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UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-22 
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" This has the potential to either be really cute or go very wrong very quickly. " said.


" I received a copy of this book from the publishers through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review. Actual rating: 4.5 starsHAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY. I'm all happiness and swoons and flutters right now. This book has turned my cold hard into gooey stuff, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? It is so funny and precious and relatable in some aspects that I just couldn't help but adore it *sobs* It's honestly sooo beautiful !Full review coming closer to the release date. " said.

"This book is SUPER FREAKING CUTE (with some unexpected steaminess that I guess I should have expected more because this is a post-high school, pre-college summer story). Aside from the endless amounts of cute, the strength of this book is the diversity. I don't think I would have read this book if it has been about a pair of white kids, but learning about Dimple and Rishi's culture, family, customs, etc, really made this book worth reading.

Bottom Line: A super fast, super fun read that'll leave you with a smile on your face.
" said.

" So unbelievably cute. I am actually the heart eyes emoji right now. Not only are the swoons REAL, the characters are all smart and passionate and full of life, and I'm in love with all of them. I loved how real these characters felt, how smart and nerdy they were, and how seriously adorable this book was. I will definitely be rereading this one when I need the warm fuzzies. " said.

When Dimple Met Rishi is absolutely “aww”dorable! Dimple and Rishi will make your heart laugh and smile at first sight.

Dimple Shah is off to college in the fall, but has her heart set on attending a summer program in San Francisco first. A six week, highly competitive web development program with prizes and an opportunity to meet her idol. She has to go! And to her astonishment her parents agree. Her traditional, always hovering mother allows her to go! Dimple is in shock. Mamma only sees college and career goals as ways for Dimple to dress up and find her future husband—or so Dimple thinks anyway. Dimple, on the other hand, sees school and this summer program as important steps on the road to her dreams and future. A future without a husband in the plans. Needless to say Dimple and her Mamma bicker on a daily basis. BUT to Dimple’s dismay, her mother may be right—will love be found in San Francisco? The other half of this cute as kittens duo is Rishi Patel, who heads off for San Francisco’s web program to find his future wife. Dimple fights against the traditions and customs of their Indian culture ever chance she gets, but Rishi takes comfort in the history and blueprints of his past and culture. The Dimple and Rishi match has been arranged and hopes and hearts are set in motion, but what we plan and what actually happens are two very different things.

These two are hilarious together! SO different and giggle-worthy. I adored Dimple and Rishi’s chemistry and sparks. Dimple’s goals and plans for her career are her driving force in life right now. She doesn’t want the distraction of a relationship or love. As the eldest son though, Rishi wants to make his family proud by finding a possible future wife and match. He feels that sense of duty and responsibility to his family--so much so that his dreams may have gotten lost along the way. Will a summer away from home change Rishi’s path? You can feel the power of Rishi and Dimple’s convictions in how they talk and clash. Haha….Oh, boy do they clash! :D You know what they say about opposites and attraction though? Dimple Shah and Rishi Patel are the sweetest example of that magnetic pull in opposites. Dimple will attempt to fight the pull every step of the way, but still cute with a capital "C"!

Rishi’s geeky, goofy charm and floppy hair sweetness will win you over at his page one. His honey colored gaze is so full of heart and confidence and honesty. He is who he is—no games or BS. I loved that about him. Readers know how he feels about Dimple the whole way through. This boy will have you holding your breath, just hoping he doesn’t get his heart crushed. “Don’t you hurt him, Dimple!” came out of my mouth more than once. *shakes head and sighs* He never had a chance. :) Rishi fell hard and fast for Dimple’s scowls, spirit and laugh. As one character described them…

“Your spirits are already friends.”

I love that! I can’t emphasize enough how lively and lovely Dimple and Rishi’s energy is on the page. It felt brand new to me. Alive! Their chemistry held a potent mix of certainty & uncertainty, emotion, and fun. It was like nothing I’ve felt before in young adult fiction. Their time on the page felt light and playful one minute and full of tradition and hope the next. You just hope and HOPE these two find a way to work—to find a line between family obligations and expectations and their own dreams and passions. Sometimes when we fight against something so hard, we miss that special something or someone right in front of us.

Ms. Menon captures these characters and the city of San Francisco on the page with such color and force in the foods, fog, and fun. The humor and love shines the brightest though. I could have done without a side story or two involving Dimple’s roommate, but overall the fun was nonstop. For me, the true star of the writing style was the rhythm and pace. Dimple and Rishi’s voices and thoughts flow right into each other seamlessly. Rishi ends a thought and Dimple picks it up in the next paragraph or chapter. Perfect! I just loved spending time with this book. I looked up movies and songs and foods. Like what is khatta meetha? I must find out! It all added up to smiles, smiles, smiles.

A fun, cute read filled with family, love, snacks (Pocky Sticks!), bullies with micro penises, and dreams. A lovely read to inspire young readers to find and fight for love and their dreams. It might feel like it sometimes, but we don’t have to give up one to have the other.


**Review of ARC**
" said.

" Guys, I can't even tell you how much I want to read this book right now!Why isn't May already?Why don't I already own it?? " said.

" Me? Excited for a straight romance novel? Yup! This looks super cute and I'm so into supporting novels with main poc characters. " said.

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