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" The verse reading was very different and at times made the story choppy but all together it was a well written story of a Holocaust survivor. " said.

" A quick read, a novel in verse. It never fails to amaze me how the Holocaust affected so many people so very differently. This novel gave insight to what it was like for a child in the Lodz ghetto. I was hoping to possibly use this as a companion to Number the Stars in 4th grade, but some of the images are far too graphic & intense for my students. It would be a really awesome book to teach middle schoolers about it though! " said.

"I really loved this true story about a young "Polish Jew" surviving the Holocaust. The read was short, but entirely captivating. I would've rated it 5 stars if I felt like I needed to recommend it to everyone. I definitely think certain type of people appreciate it over others. It wasn't anything glamorous or shocking--it's written biographically, so it's different than my usual 5-star ratings. That said, I appreciated it so much, and I'm very glad I read this story. If you're a WW2 lover, don't miss this book." said.

"Sometimes hearing a story from the voice of an innocent child lends power to the telling. So it is with this true story of Holocaust survivor Sylvia Perlmutter. Her inner voice & simple hopes contrast with the horrors going on around her. I fell in love with her father, who used such creative ways to keep his precious little one safe & lightened the dark days with his gentle humor. I really appreciated Jennifer Roy's style--simple yet at times poetic and always poignant. Definitely recommend.

**Children's Literature
***Kindle Unlimited, read & listen
Tavia Gilbert (a favorite) narrator
" said.

"This is a most exceptional Holocaust story. It is told in verse through the eyes of a child who was actually in the Lodz ghetto, and was one of only 12 children who survived. While there is some violence in it, it is not graphic, so children can read this Holocaust story, as well as adults who cannot stomach the graphic violence in other books on the topic. What this book so stunningly captures is what every child knows well--fear.

Of course, Syvia Perlmutter had far more to fear as both a child of war, as well as a Jewish child in WWII Poland, but her fear of losing her family is a universal one. Her fear of them all being killed by Nazis is not, but it is the type of war story all should read. It is not only the story of a child who wants to live, but the story of a child who wants things so many others take for granted. She wants to eat fresh food; wants to go to school; wants to be outside in the warm, bright sun; wants to have warm clothes and heat in the winter; and wants to not be hated for who she is--a child born into a Jewish family.
" said.

" This was a quick, but important book and would be an emotional read aloud to students/children studying the Holocaust. " said.

"This is a fantastic Holocaust novel. The author wrote from the perspective of her aunt, who was one of 12 children to survive the Lodz ghetto in Poland. Her aunt was four and a half when she entered the ghetto, and ten when the liberation troops reached them. Roy has an amazing way of making the most simple statements incredibly gripping. The novel is written in poetic prose:
I wish I could
rip the star off
(carefully, stitch by stitch, so as not to ruin
my lovely coat),
because yellow is meant to be
a happy color,
not the color of

I will be using this as a cross-curricular connection with the social studies teacher on my team this spring while she is teaching the Holocaust, but I think it was an awesome read in and of itself. I read it going to Connecticut and back for Thanksgiving, so it's really a quick read, too!
" said.

"Basada en hechos reales nos cuenta la infancia de la tía de la escritora, la pequeña Syvia, así como la de su familia, toda la gente que ella conocía y que vivían en Lodz, Polonia.
Me ha gustado como está narrada, ha sido triste y esperanzador conocer a la pequeña Syvia. Es cierto que desde la primera página ya sabes como será el desenlace pero ello no impide que sufras igualmente.

“Estrella amarilla” una novela sobre la vida de una niña que sobrevivió en el gueto de Lodz y sus recuerdos. Emotiva e intensa, un capítulo más del horror que se vivió en aquella época.

“Crecí sabiendo que a veces el mundo no era un lugar muy seguro y que la gente siempre podía volverse en tu contra, incluso en el seno de una sociedad civilizada.”
“todos me han sonreído. El aire que me rodea se llena con su amor y lo devoro en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.”
" said.

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