How to Build Your Own Country (CitizenKid) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-05 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 9 user ratings

" Fantastic book to use in a social studies class. Could be a great springboard for a project where students create their own countries. " said.

" This is a pretty great book, with lots of ridiculous random laws and micronations... I particularly liked the explanations of globalization and the guide to writing a constitution. " said.

" A playful book that explains elements of nation-building such as currency and flags. Interesting facts about real countries scattered throughout. " said.

" Great way to teach kids about " said.

" A short non-fiction book about creating your own country Bathmatia. It goes into all the things you need to do to make your own country, and details real facts all the way through. Well written, great chapters and examples. A great book to share if studying what a country is and how they are created. It could easily be the basis for a social studies unit.Part of the CitizenKid book series. " said.

" My son who is in first grade really liked this book. It covers countries' flags, mottoes, citizens, types of government, elections, constitutions, laws, economies, holidays, peacekeeping, and neighbors in a fun way. The example country is Bathmatia, just south of Sinkestan and west of Bathtubia, whose motto is Free and Glorious Lint.I could picture kids up to 5th grade enjoying this book and getting a lot out of it. " said.

"Ever wish you could design a country that's just the way you want it? Well, you can with the help of this very special book. Steps in building your country include deciding on your identity with a name, flag, and national anthem. Then, look into which form of government you'll use to run your country. Finally, choose how you'll work with your neighbor countries on some of the big issues that face the world. Along with providing information and ideas, the book offers plenty of fun color illustrations and activities for you to enjoy." said.

"Though painfully naive by design, this is a good kids book for a youngish civic minded kid. Good for launching q' such as "what does it mean to say a country has a right to exist?" (answer, not found in the book: "nothing. a country exists in as much as it can defend its declared borders. does the US have the right to exist? try invading and see". Also sparks curiosity about currency valuation (still deeply mysterious to me), the impotence of the UN, and how one can ignore the will of the people for fun and profit. I guess this book is interesting to read from a cynical adult point of view cos the gaps between its idealized idea of what nations should be/do and the reality are fertile ground for contemplation. nationalism is a strange beast. cities are countries in microcosm. what would your flag look like? why are mottoes required? etc" said.

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