Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #3: Into the Shadows Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-25 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

" Wow!What a tale! Thank you for writing this. I loved Storm in this book. Her POV is awesome. Recommending this book. " said.

" Great continuation of the series as a whole, and the fear that Storm has of protecting her pack. " said.


Storm: Things are getting even more difficult for Storm and Arrow as some dog continues to do awful things and make dogs think the two fierce dogs can't be trusted. But Storm at least has the comfort of knowing some dog trusts her - the only dog who stands for Arrow is his mate Bella.

Arrow and Bella: I love this pair and it makes me sad to think that they may not be back now that the pack dogs have driven out Arrow without any real proof. And even when he IS pretty much cleared, no one is quick to invite him and Bella back.

The Pups: Sweet and Lucky's pups are adorable and so nice to read about. You can tell they are loved.


Bruno: He was a dog I was always alright with - not bad, not good. But now he's ridiculous. I'm pretty sure he's the biggest part of Arrow and Bella getting driven out and that was something that shouldn't have happened.

" said.

" Really, really good. Really held my interest and I'm so intrigued to see what's going to happen! This second Survivors series is ten times better than any other Erin Hunter book I've read. I'm really hooked. " said.

"Is it just me getting older and losing interest in these books, or are the Erin Hunter books that have been published lately not up to the usual standard? I have to admit the ShadowClan story line in the Warriors series has me interested, but even in that series it seems like the characters are irrational and make annoying decisions. I'm starting to feel the same way about the characters in this story, but instead of the main character annoying me it's all of the other characters. It seems like as soon as a new dog takes over all the other dogs seem to be cruel and stupid. I'm all for writing diverse characters with different outlooks and opinions, but to differentiate your characters' voices you shouldn't have to make only the character telling the story rational. Alpha has especially changed for me in this book, and I definitely see the rationality behind Bluestar's choices in the Warriors series of choosing between motherhood and being a leader. Most of the things I want to rant about include spoilers, so if you don't mind them or have read the book and want to see my thoughts in more depth, continue reading.

(view spoiler)" said.


Please help me.

Will these books ever get good?

If people have been seeing my status updates, this book is infuriating.

Why. Why is this series a thing? Why did this need to be a thing?

Thankfully the final ending part was at least somewhat enjoyable. Couldn't save this nightmare of a book though.

My comments is pretty much what I thought about this book.

This pack is utterly useless. Can Storm, Bella, Arrow and Sunshine form their own pack? Like I feel like that will be much more interesting and not covered in stupid fighting. Also Lucky and Sweet are just so dang infuriating. I know being a leader can be hard but they are terrible at it.

The pack is unfair in every possible way and the urge to chuck the book across the room was so dang high. Honestly, I can't even think straight enough to write a coherent review and lay all of my thoughts out. Oh well.

Pretty much like the previous books in this set. Storm is awesome, the pack is dumb. There is so much "danger" coming(ahhhh, so scary!).

I didn't think I would say this but give me the lions, baboons and elephants(Oh my!) please.
" said.

"I thought the first two in this arc were promising, but this is the third book in a row where no headway is made in the plot whatsoever. I'm just extremely bored at this point. Yeah, Storm is great, but she can only carry this so far.

Three books into this arc and still absolutely nothing. has. happened. We are in the exact same position as the first page of the this arc. It's still fierce dog racism and a mysterious killer that we are no closer to finding. Honestly, being able to say absolutely nothing in three books full of words is kind of a talent in and of itself.

Let me say this for the tenth time in my Erin Hunter book reviews: if you don't have enough plot for six books DON'T WRITE SIX BOOKS! Where did you guys get the idea that every. single. arc has to be six books?!

Do you think the fans would riot if you did a trilogy? If you can write a solid action packed trilogy rather than forcing it into double the necessary length, I'm sure the people who read this series would be more than happy. But who am I kidding; if they did that, they wouldn't be able to pump out a new $16.99 hardcover every three months...

Also, Lucky is a ridiculous character and this series just reinforces what I thought when I was reading from him. He's an annoying self-righteous arrogant character.

So, can you tell I'm a little annoyed at this one? Lol, I want this series to be good. It's just getting really tiresome keeping up with all these new releases when nothing happens in them.
" said.

" Wow!What a tale! Thank you for writing this. I loved Storm in this book. Her POV is awesome. Recommending this book. " said.

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