Confronting the Dragon: Book Three in the Gameknight999 Series: An Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure (Minecraft Gamer's Adventure) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-06 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 116 user ratings

" Thrilling Conclusion! But seriously, i really liked this one, and at the end, i nearly ripped my pillow because how much it broke me... " said.

" Good! Did u guys see the Herobrine at the background?! " said.

" Read this one aloud to my patient. Two stars because the story held his interest, but it was painful for me to get through. Did this book have an editor? Redundant, redundant, redundant, which actually worked in my favor since I was using this for language therapy, and there were so many typos. Did this book have an editor? Do they know how to use spellcheck? " said.

"I enjoyed the 3rd installment of this series even more than the 2nd, which I didn't think possible. I read this series so I would know what my 7 (now 8) yr old was reading. Yes, you can nitpick over some typographical and grammatical errors missed during the editing process - but that should not detract from a well though out plot and concept all in the Minecraft setting. I enjoyed watching Gameknight evolve and how fear and bullies were dealt with. There were many wonderful passages about fear and bullies that are great for using as conversation starters with kids about those very topics. I especially took to heart the passages in fear - even as an adult, I deal with fear and my ability to be a leader, so I gained new insights. I am so glad my son made me read these books. Lastly, the action and adventure kept my attention and kept me routing for the under dogs. At the end, I couldn't put the book down." said.

"This is the last book in the Gameknight999 series Minecraft book. Its an "OK" book. The series after read the two book before it kind of got boring. Its a little redundant and has the same plot basically in every book. The cover is nice, and kind of leads to the authors next series, in which you can see "Herobrine" hidden in the background.
An evil army of mobs want to get to the "source", or the main server of Minecraft. They want to get into the real world and invade and kill everybody. After the Ghast Malacoda and the Enderman Erebus are defeated, they try to lead their huge armies to the main server. Gameknight999 or the User-that-is-not-a-user (means that he is trapped in the game and feels pain and all that stuff.) must stop the army so nobody in the real world gets hurt. The armies grow bigger every night.. and are growing because of something...
As Gameknight tries to figure out what this entity is, he leads his army of villagers to victory. He finds fore clues about the entity, and finds himself at a portal. He leads his army in and meets with a giant winged creature.
This book could have been better, but I think that it kind of sums up the first part of this series. I feel like when I was reading this book, it just filled many gaps that should have been explained was earlier in the series. The book is kind of cliché and is very predictable, and you basically know what is going to happen. I believe that there was unnecessary detail that really bores the reader of this book. It repeats the past books so much, it become annoying sometimes, and like I said before it is very repetitive. Over all I think this book was trying to send out a good message, but the author could have tried a little bit more.
I think this book is for 5th grade to 8th grade, because they might be interested in stories like this, but overall they probably would not pick up this book.
" said.

" I think that it was a great and action thrilled book. " said.

" I don't think an editor even proofread this one. Lots and lots of typos, and places with fragments or run ons b/c a change was made, but the sentence wasn't fixed to accommodate the change. I finished it b/c Little Man, age 6, wanted to know how it ended.It got 2 stars b/c the ending was pretty good. " said.

"Confronting the Dragon by Mark Cheverton was an amazing book, and if you play Minecraft, I would recommend this book to you. The book was about GameNight999´s adventure to beat the ender dragon. The book has all the action and adventure you could ever want in a book. I really liked the book, because I play minecraft, so I understand the book. I don´t think you would understand the book if you didn´t play minecraft. So if you play Minecraft you should read this book." said.

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