Wonder Woman: The Deluxe Junior Novel Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-22 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

"An abridged version of the story, this is based on the movie. I keep confusing the movie and the Leigh Bardugo Warbringer book in my head, so it was good to read through this and note the differences.
I love how this was done - it wasn't dumbed down, but it cuts out or truncates a lot of scenes that aren't appropriate for children. The climax of the story is, well... missing. There is no epic battle with Mars, and really, there is no rationale for how Diana thinks she can stop the war.
But. It is a good introduction to Wonder Woman for young kids.
" said.

" 4.5/5 {90%} I just love wonder woman so much. " said.

" Birthday gift from the nieces. I'm definitely not the target age for it. Written like a screen play - jumps in scenes. " said.

" A junior novel suitable for kids that gives a condensed version of the recent movie although it has a slightly different ending. A quick and enjoyable read. " said.

" I bought this at the BJ's Wholesalers killing time before going to see WW for the second time. It was a pretty excellent novelization for children and I was psyched to be able to get it for my nieces and nephew. " said.

"Based on my reading of this book, I definitely want to see the movie! Like Captain Steve Trevor in the story, my maternal grandfather was a member of the First American Expeditionary Force in France during World War I. (He wasn't a spy, though.) Set against the dramatic backdrop of WWI, we learn of Wonder Woman's origins and upbringing and her introduction into the wider world of international intrigue. The storyline was fast-paced and action-packed, not leaving much room for character development -- but it grabbed me up and wouldn't let me go until I finished it.

I understand that there are some differences between the story told in this book and the actual film, which is understandable -- this is a junior novelization, after all -- but that didn't diminish my appreciation for the story overall. Very timely topic, too -- stopping sinister villains from unleashing chemical weapons on an unsuspecting world -- should spark some good discussion and reflection about the laws of war and military ethics, too.
" said.

"One of the worst novelizations of a movie that I've attempted to read. Either the author never read the script or he only skimmed it. Gone is the 8 yr old Diana sneaking out to train with Antiope. Instead it's the older Diana who finally gets to train. On the beach, it's Steve Trevor who saves Diana's life, not Antiope - yes, I understand that this is a book for childrens, but Antiope's death is a somewhat crucial event in Diana's life. Gone is the German spy's cyanide induced death. Diana's charge across No Man's Land is mentioned and decently described, but the taking of Veld is reduced to a few paragraphs and her demolition of the bell tower never happens. Nor does the gassing of Veld. Nor does Trevor's hijacking of the plane that ends in its destruction and his death. Also absent from the book is Diana's raison d'etre: to defeat Ares. The battle with Ares never occurs. Altogether...this is a crap book. The only pluses are the photos spliced in the middle. I read this because of my obsession with the movie and it counts toward my 2017 Reading Challenge." said.

" This is a great novel based on the Wonder Woman movie that is coming out!! I loved it from start till finish, I seriously can't wait for the movie. My SHIP DIANA AND STEVE ARE LIFE...and my favorite quote from this book can be found on page 78, by Thomas Paine. And Wonder Woman was just EPIC!!! " said.

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