents are Indian! My grandparents are/were Indian! Everyone in my family is Indian! Everyone in my school is Indian! (ok except for this guy who is a citizen of Australia but let's ignore him for now)

the thing is, I have read a lot of books. NEVER have I ever seen an Indian protagonist. Like, never.

upto a point, I was fine with that. but with all these discussions considering diversity, I felt that I needed someone to relate to too! I was done with all the contemporaries being so fucking white.

then I came to know of this book. I was so excited I could scream. I even marked the release date for this on my weekly tests and exams calendar and study schedule thing because I was excited. I had only marked Lord of Shadows on that calendar. this says something???????????????????????????????????????????

but fuck you @ this book for playing with my emotions

A lot of people started getting ARCS a few months ago. they all loved the book! all blogs and reviewers I follow loved this book! add 10000 points to my excitement, again, pls.

I also read the first three chapter excerpt that was released online. it was fine and cute, so I was thinking that the whole book must be like that. such a fool. yeah, that's me :) :)

now let's start with what good things this book did (I'm shocked too ppl. you ain't alone)

1. it did have some really good discussions about choosing between a good career or your passion and I related to that. the stuff related to Hinduism was A+. even though I'm not hindu. BAHAHAHA.

2. there were some Indian references and I liked them.

3. she also refused to wear makeup which was great because I don't do it too. I only do lip gloss, eyeliner or kohl. I get acne breakouts and nosebleeds if I apply something on my face so there :)

DAS IST ES!!! THAT IS FUCKING IT! I'm honestly so mad right now.

where it went wrong (everywhere wow!!!!!!)

1. this is pitched as a rom-com. A ROM-COM! what the hell?? don't ruin chick flicks for me?

2. Dimple is so fucking nasty. like so nasty. SUCH A NASTY WOMAN (ahahahahaha) look, stop being so rude. I'm not the politest person either. I'm really rude to my best friends because holy shit I have known them for more than 10 years. so? and it's all jokes and humour between us. but! if I meet you today, I won't be rude to you! I just met you, we both don't have a right to be rude without a reason. it's that simple. be nice to people, and they'll be nice to you. don't expect everyone to do a Rishi Patel on you when you're a Dimple Shah yourself. I didn't understand how Rishi was so nice and sweet to her all the time. IF YOU ARE RUDE TO ME WITHOUT A REASON AND I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG THEN I AM GOING TO SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AND NOT BE NICE. also I wanted dimples for a long time but now I don't bye.

2. let's take a situation. I just met you, a very cute guy. we've known each other for two! days! don't expect me to fall in love with you. just... don't? it takes me years to decide whether I have a crush on a person or not. this is how it goes-

Me- Do I like him? omg yes I do. no, now I think of it, I don't? nah I don't. ok but he's cute? do I like him?

put into infinite loop for best results :) :) :)

I never get it, okay? I don't understand insta-love, I don't understand how you can fall in love with literally knowing that person for two days and then you start kissing.

I don't understand! that's precisely why enemies-to-lovers and best friends-to-lovers and my favourite tropes.

it's because you know that person for a long time and then you fall in love!

I can't comprehend how you can fall in love in two days. I just can't. forgive me.

3. Rishi was adorable for 20 pages and then it all went downhill.

4. this book was allllll over the place, and so so so cringy. ewww.

5. I hated the writing. it was third person dual POV and it was so so so weird. thinking about it makes me cringe.

6. I can't forget how Dimple was always hitting Rishi. she was punching him on his chest and he did say to stop and that it hurt. if it were the other way round, everyone would be going mad, but I am surprised how the people who got arcs never noticed it?? I have friends who are guys too! I just only push their shoulder a little bit if I am in such a situation? why would I hurt my friends?? ugh.

7. the worst part of the book. when dimple was being super rude to the rich kids. am I supposed to feel bad for her that she doesn't have enough money? I didn't so stop.

8. that iced coffee scene. coffee is my soul juice. don't ruin that tooo!

9. where was the app and coding stuff? oh, I forgot, if you'd stop kissing for two seconds, then you might remember why you're at that camp. :) :)

Overall thoughts- look, I don't know why the quality of releases has degraded so much this year. @ the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue, please be good.
" said.

"This was so fucking cute.

I don't know how the modern American/Indian family functions, but I think this was a very sweet romance that (maybe) gave a peek into the inner working of some of those families. And that, to me (<--white bread) was kinda cool. There is not only so much room for other viewpoints and experiences in romance, but a really need for them, as well. So, this was an amazing breath of fresh air.


The blurb tells you the gist of the plot, but it doesn't adequately explain how adorkable Dimple is or how loveable Rishi turns out to be.<-- Pssst! Very and very.
I'm not saying it was perfect, but it was sweet and fun.
Definitely Recommended!
" said.

" Well, that settles it. Dimple and Rishi are my new OTP. " said.

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