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UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-06 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 42 user ratings

" This was a very good Thanksgiving story for older children (was to long and to in detail for younger readers-listeners) It also won a Caldecott Honor award. Written in 1954 so the illustrations are 'different' than children are used to now. But the lessons and the story itself is still 'true' today. It tells of the ships that were used, the struggles they had the new baby that was born, the Indians that helped etc. A nice story to help explain the 1st Thanksgiving. " said.

"This is my informational genre. The Thanksgiving Story is an easy-to-understand version for elementary students that begins with the Pilgrims departure from England and continues through the Thanksgiving story. The text is good, but the illustrations are very stiff--not lifelike at all. However, there is good use of shading in the color, and the illustrations have an interesting perspective. For an overall, historically accurate version of the Pilgrims journey to America, I give this a four-star rating." said.

"I'd use this with 8 or 9 year old children. Younger kids would probably lose interest fairly quickly, but a child with imagination could get a sense of what those first settlers experienced. Is it totally accurate? Probably not; it was written in the early 1950s, but it does tell the basic story, and it does say that there were "so few Indians in that part of the country" because "many of them had died of sickness." (That's an important part of the story that I didn't learn in elementary school.)" said.

"This is the first Thanksgiving in New Plymouth told by looking at a family and especially their five children. The primitive, Americana-like illustrations have a dated feel (maybe that's good since we are coming up on the four hundredth anniversary of the sailing). There is an everyday feel to the account in describing the voyage, landing in the new territory, surviving sickness and a hard winter, encounters with those Native Americans already there, and the celebration of America's first Thanksgiving Day. In the end, it's just hard to get excited about this book." said.

"This is an interesting book, with the basics of the pilgrims' journey on the Mayflower and first year in a place that would be named Massachusetts. It was a timely story, great for this time of year. And with our oldest performing in a school play about Thanksgiving and our own family history, with ancestors on the Mayflower, I thought it would be a great way to introduce the topic. The illustrations are simple and the narrative is perfect for children - offering a lot of information, but not overloading them with too many facts. I like that the narrative centers around a family with children, so that children can relate to them." said.

"Alice Dagliesh’s The Thanksgiving Story (illustrated by Helen Sewell) is another book about a child’s family traveling to Plymouth. Because it is has dated illustrations, it was not a favorite for my son. Ironically, The Thanksgiving Story won a Caldecott Honor for its illustrations. It has lots of details, and we read it over the course of two different days. The story is based on a real family that traveled on the Mayflower. In general, it’s a wonderful selection for the season, but because of the abundance of text and details, it is not one that all younger children will enjoy. (It's not as "alive" as other stories written more recently.)" said.

"I read this book to a group of first graders today and it left a bad aftertaste, like I was lying to them. It was outdated, historically inaccurate, and the narrative was weird, like the author kept mentioning a particular family but it was an overall "look" at what they believed the voyage to be like, but not from the mentioned family's perspective...the family never really seemed as if there was anything setting them apart from any other Pilgrim family, so mentioning them so often with no point was lost on me. It didn't keep the kids attention.

Overall if felt like the version of Thanksgiving that society wants to believe rather than actual history. Just an all-around weird read.
" said.

"This picture book tells the story behind pilgrims, the Mayflower and the Thanksgiving holiday from the perspective of the fictional Hopkins family.

If my rating was based solely on the story, I would have given it just two stars as the story is just okay. There are pretty dated depictions of Indians. I try to remember that the book was written in 1954, so this is to be expected. However, even beyond that, the story was so so. The reason I gave the book three stars is I loved Helen Sewell's illustrations. They are beautiful and her use of color is gorgeous. It is worth the read to see those.
" said.

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